Norwalk Partnership to air ‘Screenagers’ film


The negative impact of alcohol, marijuana, and other such substances is shown in Delaney Ruston’s new film Screenagers Under the Influence, the third in the “Screenagers” series.  Along with her filmmaking career, Ruston is an award-winning medical researcher who has spent 20 years as a primary care physician for underserved teens and adults.

Two showings are planned:

  • For high school families, on Monday Nov. 20 at 6:30 p.m. at Norwalk High School, followed by a panel discussion with experts.
  • For Ponus and CMS families on Wednesday Dec. 6 at 6:30 p.m. at Ponus Ridge Middle School, including a health & wellness fair, a raffle, and pizza (“while it lasts”).

The film is subtitled in Spanish.

“We are concerned that underage substance use may be starting to increase again in Norwalk,” said Margaret Watt, prevention director at Westport-based behavioral health institute Positive Directions and leadership team member at substance abuse deterrent coalition The Norwalk Partnership.  “Last year, our youth survey found that the vast majority of students were making healthy choices around avoiding drug use, and we want to keep it that way.” 

The Norwalk Partnership, which concentrates on youth and young adults, said “Through movies, social media, and influencers, today’s kids are subject to constant messaging that portrays underage substance use as normal and appealing, however, that’s not reality.”

A news release said “Norwalk Public Schools and Norwalk Education Foundation encourage all families to attend one of these events to get informed and be able to support their children. School and community resource people will be available to answer questions.”

The Norwalk Partnership website is at thenorwalkpartnership.org .  Positive Directions’ site is at Home | Positive Directions-Center for Prevention & Counseling | mental health & substance misuse | Westport, CT, USA



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  1. David Muccigrosso

    This is just as irresponsible as your average nightly news fearmongering segment.

    Teen drug use is at an all time low.

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