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Norwalk Police Department releases video of Duff visit

Norwalk Police Sgt. Sal Calise, left, exits the police headquarters on July 24 and addresses State Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff (D-25), shown center as a reflection in the glass. The image is from security camera video, obtained by NancyOnNorwalk Monday.

Updated at 3 a.m. Wednesday to include the entire video.

NORWALK, Conn. — Video released Monday by the Norwalk Police Department shows Officer Mike Silva step outside a side door on July 24 and spit onto the concrete at the top of a small set of stairs, with State Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff (D-25) standing at the bottom having a conversation with Officer Mark Suda.

The incident is critical to Duff’s story of being “bullied” by Norwalk Police officers due to their objection to a police accountability bill, then working its way through the Statehouse. Also shown in the video are officers walking out from behind the building and into the parking lot as Duff leaves, as he has described.

Video edited by Harold F. Cobin at end of story

The raw format of security camera footage released by the Norwalk Police Department on Monday.

NancyOnNorwalk obtained the video through a Freedom of Information Act request. Police released 35 minutes of video, showing shots from the exterior of the building. Scenes captured by four cameras were all shown in one frame, so that it took hours of video editing to present you with the nearly six minutes of video below, showing only the crucial elements of Duff’s visit, most of the parts he has described as being “mistreated.” Elements that did not pertain to the described incident were omitted.

Not shown is Duff coming to the meeting he had scheduled with union leadership. Duff has said that officers in the hallway greeted him with “What the f*** is he doing here?” Then they “stormed” the room where he was meeting with the union leaders “as a show of force,” he said.

That’s an interior shot and was not released by the department. Deputy Chief Sue Zecca said last week that the department had security concerns in releasing the video.

Duff has said that he was “spat at” by an officer he has known for years. The video shows Silva exit the door and spit. Duff is visible in the reflection in the glass, and does not appear to react. Sgt. Sal Calise then opens the door and speaks to Duff and Suda.

The next shot shows Duff walking into the visitor’s lot with Suda, and continuing the discussion. Calise standing at the gate of the rear parking lot, which is closed to the public. Calise comes out and joins the conversation, then walks back to the gate with Suda. He then gestures as 12 officers, including Silva, exit as Duff leaves. With him gone, they return to the station.

Calise has said that he told the officers to stay on the sidewalk.

The side door footage is jerky, as obviously the camera does not record every second. The parking lot footage is continuous and smooth.

Norwalk Police Chief Thomas Kulhawik is investigating Duff’s complaints about the officers’ behavior.

“I am completing an investigation of the entire incident and reviewing video etc.,” Kulhawik wrote last week. “I will then determine the appropriate actions to take.”

Clarification added at 3 a.m. Wednesday: video was edited to show only the parts related to Bob Duff’s complaints about being mistreated.


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68 responses to “Norwalk Police Department releases video of Duff visit”

  1. John ONeill

    I’m no body language expert, BUT Bob Duff looks pretty relaxed for someone being intimidated. He must be a tremendous poker player.
    This just adds to the zaniness of 2020.
    This would be funny except for the fiery culture we currently find ourselves in. He should take his “relaxed intimidation” and resign.
    Next time his supporters write letters to the public they may want to check out the videotape first.

  2. Mitch Adis

    Resign Bob! Please resign.

  3. Fast Eddie

    So….. That’s it? When you take into consideration the time that passed between when this happened and when it was reported, it seems clear this was done by Duff for political gain. He knew he had lost the cops, and since it’s the in thing to do for some people, why not attack the cops. Even the so called “spit at” Is a non event. I’m sure the chief will have to impose some sort of discipline just to shut people up, but it’s not warranted here. I really don’t care if Duff wins or not, but this is bogus in my book. Also, look at his reflection in the door. Legs crossed, leaned back. This is not the posture or demeanor of someone who feels threatened in that moment. But what he did weeks later is indicative of someone trying to twist something around to fit his own agenda once he realized he could use it for political gain.

