Norwalk police, after two deaths, warn of crack cocaine laced with opiates

NORWALK, Conn. – This is a press release:

On July 22, 2017, the Norwalk Police Department responded to three drug overdoses between 8:00 and 9:00 am. The first occurred on Quaker Road, the second on Suncrest Road and the third on Perry Avenue. Two people have died as a result and the third remains hospitalized. Norwalk Detectives and the Crime Scene Unit are actively investigating these cases. The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner is assisting with the death investigations. Based on the preliminary investigation, it appears that crack cocaine laced with an opiate may have led to these overdoses. Detectives will be awaiting lab analysis of evidence seized at the scenes to determine the content of the drug(s) involved.  Anyone with any information should contact detectives at 203-854-3111.

On July 22, 2017, at 1:38 pm Norwalk Police responded to the Garden Park Motel at 351 Westport Avenue for a drug overdose. Officers located a male suffering from a drug overdose. The male was transported to the Norwalk Hospital where he remains hospitalized. Norwalk Detectives are investigating and preliminarily it appears this overdose may have been the result of crack cocaine laced with an opiate. Detectives will await the results of a lab analysis of evidence seized from the scene. This is the fourth overdose reported in Norwalk today and the eight during the month of July. Anyone with any information should contact detectives at 203-854-3111. Anonymous tips can be left at any of the below contacts.

Norwalk Police Tip Line at 203-854-3111

Anonymous Internet tips can be sent to Norwalk Police website at: www.norwalkpd.com

Anonymous text tips can be submitted by typing “NPD” into the text field, followed by the message, and sending it to CRIMES (274637)

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6 responses to “Norwalk police, after two deaths, warn of crack cocaine laced with opiates”

  1. Rick

    carfentanil , a powerful synthetic opioid sometimes used to sedate elephants, was part of an overdose death in April in Norwalk Carfentanil, which is 100 times stronger than fentanyl and 1,000 times more powerful than morphine.

    The Norwalk death confirmed by the state medical examiner’s office is believed to be Connecticut’s first involving the substance.

    Norwalk just had two of 115 doctors, nurses and medical professionals charged in a nationwide health care opioid candy store scam by feds not local police last week.

    Today was tragic it came with warnings our police department was stretched to the max and this was without a mall and its problems they create for our local force.

    Is Norwalk ready to maintain a city and all that comes with a mall?

    Some of us knew one of the eight victims she died lived on Woodward ave something that the PD forgot to mention her funeral was last week, one of those eight a mother a good person who made bad choices.

    So if the police department was thinking of or have stopped the detectives from weekend scheduled work when most of the deaths shootings or major crime happens on the weekends maybe its time to rethink strategy.

    Where are all of our politicians, they are in the news but not informed of whats going on? The city needs to step up on what to do about this obvious problem that hasn’t just showed up at the door.

    Since this article has been written according to the EMS channel they have picked up three unresponsive victims off Norwalk streets. Overdoses? no one can be certain but if it was how long does it take for that information to get to the public.

    Isn’t it time to stop playing with the image of Norwalk and improving it by hearing from our public officials so close to election time?

    No way do I or anyone else I know have any solutions that will stop this carnage but someone has to start the dialogue from city hall.

    Norwalk has made national news this month on this subject where has our officials been? This latest round of news isn’t good.

    Highly unlikely Norwalk will find investors willing to move a workforce here with news like this if it continues and is ignored.

  2. Donna

    @Rick, the irony is our US Senator Chris Murphy readily reads a public statement, news cameras ablaze, in support of an undocumented woman. But he will do and say nothing about attempts by a government contractor to move Federal offenders–many by admission of Firetree, LTD, already addicted to illegal substances–into a family Neighborhood in Norwalk. Norwalk recorded the first Carfentanil death in the state in April, as you noted above. Two dead and two hospitalized in the most recent episode yesterday involving crack cocaine laced with opiates. The introduction of convicted federal drug offenders into Norwalk is a public health crisis. But Chris Murphy won’t touch this problem. Interesting what our elected representatives consider worthy of their time and effort.

  3. Andrew

    Chris Murphy is running for President against Trump.

  4. Donna

    @Andrew, he must be running for president. He’s certainly not working as our senator lately.

  5. Rick

    7 victims in all two died sat an arrest has been made but only on drug charges and assault of a police officer.

    If this Is how the next election is going to go then so be it but the voters need to reflect what has gone on in the city before the election. What help have we seen from DC on any subject.

    Our Dc and Ct politicians will show us its great to have deaths and damaged survivors after a one day overdose run while they grab the headlines on such tragedies.

    Chris Murphy is a liability for his party ,so isn’t Himes let them show up for our mayors race our signs are ready. The party even understands they will help Trump next election with their antics . Not all that vote in Norwalk are happy with them.Clearly they have been a no show on many issues where they were expected.

    One death was too many but this overdose run will gain attention in DC among politicians who will show very little support for these two. In fact Norwalk has been given national attention on this overdose run one media group has asked where is Chris Where is Jim? They are with Waldo.

    Sad part is they will all treat this arrest as if it has stopped the drug overdoses and ridden the city of its problems. Its how these politicians work.

    So what happened in downtown Sono last night? News of great new openings and new business coming into the city so they can enjoy our awesome downtown Sono? Bring your family bring your friends.

    No it was overtime for our police dept vicious assaults injuries and fights carnage at best where? In front of the Marriot maybe? or under the Washington st bridge.

    Some one in Rowyaton had to wait for an ambulance from Darien while the regular ambulances scraped victims off the pavement one in serious condition in Sono ems radio transmission shows this is how Sono ended its night. Police arrest log show some of it as well .

    Residents in Rowyaton should realize if you get sick at bar closing when most assaults happen you wait for a bus for your section of the city. Your not paying enough in taxes to be covered properly.

    What a way to run a city.

  6. Donna

    How can Firetree propose to relocate persons with disabling drug addictions to a City with a deadly opioid problem? Norwalk PD did make one arrest. But previous OD deaths were not linked to this person. The problem with having a high concentration of federal offenders at one address is not limited to fears of potential crimes committed by residents. It is the close proximity of drugs to those who abuse them. There is no good to come of placing persons the vendor identities as having disabling addictions in proximity to lethal drugs. No one who has heard Firetree’s presentation is convinced they can keep their own residents safe, let alone the neighbors.

    And where is Chris Murphy in all this? Where are Bob Duff and Mayor Rilling? A lawsuit is not a gag order.

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