Norwalk photos: A foggy day, and other delights

A flag peeks out of the trees across from Norwalk Vets Park on Saturday, Jan. 11.

NORWALK, Conn. – The pressure is on.

Less than a month ago I put a bunch of photos on this site thinking it would make a good holiday display, especially considering news was slow. Some readers responded with “We want MORE!”

Really?  Well, OK…

Fortunately, circumstances have conspired to give me something to share – on a recent Saturday, a tugboat was spotted aground in Norwalk Harbor, which got me out of the house to admire the fog and now to share it with you on this, a holiday.

Also, a road trip often produces an excess of photos. And I threw in one that is three months old.

So take a look. And then read Sherelle Harris’s column on Martin Luther King, Jr., if you haven’t already, in honor of the holiday that is keeping City Hall quiet.

Norwalk Harbor is dredged Jan. 11.


Cranbury Park in the fog Jan. 11. The glowing orb is a street light.
If they fix the sidewalks in the Wall Street area, this piece of the past will go away.


A view of Norwalk Hospital and Oyster Shell Park from the Department of Public Works parking lot on South Smith Street on an unseasonably mild day.


I-95, cats 162
Not in Norwalk! But I think you’ll forgive me (the car is from Norwalk…).


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  1. Missy Conrad

    Lovely ART, those photos. Thank you, Nancy.

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