  4. Bryan Meek

    Wow. Duff and everyone who supports him need to get out of politics right now. They are a danger to society. What is the point of adding fake outrage other than to incite the mob that is tearing American cities apart. Can Duff possibly go lower than this? What would Bob say if there were riots and assassinations of law enforcement here? I can only conclude he’d blame Trump based on everything else I see out of him lately. Sad end to a failed career and we all paid the price for it, unfortunately.

  5. Milly

    Sgt. Calise said that Duff standing outside was inciting the officers and he needed to make sure the officers did not “say” or “do” anything stupid. That’s a problem.

  6. Peter Torrano

    So this encounter scared the pants off Duff? Wow! I wonder if he realized before making his clearly bogus complaint that cameras would prove him to be the liar we all know he his (with the obvious exception being one or two constant defenders of everything Democrat on this site). So this “demonstration” by officers rightly concerned about Duff making it even harder for them to do their jobs is worthy of the condemnation spit out by other legislators and those who whined about it before knowing the facts. Yet, not a word, not a peep out of those same defenders of Duff’s folly or Duff himself about the real rioters tearing our country apart.

  7. Norwalker

    Duff should resign. No where in this video is evidence of anything reported by Duff in his many social media posts and letters to newspapers. The officers waiting outside on the sidewalk is nothing more than them expressing their displeasure with the police bill. As a politician Duff should be more tolerant of a peaceful expression of dissent. He’s marched in BLM protests that were more agitating. Resign now Bob!

  8. Michelle

    Bob Duff should be ashamed of himself for his public attack on the character of the NPD and for inserting race into his false narrative of his visit in July. Nice try though for sympathy votes.

  9. Randi

    Now I must ask , through this entire chain of events it was commented on that the NPD should be held to a higher standard their behavior should be as such they should be ashamed of themselves , they should be reprimanded …. So I ask what now ?
    Should Bob Duff be held to a higher standard ? What about his behavior? Should he now be ashamed of himself ? Clearly he felt no concern for his safety and he was certainly NOT spit at …….yes I said NOT spit at . I’m going to assume Bob is a Terrible ,Horrible,No Good ,Very Bad Liar ! I think maybe Bob should have to make a public apology to the NPD . I am curious though as to how they are going to try and cleverly play with words to make Bob come out smelling like roses .

  10. M Murray

    And there you have it. Duff was not spit at. Not even close. Didn’t look like anyone tried to block his car either. Big misrepresentation for political purposes. Apology is required by Duff for slandering the members of the Norwalk Police Department, wasting the administration’s time, wasting the time of the Capitol Police who sat at his house, and inflaming the public.

  11. Dog owner

    Bob Duff needs to RESIGN THIS WEEK.
    If he doesn’t, it will be the biggest farce in Connecticut politics history.
    Fox News will get a hold of this.
    His political career is over, as it should be.

  12. M Murray

    Seems to be a pattern here of calling his constituents bullies and rude when they join together and disagree with him.

    “The anti-vax crowd cannot substantiate anything in fact,” said Duff, D-Norwalk, who needed a security escort after a recent forum on the issue at the Westport Library. “Everything they say has been debunked as a myth and they are generally the most aggressive, hostile, rudest and threatening group of people I have ever experienced as a legislator. It is no surprise to me that one of the anti-vax advocates was arrested at the Capitol. In fact, more should have been arrested, but the Capitol Police showed great restraint.”

    Duff says their tactics include bringing in supporters from out of state to pump up their presence. “They yell, scream, and try to intimidate and they use debunked information,” he said. “Thankfully for me they don’t scare me and they’re not going to bully me. This is a well-funded group and not an organic, grassroots movement.”

  13. Disgusted

    What a Joke! Seriously Duff wasting everyone’s time and city $$ on his silly claims. I would question all his motives/decisions anything he has to say. Are they exaggerated?? Truth??? Duff Cant be trusted.

