Norwalk Police: No charges filed against tug operator

The Tug Ocean King was only partially aground off Veterans Park on Jan. 11, Norwalk Police Sgt. Pete Lapak said.

NORWALK, Conn. – A tugboat seen aground in the Norwalk River recently was caught by circumstances it had helped create, Norwalk Police Sgt. Pete Lapak said.

The Tug Ocean King was here as part of the dredging of Norwalk Harbor when it ran partially aground on Jan. 11, a foggy Saturday, Lapak said Monday.

“The federal dredging has increased the depth of the federal channel,” Lapak wrote. “There is, however, less of a ‘slope’ to the bottom contour, and more of a ‘trench’ aspect in many areas. The stern or ‘fan tail’ portion of the tug in question grounded, with the bow facing in a Northwest direction. It was, in technical terms a partial grounding.”

The tug was in no danger of sinking and was not taking on water, Lapak said. There were no discharges of fuel or waste.

Norwalk Fire Marine 238 contacted the tug at Lapak’s request, he said.

“The Captain declined assistance and indicated that he would ease off when the tide came in, which he did,” he said. “The grounding was attributed to; The bottom contour, poor visibility, and an increase in wind. No charges were filed.”


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  1. Oldtimer

    As a licensed captain, we expect the tug captain would know the contour of the bottom and avoid anchoring where there was the slightest risk of grounding. It would take a careful examination of the bottom, a natural shellfish bed, and of the boat, to get a good idea of exact extent of the damage done when this tug was recklessly anchored where the captain had to know his company and another had done extensive dredging. When the tug owner discovers how much damage occurred to the boat, this captain may well be seeking new employment. Propellers, shafts, and rudders are all at the stern of the boat and very expensive to repair. If the shellfish bed is surveyed for damage, the City, through the shellfish commission, may well claim damages from the owner.

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