Norwalk photos: Rapid-test giveaway

(Claire Schoen)

NORWALK, Conn. — Claire Schoen submitted these photos of Tuesday’s City distribution of free rapid at-home COVID-19 tests to residents.

“It was a cold but beautiful evening at Calf Pasture Beach. Police and Fire Depts were on hand to help with distribution, traffic flow, and keeping everyone warm,” wrote Schoen, who volunteers at such events. “Cars were reportedly backed up to I-95 at the outset, but the line moved quickly once we got started.”

The City also gave away N95 and KN95 masks. Supplies were limited; Schoen said the City ran out of masks but not kits.

Updated, 1:25 p.m.: More information.

(Claire Schoen)
(Claire Schoen)
(Claire Schoen)
(Claire Schoen)


6 responses to “Norwalk photos: Rapid-test giveaway”

  1. Sue Haynie

    I tried to get ‘in line’ at 4:50, over an hour before the 6:00pm start time—I was stuck in traffic by the East Avenue train bridge, not moving. I left after about 15 minutes. It was a mess.

  2. Paul

    This was well executed and appreciated. Hats off to the city and those who coordinated this effort.

  3. Stuart Garrelick

    Whom can we recognize for not understanding that the elderly are both the most vulnerable to Covid and the most likely to not drive at night when they the scheduled the nighttime distribution of test kits?
    Just asking.

  4. Dave Roger

    I was in the line and was very impressed with how well this was coordinated and flowed. The City agencies that made it happen did a great job. Our city is also fortunate to have a facility such as Calf Pasture to be able to handle these logistics.

  5. Piberman

    Puzzling why the City didn’t mail out test kits, e.g. 20,000 test kits at $4/5 mailing cost ? Cost less than $100k. Why punish those likely most in need of the tests – elderly, infirm, handicapped, without transportation ?

    We manage to set aside one day for everyone to cast votes at our public schools or send in mail ballots. Can’t use same procedures to distribute test kits to the entire community ? Especially in a high tech age when virtually all residents have web access and the Mayor can reach the community by telephone.

    In WWII governments had no trouble quickly distributing coupon cards needed to secure food essentials. Here we are 70+ years and have to drive to parks to pick up test kits ? And wait in line. When Amazon easily distributed millions at modest cost.

    Given the likelihood of future Covid variants we need demand our City Hall improve their distribution methods. Lives will be saved.

  6. Piberman

    Here we are decades into the hi-tech revolution with near universal access to the web and dependable postal service and in the midst of a Pandemic our City distributes vital test kits requiring residents to drive to a park waiting for hours as if we’re a 3rd world country. Can’t mail test kits out at a few bucks apiece to 20,000 households and save the misery of pick ups ? Can’t make them available at our local schools for pick up. Surely not City Hall’s finest day.

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