Norwalk photos: Half a building?

96 East Ave., on Aug. 18.

NORWALK, Conn. — It’s an odd site – half a building faces East Avenue.

Bradford Craighead, under BPC Capital Management II, LLC won zoning approval in January to convert the historic building at 96 East Ave. into eight residential units and 825 square feet of office space. The plan was to keep the eastern half of the building demolish the western half, zoning documents show.

Craighead, co-founder of the Norwalk Green Association, owns multiple properties in the area.

96 East Ave., on Sept. 10.
96 East Ave., on Aug. 18.
96 East Ave., on Sept. 10.
96 East Ave., on Aug. 18.
96 East Ave., on Aug. 18.
96 East Ave., on Aug. 18.



6 responses to “Norwalk photos: Half a building?”

  1. Milly

    I thought the point of a historical district was so it would not be changed? But leave if to zoning to allow it.
    The only time I see workers there is the weekends – cheap labor?

  2. Dave Roger

    Mr. Craighead has done some amazing and good work with the properties in the Green area, respectful of their architecture and surroundings.

    Unlike some other “renovations” along that corridor, in this case, half a building is better than none.

  3. Brad Craighead

    We appreciate you highlighting this unusual boutique style apartment building located across from the Norwalk Inn and overlooking the River and Downtown.

    Thank you for also mentioning the Norwalk Green Association, a Neighborhood Group that we co-Founded with St. Paul’s, First Congregational Church and Norwalk Historical Society / Mill Hill.

    The Norwalk Green neighborhood is one of the most densely populated and iconic areas in the City. With over 1,000 full-time residents and a myriad of religious / civic establishments and commercial businesses, our goal is to build Community and promote Walkability and Pedestrian Safety.

    We are working with Bike / Walk and Transportation Mobility & Parking and the FTD to address these issues, particularly in regard to East Avenue which divides our Neighborhood and destroys pedestrian access to The Green and nearby Wall Street.

    Furthermore, without safe passage across The Green via East Avenue, it’s impossible to support the merchants of Wall Street because local residents and tenants leave the area and drive to other destinations for shopping and entertainment.

    We greatly appreciate your support.

    Brad and Tracy Craighead
    Norwalk Green Living Properties
    Norwalk Green Association

  4. Mimi Chang

    Thank you, Mr. Craighead!

  5. As a second pass, I thought it might be worth mentioning the rationale behind saving “half” of the building.

    As per Zoning documents and dating to 1830, the historic value of the structure was indeed limited to the first section facing East Avenue.
    Over many years and culminating in the 1970’s, a series of additions were constructed to accommodate the commercial offices of previous tenants.
    These sections have been removed and will be replaced with a new 2 1/2 story structure that includes an open courtyard and workspace for residents.

    The overall architectural style will be returned to a design that’s consistent with the historic character of the Norwalk Green neighborhood.

    The front porch detail and East Avenue facade will feature a Greek Revival pediment and half-round window that resembles the original building as depicted in an 1858 lithograph uncovered by Tod Bryant of Norwalk Preservation Trust.

    Tracy and Brad Craighead
    Norwalk Green Living Properties

  6. Amanda

    I love the buildings BPC have renovated. They offer an important gap in the renters market here in Norwalk. The properties have character and charm and are the right size for people who don’t need an entire house. These spaces are helping to build communities that are vibrant and diverse. Great work!

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