Norwalk Police investigation said to net nine stores selling alcohol to minors

Nine retail establishments were found to be selling liquor to minors Friday in a Norwalk Police compliance operation. a news release said. Three stores were following the law.

Norwalk Police have received complaints from parents that minors are purchasing alcohol at several Norwalk markets, bodegas and liquor stores, the news release said. Connecticut law requires merchants to ask customers for proof that they are at least 21 years old before selling them alcohol. The Norwalk Police Department Special Services Division and the Special Victims Unit conducted an investigation, with the help of students under 21 years old.

Twelve stores were visited. Found to be obeying the law were:

  • Budget Liquor, on West Avenue
  • In & Out Variety, on Main Avenue
  • Beverage King, on Main Avenue

The news release lists these nine stores as not requiring ID before selling alcohol to minors:

  • El Coqui, on Lexington Avenue
  • Banner Wine and Liquor, on North Main Street
  • Black Bear Wine & Spirit, on Water Street
  • Harborview Wine and Spirit, on Main Street
  • World of Beverage, on Main Street
  • Spring Hill Liquor, on Spring Hill
  • Wall Street Liquor, on Wall Street
  • Norwalk Wine & Spirit, on Connecticut Avenue
  • Tropical Grocery, on Cedar Street

Some establishments sold alcohol to more than one minor, the news release said. No criminal arrests were made; the stores found to be violating the law will be referred to the State of Connecticut Consumer Protection Liquor Control Division for follow-up and possible administrative sanctions.

The investigation is said to be ongoing.

  • Norwalk Police anonymous tip line: 203-854-3111
  • Detective Bureau information line: 203-854-1011
  • Norwalk Police website: www.norwalkpd.com
  • Anonymous TEXT tips can be submitted by typing “NORWALKPD” into the text field, followed by the message, and sending it to TIP411 (847411)
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