Norwalk photos: Black woman’s achievement

Alexis Farrow, 28, at her newly opened beauty supply store on Wall Street. (John Levin)
Alexis Farrow outside La Fantaisie Beauty Supply, located at 40 Wall St., off the back lot. (John Levin)

NORWALK, Conn. — Alexis Farrow says she “not only takes pride in opening a new business, but also opening the only Black-owned beauty supply store in the City of Norwalk.”

La Fantaisie Beauty Supply at 40 Wall St., off the back lot, carries a wide range of products for women, men, and kids, she said.

Director of Business Development & Tourism Sabrina Church said that if you’re talking “purely beauty supply and not hair salons with beauty supply products that they also sell, then yes, this is the only black-owned beauty supply store in Norwalk.”

Farrow said she also offers “personalization gifts such as jewelry, apparel, and home decor made in-house in my very own heat press room.”

(John Levin)

She said:

“I feel that it is important for our community to see and learn how diverse Norwalk is becoming not only professionally, but personally. I hope to encourage other young African-American people to follow their dreams no matter what seems impossible. It was very scary for me to construct and develop this store in a market that is not only Asian-dominated but Male-dominated as well. With the help of my community and encouragement of my peers I was able to launch an online store for a year in the midst of the pandemic before moving to a brick-and-mortar space. Our economy is facing scary times and I feel it is important for business owners to stand united and know we can all face these times together.”

(John Levin)
Alexis Farrow with some of the merchandise at La Fantaisie Beauty Supply. (John Levin)
(John Levin)
(John Levin)
Alexis Farrow proudly displays her wares at La Fantaisie Beauty Supply, located at 40 Wall St. (John Levin)


7 responses to “Norwalk photos: Black woman’s achievement”

  1. Tysen Canevari

    Congrats to you Alexis for taking a chance. Hope you achieve great success!

  2. Betty Langley

    Congratulations to you and your business, and wish you all the blessing, again Congratulations 🎉🎈🎊,

  3. Alma Lyons

    Congratulations! Much success to you for years to come. I know other black women who had the same dream as you did because, we are Tired of purchasing products for our hair from Asians who know Nothing about our hair. Kudos to you for keeping our money in the Black community! I will definitely visit your store and will let my hair stylist know as well. All the best!

  4. piberman

    An uplifting article ! Reportedly there’s but a dozen African American businesses in Norwalk.
    Opportunities for encouraging more get discussed from time to time without much success.
    Kudos to Nancy’s for spreading the news.

  5. Margaret

    Nice article Interesting that I have Never seen any other Article that included 8 pictures of a New Store Opening. Is the playing field level? Other New Stores/Restaurants would Love the same exposure Nancy
    let’s be fair. Its a tough time for all retail/restaurants lets help ALL OF THEM with full color news articles.

  6. SandraFarrow

    The playing field has never been level for ppl of color. This is statically and historically a fact. I’m proud to see community diversity.

  7. Kee money

    Girl!!!!! You made it congrats only up from here

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