Norwalk plans tax sale

NORWALK, Conn. – Norwalk will sell tax-delinquent properties on July 21, Tax Collector Lisa Biagiarelli said.

As of Wednesday, there were 149 properties in Norwalk’s sixth biennial tax sale, including 55 boat slips, which will being at 4 p.m. July 21 in Concert Hall, she said. There were 220 delinquent properties when letters first went out in November, she said. The total value of those delinquencies is $5.5 million; $2.6 million has been collected thus far, she said.

The criteria for inclusion in the sale are the same as in 2012:

• $25,000 or more past due, regardless of time period

• Property three or more years in arrears (regardless of dollar amount owed)

• Property included in previous sale with no payments having been made since that time

Properties will not be removed from the tax sale until the taxes and associated fees are paid in full, she said. Most of the property owners will have done that by the time July 21 rolls around, she said.

Bidders are not permitted to inspect the properties for sale. That would be trespassing, she said.

“Tax sale is private property,” she said in a press release. “… The owners of the properties are entitled to the peaceful enjoyment of their property throughout this process.”

A list of the properties was not yet available. They include single family homes and multifamily residences; a marina; residential and commercial condominium units; garages; beach lockers; two islands and vacant land.

You can buy an informational packet from the tax collector’s office for $20.


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  1. anonymous

    Tax em to death, money is needed to pay for Norwalk’s public employee raises.

  2. Jay

    Who’s getting these raises, anon? Please, enlighten me.

  3. anonymous

    $8,000,000, less a hundred thousand $$’s here/there, of budget passed this week went for contractual raises to city employees.

  4. YUP

    Fair enough. Go get em, tax collector!!! Get that money! Why should some people feel they don’t have to pay??

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