Norwalk needs a dynamo for mayor, vote Lisa for Norwalk

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In my 10+ years of knowing Lisa Brinton, I view her key character traits as exuberance, optimism, strong work-ethic, collaborative nature and results-oriented. Lisa employs these character traits in every single thing she does.

Lisa’s running for Mayor to bring jobs back to Norwalk. The opening question at the Norwalk Chamber of Commerce Mayoral Debate was about Norwalk’s decrease of 500+/- jobs since 2015 despite a construction boom.  A statistic like that happens under lackluster leadership.  A Mayor Brinton would make pursuing, finding and keeping good paying jobs in Norwalk a priority.

Lisa will be an Education Mayor.  Lisa logged 6 years on Norwalk Public School’s District Data Team, 8+ years teaching writing, 12 years of education advocacy at the local and State level and, as a mother of two NPS graduates, has personal knowledge of Norwalk schools’ assets and challenges.  Lisa also has a record of public advocacy for more ECS funding from Hartford for our schools.

Lisa will Fight for Norwalk. As an Independent, Lisa is not beholden to Hartford political power structures that muzzle our current Mayor’s ability to speak up or advocate for Norwalk interests. Norwalk only gets back $0.10+/- for every $1.00 it sends Hartford.  The voice of Norwalk’s Mayor must be heard firmly, consistently and transparently in Hartford.

Lisa will Fight for Norwalk Taxpayers and Homeowners. For many Norwalk homeowners, property taxes, although still high, were lower after this last revaluation because property values decreased as much as 10% in the last 4 years.  As a homeowner and single mom, Lisa understands that changing that dichotomy must be a top priority.

Lisa will personally reach out, communicate and be transparent with Norwalk citizens and not, unlike our current Mayor, delegate that role to communication staff.  Take a look at her ‘Lisa for Norwalk’ webpage as an example of this openness, with its detailed policy statements and on-the-record comments.

With its natural attributes and proximity to NYC, Norwalk has the ‘bones’ to be a great city that works for all its citizens. To make Norwalk great, Norwalk needs a dynamo Mayor.  Lisa Brinton is a dynamo.

Please vote Lisa for Mayor on Tuesday.

Sue Haynie



Niz November 1, 2019 at 4:32 pm

NURDS UNITE I was always a democrat being from a large family and really loving CT … my lifestyle and how the state was run, in 70’s-80’s-90’s has changed. As years pass and our state & Country starting facing changing times, in technology, job markets, terror attacks, mental health issues, addiction, criminal justice, natural disasters… I see that our legislators are failing the citizens / residents more and more and not making educated and smart choices. I am no longer a party to the 2 party system, I changed to Independent a few years ago…. As I continue to vote I see our choices are not good. I think Lisa For Norwalk is a good choice and option for Norwalk. it is usually one of the lesser evils. I am not all about bashing Riling , I just feel his ideas and directions mixed with choices and outcomes are not going all so well. Then to completely deny and ignore tax paying citizens is simply unacceptable!

The Norwalker November 1, 2019 at 5:39 pm

Lisa is still the Candidate endorsed by the local Republican Party which for me affiliates her with MAGA.

Jo November 2, 2019 at 7:44 am

Why are there so few good-paying jobs in Norwalk (aside from city hall)? Most of my career has been stuck commuting to Stamford – though I would love to have worked in my own city. I’m now grateful to have cut my commute with a terrific job in Ridgefield. I’m a Democrat, and proud to say I detest MAGA, and I and hubby are voting for Lisa Brinton.

DrewT November 2, 2019 at 8:06 am

@norwalker That’s like saying Harry is affiliated with the Squad..No Thanks!!! It’s what’s best locally here in Norwalk!

TRS November 2, 2019 at 1:03 pm

So ANY American who is a registered “Republican” 100% supports everything “MAGA?”
Okay, thank you for further proving to mew that it’s our “tolerant” liberals who are causing this divisiveness.

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