  14. Scott Vetare

    Just as i thought. The police did the right thing by being civil and not making any threatening movements towards Bobby. He needs to repay the state for the capital police he had sitting in his driveway. It’s our tax dollars he’s spending for a b.s. political stunt! Time to leave Bobby.

  15. Andrew

    Chris Powell had an interesting take on this incident and brings up some interesting questions for the Senator on why he is not doing more in regard to Police reform.


  16. Randy

    Interesting that he wants to hold cops to a higher standard than he holds himself to. Shouldn’t truthfulness be the most important quality of a state representative!?!? #Dufftheliar

  17. CT-Patriot

    What a production…

    Bob Duff is the new Tawana Brawley of our time.

    Bob, you may want to reach out to Al Sharpton, he has some time on his hands.

    Resign BOB!

  18. Bruce

    I agree with Milly a supervisor saying that he needed to make sure that the officers didn’t do anything stupid is a problem.What happens on the streets when a supervisor is not there to make sure that the officers don’t do anything stupid.

    Also as far as I am concerned the video doesn’t do anything to clear the Norwalk Police Department. How do we know that this portion of the video in this highly edited video is the part that is actually in question.
    It comes as no surprise that the usual players are accepting this as gospel truth due to their political bias.

  19. DrewT

    Well that’s 5 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! BOB NEEDS TO RESIGN IMMEDIATELY!!!!! He has now officially been caught in a lie not only about not being spit at or on but the ENTIRE incident!!!! He is creating a story that doesn’t exist!!! He should really be ashamed of himself and RESIGN NOW!!!!

  20. Don Mastronardi

    Bob Duff needs to go, period. He lied and the video proves it. He wasn’t intimidated nor was he scared and his body language proves all of that. By the way…notice that little lying Bob Duff isn’t wearing a mask either so I guess it is ok for a State Senator to endanger the lives of the Police bc he doesn’t want to wear a mask that he is forcing all of us to wear. Vote people, Bob Duff is a liar and needs to voted out of office! Vote Ellie Kousidis!

  21. Bonnie

    OMG. The Duff got raked over the coals, turned tail and ran. Duff is NO leader. BOB, Resign out of embarrassment, there was no spitting….NO spitting..

  22. Anne D

    The Norwalk Police should invite Bob to shadow the work of an officer. Then he might appreciate the challenges our police face. He should also watch live footage of the choices an officer has to make to save lives, including his own.

    I’ll never forget 9/11. The firemen ran up the stairs to danger while everyone else ran down. Our boys in blue are the same. I’m appreciative of their training and judgement and grateful of their selflessness and sacrifice to protect my family and neighborhood. Which way would Bob Duff be running – up or down the stairs?

  23. Celeste

    It is often not one action but a series of actions that make someone feel intimidated and harassed. We will never see everything that happened that day because the tapes have been edited and the interior footage is missing. But Bob knows and those involved know. And Chief Thomas Kulhawik knows. What the footage does show when an officer spits in front of a citizen and when a group walks out to the parking lot to intimidate a citizen is that something happened that day that was certainly not the finest moment for NPD. We should have high expectations for proper behavior by law enforcement in our community under any circumstances they encounter.

  24. Ex-norwalker

    Omg this says it all. Bob Duff is a liar and needs to go!

  25. George

    This just adds flames to show just what a big joke Bob Duff really is. Trying to add hate on top of making it harder and harder for the police to do their job.

    I sure hope people including Democrats see that Bob and company are removed from office forever.

  26. Erik

    This is unprofessional. we do not see what happened inside and we see 12 cops line up and intimidate Duff. This is not made up. Why are those cops being paid by us to stand outside and intimidate someone? this is extremely corrupt. I believe Duff

  27. Ted H

    What a joke Lil Bob must need a boost for his campaign

    This is nonsense

  28. KSH

    Bob Duff should resign immediately. He exaggerated this story in order to incite hate and make those who oppose his bills appear “dangerous” to the public. This is not the first time he has done this. His time is up, he’s been there too long and now thinks he is above the law….what he has done is shameful and deranged and Norwalk & Darien deserve better. Also, where is his mask walking out of that building???

