Norwalk photos: 1TD reservoir

Paul Cantor

NORWALK, Conn. — Paul Cantor brings you these photos of the Grupes Reservoir, which serves the First Taxing District.

Cantor took the above photo Sunday. “The water level in the reservoir is frighteningly low,” he wrote.

The below photo is from September 2018. “I have ridden by the Grupes reservoir often over the years,” wrote Cantor, a cyclist. “I don’t ever recall seeing the water being so low” as it was Sunday.

Paul Cantor

Norwalk is in a water emergency. Residents are encouraged to conserve water; an irrigation schedule and list of prohibited activities have been posted on the city’s website. Violators can be fined $90 a day.

The reservoirs were at 47 percent capacity on Sept. 24, water district leaders said. Both the First District and South North Electric and Water (SNEW) expect to buy water from Aquarian, should they need to.

Cantor provided the below screen capture of a weather report, writing, “Doesn’t look like the reservoirs will be filling up anytime soon.”



Bryan Meek October 6, 2020 at 8:01 am

Clearly the council shouldn’t approve a distribution center at Nordens when a Water themed amusement park is what is really needed.

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