Norwalk needs McMurrer on Common Council

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Jennifer McMurrer is an East Norwalk resident running as a new contender for Common Council in District C.

Foremost, she is in favor of fiscal responsibility and transparency on all levels of government while promoting quality of life for everyone.  She wants to help position the City of Norwalk to develop more walkable, biker friendly, and green space for everyone to use. She also wants to help Norwalk provide more affordable programs for all children after school and during the summer months. 

I have known Jenn for seven years as a neighbor and friend.  She is honest, straight forward, and gives 110% of her time to making things happen as a neighborhood and community volunteer at SGC, Norwalk SPEDPAC, President of the Marvin PTA and member of the PTOC.  Her positive vision, engaging personality and ability to execute will be a valuable asset for the residents of Norwalk.

Kathy Siever


7 responses to “Norwalk needs McMurrer on Common Council”

  1. “Fiscal responsibility” is the “I like puppies” of politics.

    I, for one, am for fiscal IRresponsibility, the costs be d@mned.

    What’s her position on multiparty reform? How about zoning and growth – IE, Harry’s sailor-binge of handing out sweet tax deals left and right to luxury commuter condos, while literally mere blocks away, businesses struggle to repopulate downtown SoNo, and mere blocks in the other direction, the mostly-immigrant population whom we claim to welcome are forced to illegally cram into substandard housing AKA slums?

    Inquiring minds would like to know.

  2. Red headed movie star

    We need her and anyone else who understands and supports fiscal responsibility & transparency..so lacking in the current administration.

  3. Kim Barker

    I have known Jenn personally for the last four years. She is one of the most amazing women I know. She will be nothing but a good thing for Norwalk.

  4. Mimi Chang

    It takes great passion, courage and commitment to put oneself out there and run for office. Much respect for Jenn McMurrer. I appreciate that she’s stepping up for East Norwalk, which for several years now has felt like it’s under assault, its highly engaged residents and activists underrepresented and unheard by our current District C Councilmen.

    As a past SGC member, I’d seen the positive, actionable results and improvements Ms. McMurrer’s professionalism and work ethic as President of the Marvin PTA yielded. I’ve heard her speak up in advocacy of teachers, children and parents in a dynamic, effective way. She strikes me as someone who has potential to be a great Councilwoman for District C, and she also could’ve been a much needed, strong voice on the BoE.

    What concerns me is that, as people in the community talk, more than a few have said that Ms. McMurrer initially intended to run for BoE, but was steered toward running for C.C., which, if true, sounds like political strategizing on the side of Team Rilling. As the Norwalk Dems are eating each other and splitting votes now, with Harry Rilling and John Kydes seemingly at odds, it wouldn’t be surprising if Ms. McMurrer is being put where she’ll be politically advantageous to the DTC. Kind of like how the DTC put Colin Hosten where they needed him for their political agenda. I’d hate for Ms. McMurrer’s foray into local politics to be as a political pawn.

    Aaaah, Norwalk politics! Good Luck to Jenn McMurrer! I look forward to hearing her platform and learning what her initiatives are. It’s refreshing to see a new name in the mix, and I wish her the best.

  5. Bryan Meek

    Isn’t it awesome that taxpayers will have to eat the cost of administering a primary just to support the power struggles within the DTC? Don’t let fiscal responsibility get in the way of a few egos.

  6. John O’Neill

    @ Mimi – Great insight on the Democratic machine in Norwalk. Your comments are always appreciated and informative. The Dems seem to be playing chess and they’re very good at it at the moment. I wish they were as good at running the government.

  7. Mimi Chang

    Thanks, John. Just had a great exchange with Jenn McMurrer, who reached out to me. Much respect for her.

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