Norwalk photos: SoNo half marathon

Start of the Half Marathon. (John Levin)
Ellen with 29-year-old son and Seattle resident Ari Oppenheimer. Ari came in 2nd in the 5k! His time was 17:51. (John Levin)

NORWALK, Conn. — John Levin took these photos of Sunday’s SoNo Half Marathon.

It’s the sixth year for the race, according to halfmarathons.net. Runners start at Veterans Park, head west on Washington Street and then south on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Drive, passing the South Norwalk train station. When they get to Wilson Avenue they turn right on Highland, make their way to Soundview Avenue and then make to Washington Street.

Nope, they’re not done. They head toward the East Norwalk train station and keep going south toward Taylor Farm Park, through Shady Beach Park and then back to Vets.

Winners were:

Half marathon

  1. Reyes Moreno 01:20:14
  2. Brian Robbins 01:22:32
  3. Sean Stewart 01:23:53
  4. Lauren Dorsky 01:24:22
  5. Michael Wishart 01:26:00



  1. Evan Bonenfant 00:17:46
  2. Ari Oppenheimer 00:17:51
  3. Amado Tlatempa 00:17:52
  4. Clare Losito 00:17:58
  5. Mark Evans 00:18:07



  1. Cesar Diaz 00:57:50
  2. Gerardo Cuahutle 01:02:03
  3. Elmer Eckert 01:02:07
  4. Tom Brasek 01:02:17
  5. Ruben Gordillo 01:02:43


Updated, 12:32 a.m. Friday: list of winners.

Norwalk resident Mike Morris psyched for his 5k! (John Levin)
Start of the Half Marathon. (John Levin)
Stretching! (John Levin)
Norwalk resident Oliver Lawrence moments before starting his Half Marathon. (John Levin)
From left, Norwalk Board of Education Chairman Colin Hosten, his husband, Oak Hills Park Authority treasurer Joe Andrasko, and Norwalk friend Chris Madden before the race. (John Levin)
Running team from Norwalk’s Winston Prep. (John Levin)
(John Levin)
Sisters Ellen Oppenheimer (left), 69, and Louise Flax, 72, before starting the 5k. Both grew up in Norwalk but Ellen lives in Oakland CA now and was in town to visit with Louise and to celebrate their father Phillip’s 100th birthday with him – he was born on race day – 10/3/1921 ! (John Levin)
Start of the Half Marathon. (John Levin)
Bathrooms! (John Levin)
Norwalk Board of Education Chairman Colin Hosten and State Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff (D-25). (John Levin)
Start of the Half Marathon. (John Levin)

New Canaan School of Rock guitar virtuosi Nikhil Talwalkar (left) of Darien and Ethan Walmark (right) of Westport perform the National Anthem just before race start. Hendrix Lives!!


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  1. Jo Bennett

    So glad we had a gorgeous day for it!

  2. diane keefe

    Loved the pics of a beautiful Sunday AM in SoNo. It made me proud to be a Norwalk resident, to see our beautiful harbor area bathed in sunlight and so many enjoying the race. We should host more races!

  3. Diane Lauricella

    Great event! Great coverage John Levin…man on the street!

  4. Red headed movie star

    Thank you for the photos and a beautiful day.
    Winners were ?????

  5. Kyle Flynn

    That Mike Morris guy looks like a Pirate. #ARRGHH

    Great pics John!

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