Norwalk photos: Colombian community rallies


NORWALK, Conn. – Members of Norwalk’s Colombian Community rallied with Norwalk’s top elected officials to raise awareness of current events in Colombia and to hear how local residents have been affected, a press release said.

“It is clear human rights violations are being committed in Colombia today as the people rise up to voice their opinions on current policies. I stand in solidarity with the people of Colombia and will continue to listen to and support our Colombian community in Norwalk,” said Mayor Harry Rilling.


Since the weekend event, Colombian protest leader Lucas Villa was declared brain dead, after he was shot eight times at a peaceful rally almost a week earlier, according to news reports. Colombians took to the streets April 28 over proposed tax reforms, CNN reports. The government has since withdrawn the reforms but the demonstrations have continued in response to security forces’ heavy-handed response to grievances.

Rilling, his wife Lucia and State Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff (D-25) “will continue to monitor the ongoing situation and meet with local residents to see what assistance can be provided by those impacted,” the press release said.



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  1. Thomas Belmont

    Colombia has its problems. Colombia has been a country for a long time. The people of Columbia must resolve their problems. We too have problems. In some of our cities business and property was burnt to the ground. Innocent citizens were accosted, attacked, murdered. We have serious internal problems. Even its leading politicians, who have taken oath to protect, preserve and defend the Constitution, are on a mission to overturn it, ignore it, destroy it. While we, who retain the mystic chords of our forefathers who processed all virtues of our origin, stand by in that same virtue ready to lend the uplifting hand, we must protect ourselves, see clear our own serious situation, and we must correct the wrongful way those Radical invaders have taken us these one hundred years.

  2. Norwalk Native who left

    I wonder if Rilling and Duff even have a clue about what is going on in Columbia. With that said, Rilling and Duff should stop pandering for votes and instead focus on things they actually can do something about here in our world. I hardly think President Duque is going to take a call from Bob Duff and solicit his advice on dealing with tax reform, poverty, and alleged police brutality in Columbia.

  3. Patrick Cooper

    Ah, the great duo’s in entertainment history. Abbot & Costello. Martin & Lewis. Stiller & Meara. Maybe add Carrey & Daniels, or Farley & Spade.

    Now we have Harry & Bob.

    Earlier this week, they were meeting “with executives of Costco, Walmart, Home Depot and other big box stores” about Covid19 protocols, and supposedly – “these conversations helped steer national policy such as the one-person-per-family rule”. Impressive. The CDC was blown away. The WHO put them on speed-dial (World Health Organization, not MyMyMy Generation).

    Now, they are rogue members of the state department (kind of like Rudy), offering to solve the global crisis in Columbia. Once they are finished pandering to Eloisa’s friends and family, rumor has it ambassadors are lining up outside the Station House to see what this dynamic duo can offer regarding the Syrian Kurds predicament, or Yemen’s challenge from the Huthi Rebels, or Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia plans for further liberalization – something that is right in their wheelhouse. Cause he’s getting blow-back, too.

    These April Fools jokes in NoN seem to be on Bill Murray’s Ground Hog Day schedule. I can’t keep up.

  4. Xiomara Canas


  5. Norwalk Native

    Why does this article mention Rilling’s wife in the same sentence as two elected officials? Has she been elected to something? Does she serve in some official capacity? Does she have any legal authority to “monitor the ongoing situation”? Please stop treated the Mayor’s wife as though she were an elected representative of anyone.

    We already have one additional unelected Mayor on the City payroll (Laoise). Do we now have another?

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