  29. DryAsABone

    Duff got what he wanted…some attention.
    What a loser, who keeps getting voted into office.

  30. Cricket

    If he truly was spat on shouldn’t we she him reacting to that ?
    He looked very cool to me . SMH

  31. Don’t ANY of these people wear masks inside, or when very close to each other outside? And could this have anything to do with the mystery of why Norwalk suffered so many COVID-19 deaths?

  32. Laura Lamorte

    The dozen officers who filed into the parking lot as Sen. Duff was leaving the station house were not just out for a short stretch. That they returned moments after he left was not a coincidence, they appear to have been making an organized statement. Everything that preceded this final event must be taken as a whole to determine if the officers acted appropriately, including the events that occurred during the indoor meeting with union leadership, video of which we the public are not allowed to view for security reasons. I’m not sure what behavior Duff’s detractors expected to see to prove that he felt intimidated. Maybe if he had cowered behind Officer Suda?

    I’m extremely grateful and respectful of police officers for the protection they provide and for maintaining law and order. I do not support abolition of police departments, but some changes are needed countrywide. I understand that police officers have a difficult and sometimes dangerous job, and are to be commended much of the time. But not always. The public loses faith when questionable or deadly actions are covered up or excused, when racial profiling is not addressed, when accountability is absent.

    An Act Concerning Police Accountability attempts to address these failures. For instance, Section 30. Section 7-282e requires that a witnessing officer “shall intervene and attempt to stop…what the witnessing officer objectively knows to be unreasonable, excessive or illegal use of force….” There are likely officers who themselves would feel intimidated by their colleagues if they attempted to intervene in such unreasonable uses of force. The “thin blue line” of this profession makes it difficult for some individuals to do the right thing, hence the legal liability imposed by this section. Many provisions of The Act are not due to go into effect until 2021 and will be debated until then. I’m concerned that certain key provisions will be eroded or eliminated entirely by that time due to lobbying efforts of the police union. As much as I applaud the officers who execute their jobs with bravery and integrity, I equally applaud our legislators who have done the right thing to work on fair and long-overdue legislation, including State Senator Duff.

  33. Bill Dunne

    Is that it? That’s the Crime of the Century? That’s what all of Duff’s sniveling and whining is about?

    What I see is officers going about their normal routines, including a shift change, plus a couple of civil conversations. What I see is proof that Duff’s faux outrage is a publicity stunt for his re-election run. Worse, it’s a slander on Norwalk’s police.

  34. JustaTaxpayer

    Yikes. That’s it? SHAMEFUL. I think Duff’s opponent could pull a Biden and do more pushups behind the shed

  35. Jay Parisi

    Hmmmmmm….. No mask either…. Not even one in his hand. Maybe time to let up on small businesses now Bob?

  36. David Muccigrosso

    And of course, NoN’s resident cop apologists have all kinds of wonderful and totally-not-racially-coded things to say about their political opponents.

    By the way, guys, I live down the street on Washington. Pretty sure I didn’t see any “mobs” in the past 3 months. The fact that Norwalk’s cops are so upset over these pretty tame protests we’ve had, plus one of the more reserved police reform bills in the nation, indicates that they really don’t have their “hackle-meters” calibrated properly.

    Which we should consider a problem for people whose jobs are literally to deal with raised hackles.

  37. Drew A Blank

    Bob Duff watched one too many Seinfeld episodes. The Magic Loogie-

  38. I Wear A Mask to Protect Others

    What I actually see here is a lot of people including Mr. Duff not wearing masks, either inside or out.

  39. John O’Neill

    If choosing between right and wrong makes me a cop apologist, consider me guilty as charged. Holy cow.
    @David – Guessing you’re fairly new to the area. Your prime Washington location was not so prime 20+ years ago. Much work by our police officers has helped that area succeed and should not be underestimated. Mayor Rilling gets kudos as well.
    Should some cops not be on the force? Maybe.
    Should some politicians trying to stir the anti-cop pot resign? Absolutely

  40. Celeste

    Chief Kulhawik should release all the video. What happened inside a public building in public hallways and public meeting rooms should be available to the taxpaying public to see. This line that it can’t be shown for security reasons sounds like a typical convenient cover-up.

