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NORWALK, Conn. — Troupe429, Wall Street’s LGBTQ bar and performance space, has returned in a different format after four months of COVID-19 closure:  its disco ball dance floor has been transformed into a full-service record store with thousands of vintage and new records for sale.

“Troupe429 does not have a kitchen, unlike most bars in Connecticut, which means reopening in original form is not an option,” a press release said. “…After browsing the vinyls, customers can make their way to the back of the record store where a host will greet and escort them into the Troupe429 lounge to enjoy signature cocktails and snacks. An outdoor seated patio is also available. Special dates will include drag queens, kings, & possibly even professional hula hoopers dancing to vinyls. All liquor and vinyl sales from this pop-up experience supports the future reopening of Troupe429 as a dance club and performance space once it is safe to do so.”

There are 50s classics alongside new records, the press release said. “The expansive record selection ranges from ABBA to Zeppelin along with first name-only gay icons like Madonna, Whitney, Diana, and CHER. Every record has been inspected for the highest quality playback by Joe Masher (online record store owner and President of the National Association of Theatre Owners). Troupe429’s available record selection has been curated over the past 35-years, with more records added weekly and special request orders available.”

Cocktails are for sale as dine-in or to-go in reusable, sealable carafes, the release said.

“There are less than 700 queer bars left in America,” Troupe429 co-founder Casey Fitzpatrick said in the release. “They have been closing at an alarming rate for the past decade, and being hit with COVID-19 and a prolonged quarantine has increased the odds of more LGBTQ bars closing before the end of the year. We really must come together as a community to save our safe spaces right now.”

“The health and safety of our family, staff, and customers remains our number one priority,” Fitzpatrick and co-founder Nicholas Ruiz said, “We chose to close Troupe429 before our state mandated the closure of bars. We have been taking every step possible to help eradicate this virus, while at the same time saving our queer business from closing permanently. All safety guidelines are being administered along with meticulous daily cleaning, and every customer must wear a mask while shopping. We want Troupers to be able to step back onto our dance floor under the 29 disco balls and help support their space by buying a record and cocktail.”


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John Levin August 10, 2020 at 1:40 pm

AND: I think Troupe429 is rated as having the best Happy Hour in the state, based on whatever those things are based on, by whomever rates those things. Regardless, Troupe’s Happy Hour kicks ass – I recommend a (vodka) Glamazon for just about any purpose. Oddly, every time I go there it seems to be Happy Hour. No complaints.

Supporting local businesses is something we all should be doing, if we are able.

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