Norwalk needs Zucaro

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It’s refreshing to see a new face on Norwalk’s political stage.  Patrizia Zucaro impressed me the first time we spoke.  She doesn’t use buzz-words or give partisan responses to questions about serious subjects like education, the economy, public safety, or zoning and development.  Her answers are thoughtful and nuanced, demonstrating her understanding that issues that matter are complex.

I also appreciate Patrizia’s independent thinking and pragmatic, local approach to our issues.  It’s notable that she is the only candidate who seems to have given much thought to the after-effects on students following an extended period of erratic COVID learning conditions.  Recognizing that there will be a lot of catch-up, she has suggested freeing school districts up temporarily from certain state mandates so they can intensively focus on only the essential subjects and skills students most need in order to master and advance to their appropriate grade levels. She’s also suggested that districts may need temporary access to specially designated funds so they can provide intensive individual assistance to students with special needs.

There’s no politics, no partisanship in this thinking, nor should there be. It tells me that Patrizia has been listening to residents and focusing on their issues with a local perspective.

This is what Norwalk needs. Someone who represents everyone, regardless of their political party. Someone who puts our interests before any partisan considerations. Someone who will tell us the truth. Someone who understands that Norwalkers are tired of endlessly giving to our state government, when it’s Hartford that should be responding to our needs.

It’s obvious to me that Patrizia Zucaro really cares about Norwalk, and I’m confident that she will fight against Hartford’s attempts to impose one-size-fits-all mandates and higher taxes on us all. I enthusiastically endorse her candidacy for the 143rd House district.


Lisa Brinton


Isabelle Hargrove October 31, 2020 at 9:04 pm

Bobby Lamb, maybe it has more to do with the caliber of the Republican candidates and their unwavering support of local control of schools and zoning as well as our dedicated police officers. Or maybe she is tired of the ineffectiveness of the Democrats in charge for so long and having offered no solutions and taken every chance to make our fiscal situation worse. Norwalk needs help and the Democrats have not delivered, let’s move on…

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