Norwalk photo: near drought

The South Norwalk reservoir on Sunday, according to Paul Cantor. (Paul Cantor)

NORWALK, Conn. – Paul Cantor got this photo of the South Norwalk reservoir Sunday – the water level low, he said.

Time to conserve water, Mayor Harry Rilling said.

“Due to extremely dry conditions this summer, City officials are working with South Norwalk Electric and Water and First District Water Department on conservation efforts,” Rilling’s Friday update said. “Although there has been several storms in the past few weeks, they have not produced significant rainfall. City officials ask residents and businesses to make concerted efforts to conserve water where possible. Some examples include not running the water while washing dishes or brushing teeth, limiting watering or using irrigation systems for lawns and gardens, taking shorter showers, and making sure there are no leaking pipes or faucets. Visit epa.gov for more water saving tips.”


CT-Patriot August 31, 2020 at 6:58 am

Rilling and his administration must stop all new developments of new condos, apartments, PUD etc… we are already maxed out.

Last weeks substation fire due to switch gear overheating from an overload is a serious wake up call.

There has to be a point where Norwalk will say….sorry, we are full.

All resources are now stressed to extreme levels and it’s way past time to halt future developments.

It is also time for the building department enforcement division to get out of their offices into the field and find and shutdown all the illegal apartments/homes/businesses that have been operating with impunity right under their noses. Time to go to work for the citizens of Norwalk who pay your salary.

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