Norwalk Now manages new marketing initiative for urban core

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NORWALK, Conn. – This is a press release, presented in the format in which it was sent:

Norwalk Now Lends Support to Norwalk’s Thriving Urban Core Businesses

Newly Developed Organization to Manage Multi-platform Marketing Campaign


August 22, 2017, Norwalk, CT: Great things happen when people work together towards a common goal. This sentiment is clearly being illustrated by the formation of Norwalk Now, a marketing organization dedicated to promoting and supporting the dining, retail, and recreational businesses that make up Norwalk’s Urban Core districts (SoNo, West Ave, and Wall Street).  Due to the substantial financial long term investment made by the Norwalk Parking Authority, Norwalk Now is now a reality.

“Over the years various attempts to create a support arm for these businesses were attempted. While initial efforts were met with great enthusiasm, most could not sustain beyond a single event due to the lack of future collaborations, time, but mostly, lack of funding, “explains Kathryn Hebert, Director of the Norwalk Parking Authority, “The Parking Authority has committed to investing a substantial amount of money towards this initiative for several years, which includes underwriting a large percentage of the business participation fee. We also recognized the importance of hiring a professional marketing company with a proven track record in the hospitality and tourism industries to manage and grow the brand,” says Hebert of their decision to engage Connecticut based MaxEx Public Relations, LLC, a 20-year veteran of the regional hospitality marketing industry.

Norwalk Now is a fully integrated marketing, public relations, event management, and social media company which will manage a comprehensive web site, robust and interactive social media platforms, an active event calendar, email marketing, and news outlet highlighting participating businesses. Active participants of Norwalk Now, which include restaurants, retail stores, and recreational and entertainment venues will reap the many benefits that fall under the Norwalk Now umbrella:

— Inclusion under the Norwalk Now brand by way of print, digital, broadcast, and event marketing

— Access to public relations support

— Media placement opportunities (regional and national)

— Event inclusion and promotion

— Dedicated full business page on the web site, calendar, email marketing, and social media inclusion and features


“The benefits to participating businesses are significant,” says MaxEx Owner Linda Kavanagh, “Our approach to this program, since its earliest incarnation, was to provide businesses with essentially their own marketing company, albeit, on a grand and group level.”

Both businesses and consumers can look forward to an innovative calendar of events which cover a variety of interests that will be accessible to all. Lively and informative news items will lend to Norwalk Now’s fun, entertaining, and visually appealing web site. A bi-weekly newsletter will keep consumers up to date on the latest and greatest happenings from participating businesses, and Norwalk Now social media platforms will keep food enthusiasts, art lovers, movie and music junkies, tourists, shopaholics, outdoorsmen, and social butterflies engaged at all times.

“We see Norwalk Now as a sustainable and pivotal part of the success of the downtown urban core districts and as a collaborative business venture “says Hebert of the Parking Authority looking beyond parking management and participating as an economic driver to improve the business climate and energize customer activity, “The goal of Norwalk Now is to partner with the business community to provide long term economic longevity.”

And so begins a new chapter for Norwalk businesses.

Business participants, sponsors, strategic partners, and the media can contact Norwalk Now at:




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