    Regardless, the video that was shown showed thuggish behavior that is unacceptable and should have consequences.

    Does anyone here really think it’s okay for police in uniform on the clock to spit derisively in front of a member of our community, or anyone for that matter?

    Does anyone here really think that it’s okay for 12 policemen in uniform who are on the clock to try to intimidate a member of our community by forming a moblike scene in a parking lot that he is trying to exit?

    This is our community police force for goodness sake!

    Isn’t their number one job, for which they are well compensated, to act like mature professionals and promote safety and peace?

    Here they are clearly acting thuggishly. Let’s call it what it is– crude, thuggish, immature, unprofessional uncivil behavior that is unbecoming of the profession. Our community deserves better.

    If this is allowed, what next?

  41. M Murray

    Is anyone surprised that Duff was so easily intimidated by such harmless behavior. He was intimidated so much by political nonsense that he panicked and hurriedly wrote and rushed through poor, shoddy legislation to appease the mob mentality. He was so intimidated by this and Lamont that he couldn’t take the time to study the matter and write good legislatiion, and had to get it passed so quickly that it needed a special session even though the law won’t take effect for another year. Yes, that is bowing to intimidation.

  42. CAROL

    can duff get any lower,he was nnot spit on and 30 officers were not in the parking lot. lies to enhance his election. TIME TO GO BOB–DO NOT VOTE DUFF!!!!!!

  43. John ONeill

    @Celeste – As Kenny Rogers so eloquently sang, “You gotta know when to fold em”
    I look forward to a public apology to NPD from Chris Perone, Travis Simms,Stephanie Thomas and Lucy Dathan..These politicians found cops guilty without any evidence. Does anyone else find that unconscionable?

  44. Ryan

    After his vote to allow the lockdown to continue he had a Capital Police car in his driveway.
    And now he has to cry intimidated?
    How many weeks later?
    Give me a break Bob.
    You should bow out of politics if you cant take the heat when you make controversial decisions.

  45. Ron Morris

    I will assume that this is the part of the edited video that Duff is speaking about considering that he has yet to dispute this. One question for all those condemning Duff for his 1 lie, will you also condemn Trump for 19127 lies in 1226 days? Its a simple Yes or No answer.

  46. Taxpayer

    That’s boring without audio. Did Duff schedule the meeting or was he invited to speak and how long was he inside? Nobody mentioned what was discussed in the meeting. Cops don’t want to be sued, is that the issue with the bill?

  47. Curious Voter

    We need to see the interior video too.

  48. John ONeill

    @Ron – Yes
    BUT, Duff’s 1st lie? Your passion is appreciated, but you’re riding the wrong horse. I think you’re smart enough to know that.
    This is my last comment on the subject as I’m sure those who disagree with me are sick of my commentary..

  49. Celeste

    Hello John!

    Kenny Rogers also sang,

    “You’ve got to know when to hold ’em ”

    As in hold accountable!

    Do you think NPD should get a free pass for this behavior?

  50. Mitch Adis

    @Ron Morris. Don’t deflect. Stay focused. This is about Bob Duff. It is not about Joe Biden or President Trump.

    Do you condemn Bob Duff’s lie? It’s simple – Yes or No?

  51. Mitch Adis

    Bob Duff has lost credibility with Norwalk. Time for a change. We deserve better.

  52. anonymous

    You can CLEARLY tell this is a stunt to help his re-election. He noticed that he lost the support of NPD and didn’t like it so he went and lied to gain a pity vote. If he was spat on, we would have seen a reaction. As for someone being “assaulted” he clearly looks calm and relaxed. Stop believing these lies and look for yourself. This video only shows the truth, which is far from his accusations. #VoteHimOut

  53. M Murray

    So Ron Morris, you are now admitting Duff lies at least once. Do you not agree he needs to apologize for lying about the incident? Do you not yourself owe an apology since you condemned the police and it turns out they were telling the truth. The video does not lie. He was not spit at. There were not 30 officers surrounding his car.

