Norwalk Police eyeing Norwalk sewage treatment plant in criminal investigation

NPD motorcycles 044NORWALK, Conn. – Norwalk Police have questioned workers at Norwalk’s sewage treatment plant in connection with a criminal investigation.

Department of Public Works Operations Manager Lisa Burns said at Monday’s Water Pollution Control Authority meeting that Norwalk detectives had recently visited the sewage treatment plant and asked questions, but declined to say why. She said she still has no idea of what inspired the visit.

Burns referred to CH2M HILL OMI, the company that manages the sewage treatment plant, in her comments.

“There is some apparent investigation from the Norwalk Police Department,” she said. “We are not sure what. Maybe about a month or six weeks ago, detectives came down and talked to OMI and they couldn’t say what the complaint was. Something that related to – something on May 1st.”

Three pumping stations were overwhelmed by heavy rains on May 1, sending sewage spilling out of manholes. Department of Public Works Director Hal Alvord estimated at the time that there were 50 to 100 gallons released at each manhole.

Alvord was silent during Monday’s discussion.

“They could not tell us if the WPCA was a subject or a target of the investigation, and then they asked to interview a number of OMI/CH2M HILL staff,” Burns said. “I know CH for a time was working with the police and at some point got your corporate attorneys involved because, again, it’s unclear what was being investigated. There’s been just questions and no, um, so after that the same thing. WPCA engaged its environmental attorney, Verill Dana, and referred now PD to, if they have any additional questions, to the WPCA attorney.”

Authority member Jim Clark asked if the attorneys knew what it is about. Burns said no.

“That’s very strange,” Authority member Galen Wells said.

Mayor Harry Rilling is a member of the WPCA but was not present at the meeting.

Rilling said, in a conversation with NancyOnNorwalk, that there is a criminal investigation under way.

“The Police Department is conducting an investigation based on some information brought to the attention of the Mayor’s Office,” Rilling said. “At my request, the police are looking into some issues of concern to see if there was any criminal activity.”

Rilling refused to comment further because of the active investigation.

This is not the only investigation going on involving a city department. There also is an investigation under way into possible thefts of cash from Calf Pasture Beach gate receipts.


10 responses to “Norwalk Police eyeing Norwalk sewage treatment plant in criminal investigation”

  1. Notaffiliated

    Does Rilling also get paid to be a member of WPCA?

  2. One and Done.

    Rilling MIA once again. Someone should tell him cameras are going to be there if they want him to show up. And really, if this is about a spill wouldn’t this be a state police matter? There are no cash payments made to the vendor so is Harry just having the NPD do a shakedown for something else he doesn’t like?

  3. Don’t Panic

    Gotta love that award winning plant! I’m betting that attorney is going to cost more than the public hearing that was SOOO unnecessary.


    Doesn’t matter anyway, will probably only get AR.

  5. EveT

    I love how some commenters keep trying to goad Rilling into making a public statement about one issue or another by accusing him of being weak. Don’t you think he knows if he were to fall for this ploy these same “haters” would come back later and use it against him?
    I respect a mayor who knows when to refrain from shooting his mouth off.

  6. LWitherspoon

    Alternate headline: “Norwalk PD investigate whether something stinks at sewage treatment plant”

    1. Mark Chapman



  7. Kathleen Montgomery

    What Eve said and very funny Witherspoon!

  8. Scott

    Is this something legitimate? If so the responsible thing to do is sit back and wait until more is known. It’s a criminal investigation so would have to believe that mayor’s hands are tied until charges, if any, are brought. It may just be another witch hunt. If it is, shame on the accusers for not making sure they had all the facts first instead of a wild hunch. It just brings unwanted bad light on the city

  9. peter parker

    Alvord silent… what a suprise! Something smells here and its not the just the treatment plant.

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