Norwalk photos: Monstrous

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Things are getting monstrous these days.  And I am not just talking about COVID-19.  Take a look at the folks on Ells Street, above.  I rode by them as I headed toward the Tavern at GrayBarns.

Then just past the tavern I spotted

(Paul Cantor)

one of them again.  Had he read my thoughts?  Was he following me? 

Time to pick up speed.  No, I don’t mean methamphetamine.  I mean time to pedal faster.  But speed didn’t help.

Who are they?

(Paul Cantor)

Why are they hanging out in Norwalk?

Do you know?

Does the Mayor?

I mean

(Paul Cantor)


(Paul Cantor)



And they are not alone.

(Paul Cantor)


Here, for example, is one of their friends.

And do you know where he is hanging out?

Near Wolfpit elementary school!


(Paul Cantor)

here is another who has taken over a house just a stone’s throw from my own!



Paul Cantor

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Jalna Jaeger October 17, 2020 at 10:20 am

Sunset hill rd,the corner of Winthrop,and skelton’s on Winthrop, and headless horseman on Lockwood lane. Fantastic displays!

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