  54. Ron Morris

    Mitch Adis
    No one is deflecting. Its about those that lie. I asked you a very simple question and instead of answering the question you replied with a question. I guess you have different standards for different parties.
    M Murray
    You also answered my very simple question with a question. Are you able to answer it or do you also have different standards for different parties?

  55. M Murray

    Another problem with the flawed police accountability legislation-that releases unsubstantiated complaints against officers.

    This is a perfect example. Duff files a complaint. It is proven on video to be a lie. Yet this would be released as a complaint against these officers even though Duff was a proven liar with videotaped evidence that proves him wrong. Yet the officers’ records would be forever dinged by this false accusation should someone request a release of their file.

  56. JustaTaxpayer

    Orange man bad
    Police bad
    Russia bad
    Chine (eh)

    Sad part it most Norwalkers don’t see this site or read the (biased Hour) or have any other concept Pelosi was right, a glass of water….

  57. Bryan Meek

    There are only 5 water carriers left on here for Duff…..vs the 10 fold demands for his resignation? Wow. What was Duff thinking with this?

  58. Norwalk Police Union

    Statement from Norwalk Police Union Lt. David O’Connor regarding video of Senator Duff video
    Norwalk Police officers serve and protect our community during good times and bad – even during pandemics. We care deeply about the well-being and safety of all Norwalk residents and visitors to our great city. As officers, we take an oath to protect our community – even when facing grave danger, illegal guns and violent criminals. We take our oath and all of our conduct very seriously.
    It is unfortunate that a misperception of a recent meeting with our officers has generated such division in our community. We hope that this footage helps to clarify some of these harmful misperceptions.
    Our meeting with Senator Duff was not contentious, despite statements to the contrary. In fact, our meeting was cordial. Questions about the bill were asked and answered by Senator Duff and all officers present conducted themselves professionally throughout the meeting. Video of this meeting is also available.
    No officer spit at Sen. Duff. After the meeting (as seen in the footage) an officer did make a spitting gesture on the ground on his way back in the building. He did not spit at Senator Duff as is made clear by the footage.
    Senator Duff was not followed out by a menacing group of people with pitchforks. What did occur was as follows. Line up was dismissed and officers, as they left line up to begin their shifts, were eager to speak with Senator Duff. These officers in line up were unable to attend his meeting and wanted to convey their opinions on the recently passed bill. These officers were standing on a sidewalk adjacent to Senator Duff’s vehicle as he departed in an attempt to speak with him on this important issue. Senator Duff left the parking lot safely and unobstructed.
    We invited Senator Duff to meet with us because the recently passed legislation impacts our ability to conduct searches for illegal guns, recruit and retain officers and protect officers in harm’s way. Norwalk police officers conduct themselves professionally and continue to serve the public day in and day out regardless of the challenges of this new legislation. We hope that this footage will help begin the process of unifying our community and bring perspective to events as described by Senator Duff which we disagree with.
    Both elected officials and public servants such as police officers have a responsibility to make it about their constituents instead of making it about them. Let’s all temper our emotions during a time the public relies on leaders to forge solutions on their behalf. It’s time for everyone to work together and check their egos at the door on behalf of sound public safety and protecting our citizens.
    ** The Norwalk Police Department through an FOI request issued a full-length video of the events as recorded on four different cameras (the version posted on Nancy on Norwalk and other outlets may be edited for brevity).

  59. Donny O’Day

    What I find interesting is that even though there is an election in fewer than 50 days, only 1 of the 52 comments so far mention Duff’s Republican challenger. For as much as it may make people feel good to demand Bob Duff’s resignation, I’m thinking the odds of that happening are pretty small.

