Oak Hills Park meadow work has paid off

The Oak Hills Park Nature Advisory Committee feels it’s important to let visitors know that what might look unkempt actually has a higher purpose.

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The new restorative meadow at Oak Hills Park’s nature center, planted in late May, is thriving! Native pollinator seedling plants grown by the Norwalk Land Trust were included in the ¼-acre site, along with Ernst Seed Co.’s “Showy Northeast Native Wildflower & Grasses Mix” seeds. Months of researching and planning for this new stewardship practice was followed by two days of planting by volunteers and members of the Oak Hills Park Nature Advisory Committee.

Before planting, one section of the site was prepared with 2 inches of organic topsoil with 30% compost and the remainder of the site was planted in existing conditions. Of course, the plants are doing better in the topsoil, but many important plants have established themselves amongst the lawn grasses and invasives in the outer ring. Bees, butterflies, bunnies, and other wildlife are abundant in this nature preserve at Oak Hills. The community is invited to walk the oval path (on the Norwalk Health Deptartment’s “NorWALKer” program) and see the wonder of nature in this new restorative meadow.

Come enjoy the three features of the nature center at Oak Hills: The Fountain Garden, Woodland Trails, and Great Lawn Walking Path & Meadow.

Audrey Cozzarin

Oak Hills Park Nature Advisory Committee

A thick border of cosmos was planted along the front edge of the meadow to greet visitors from the Great Lawn and parking area. (Audrey Cozzarin)

Nature’s “bouquet”! (Audrey Cozzarin)

In the Fountain Garden, Milkweed attracts Monarchs, other butterflies, and bees. (Audrey Cozzarin)

Blue Oat Grass is a native grass, and there are bunches of it all around the meadow now. (Audrey Cozzarin)

In just a few months, Mace Sedge grass with its signature spiky tops, Rudbekia (Black-Eyed Susans), and Milkweed thrive. All are native to our area. (Audrey Cozzarin)


Elsa Peterson Obuchowski August 7, 2021 at 11:08 pm

It’s amazing how well the restorative meadow plants have taken root and flourished in just a few weeks!

Audrey Cozzarin August 9, 2021 at 9:12 am

Thank you, Nancy, for continuing to chronicle our efforts in providing a safe and vibrant haven for our wildlife in Norwalk. I will continue to share progress reports!

Lisa August 11, 2021 at 7:21 pm

I’ll look forward to come by for a walk through the gardens !
They have taken beautifully and must like where they are !?! 🌻🌸🌱🌿
Good work Audrey 🌞🌞

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