Norwalk photos and a video: Prayer walk

Prayer walk attendees listen to speeches, Saturday at Norwalk Police headquarters. (John Levin)

NORWALK, Conn. — About 60 people set out Saturday morning on a prayer walk organized to aid Norwalk in healing racial tensions and raise awareness.

John Levin took photos and a video, which caught the Rev. Artie Kassimis explaining that walkers would stop five times along their 2-mile trek, where a participant would lead them in prayer.

“I believe it is the love of God that compels us today to stand together and walk and pray for our beloved city,” Kassimis said to the group gathered at Norwalk Police headquarters on Monroe Street.

Members of International Alliance of Chaplains & Law Enforcement Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS). (John Levin)

“All people are of one blood… discrimination is not in keeping with Christian perfection,” said the Rev. Dr. Richard W. Clarke. “…Racial discrimination in any form is an insult to God and an offense to human dignity.”

Kassimis, pastor of Word Alive Church, is president of the Norwalk Association of Evangelicals. Clarke is pastor of Bethel A.M.E. Church and president of the Interdenominational Ministerial Fellowship of Norwalk & Vicinity (IMF). The two groups organized the prayer walk.

Attendees included members of International Alliance of Chaplains & Law Enforcement Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS). Some had come from New York City.

Mayor Harry Rilling addressed the group.

“We know the power of prayer,” Rilling said. “The power of prayer has performed miracles.”

Police Chief Thomas Kulhawik said, “We worked very hard to try to build relationships and make things better but here we are, I guess we haven’t done a good enough job. I think it’s because we can’t do it alone. As the Mayor said, we need prayer, we need God to come in and help us get to the other side.”


Artie Kassimis July 29, 2020 at 9:40 am

We all have a part to play in the healing of our city/nation. This was the first of many more events that our two groups will work together on. I want to thank the Norwalk PD for the officers who escorted us along the way and the Mayor and the Chief for their kind words of support.

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