    I took a look at Kousidis when her nomination was first reported in NoN on April 21. In that article, Kousidis is quoted as saying “I am running against Bob Duff, because he is, quite frankly, a horrible human being and a terrible leader.” Based on the tone of these comments, it seems as though many people agree with that sentiment. I think Duff’s leadership this session may have been lacking (I support tolls (remember when that was a thing?) and think there should have been an up/down vote), but I try to reserve “horrible human being” for actual horrible human beings, not political opponents. I find it hard to get behind someone who from the get-go thinks her opponent is a horrible human being, and is comfortable saying so.

    Nevertheless, I was on the Kousidis Campaign Facebook page this evening and found her post about her recent endorsement from the police union. Reasonable people may disagree over whether police unions should be endorsing political candidates, but I think it is absolutely inappropriate for two officers, in uniform, to pose for a photo with a candidate holding her campaign sign in front of the Norwalk Police shield.

    This whole episode is 2020 wrapped into a little package and it is so tiring. Where are the adults?

  60. Anthony1

    What is wrong with people?
    If that’s the way a Senator is being treated, can you imagine what they can do to any regular Norwalk residents?
    My question is: who pays for the Norwalk police salary?
    Us the stupid tax payers that allowed them to feel that is ok to intimidate someone like that.
    And they are going to start an investigation?
    Whats there to investigate? They should at least be suspended with no pay for a week,
    Its time to get new officers that can act human again.

  61. Ron Morris

    Well I seen what I already knew that the republicans will carry water for Trump no matter what.I asked a very simple question if they would condemn Trump’s 19127 lies in 1226 days and the only one to condemn it was John O’neill. The rest did everything in their power not to answer the simple question. I don’t agree with him 90 percent of the time but at least he shows class.
    Also the only flaw in the police accountable legislation is that it doesn’t go far enough. Good cops have nothing to worry about its just the dirty ones that need to be concerned. BLACK LIVES MATTER
    FYI Republicans fight among yourselves and preach your hate as I will not respond.

  62. M Murray

    @Ron Morris-still waiting for your apology to the Norwalk Police for condemning them in this incident after the video showed that Duff misrepresented the facts. This isn’t about Trump’s lies, it is about Duff’s. It is time to admit it, or is it to difficult to Engineer.

  63. Thomas Belmont

    The Chris Powell article mentioned that the Police have collective bargaining which, he say’s, induces them to be autonomous, that when a breach in their oath namely, an abuse of a citizen by an officer, that their autonomy provides protection of that officer from justice, then a serious problem exists. For not only does it allow excessive recompense (as posted in the Norwalk Hour, namely several payments in excess of a quarter of a million dollars per year) but an autonomy, separated from the public and officiated public authority, seducing a renegade, outlaw behavior; a Police State. When this phenomenon appears at the fringes the fear is that it will eventually take over the whole organization and be accepted by the public in a gradual “can’t do anything about it” attitude; the frog in a slow boiling pot.

  64. Celeste

    Why aren’t our police required to live in our community?

  65. Elizabeth McDermott

    It iw disturbing that Bob Duff took it upon himself to attack the NPD in the manner that he has. This video both the long and short version clearly show that he was not surrounded as he claims. It is unfortunate that he has chosen the media to make his statements. He has apparently lost sight of the needs of the community and the State. He needs to go. We need new blood in Hartford.

  66. M Murray

    Still waiting for Bob Duff’s apology to Officer Silva and the retreat of the Norwalk Police. The video is clear as day. It is not as he described. Man up and admit it and ask for forgiveness.

  67. Dana Pevsner

    There is much trolling and hate on here. These videos are not complete, and the lengthy comment from the police officer admits one cop spit inappropriately (and obviously in response to Duff). Also the long line of cops going out “to talk” to Duff is obviously inappropriate intimidation. In fact it’s gang behavior.
    The Norwalk police look thuggish and ganglike as they troop out after Duff. That was clear bullying.

  68. Not Karen

    Only one thought comes to mind here. Masks. Where are they?

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