Norwalk photos: Wolfpit students return to school

Dylan Gonzalez, 5, gets a last-minute facemask adjustment from his dad, Albert Gonzalez. His mother Anna Gonzalez said she was pleased by the school’s safety precautions. (Bob Welsh)

NORWALK, Conn. — Masked children had their first day at Wolfpit Elementary School on Tuesday, and Bob Welsh was there to document their return during a pandemic.

Enjoy the photos.

Sebastian Osorio, left, keeps watch for the school bus to Jefferson Elementary as his father Juan calls to learn the bus’s whereabouts, on Strawberry Hill Avenue Tuesday. (Bob Welsh)

A student adjusts her facemask as a parent listens to instructions on the first day of school at Wolfpit Elementary Tuesday. Students and parents lined up outside and students were escorted into the school by staff members. (Bob Welsh)

Norwalk Police Lt. Terry Blake and Officer Matt Sauer discuss dropoff logistics. (Bob Welsh)

A Wolfpit student and his mom in matching outfits. (Bob Welsh)

A Wolfpit mom gets a facemasked good-bye kiss from her son. (Bob Welsh)

Naliyah Deleon, 7, studies the completed health questionnaire students must bring to school. Deleon started second grade today. Parents or guardians are responsible for filling out a new questionnaire every day. (Bob Welsh)

A Wolfpit staff member greets sisters Shanayah and Saisha Legran, as their mother Eliane Legran looks on. (Bob Welsh)

A student sporting a Minions-themed facemask. (Bob Welsh)

A Wolfpit Elementary student Tuesday. (Bob Welsh)

A Wolfpit Elementary student Tuesday. (Bob Welsh)

A Wolfpit Elementary student Tuesday. (Bob Welsh)

Wolfpit’s mascot greeted students and parents. (Bob Welsh)

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