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Norwalk police officer Hector Delgado arrested for fourth time

Norwalk police officer Hector Delgado was arrested Friday by his own department following a citizen’s complaint about an off-duty disturbance, according to a statement issued by Chief James Walsh.

It was Delgado’s fourth arrest since joining the Norwalk police force in 1993, and his second this year. Two other Norwalk officers have criminal cases pending following their arrests this year.

Friday’s complaint, which Walsh said he received, triggered a criminal investigation by Norwalk detectives that resulted in an arrest warrant for Delgado.

Delgado is charged with first-degree threatening, a felony; second-degree breach of peace, and following too closely with a motor vehicle.

He was held on $50,000 bond and given a court date of June 21.

“Hector Delgado was immediately placed on administrative leave with his police power suspended,” Walsh said. He said Delgado’s alleged actions “do not reflect the values and principles that our department stands for.”

Delgado also was arrested in February by Bridgeport Police after he was accused of stalking his former wife and her boyfriend.

A month later, the State’s Attorney’s office in Bridgeport declined to continue the prosecution in court on charges of third-degree stalking and second-degree harassment, though the case was not dismissed and could be reopened within 13 months.

In August 2019, Delgado was arrested by State Police, accused of driving while intoxicated and fleeing the scene after sideswiping a truck on Interstate 95 in Fairfield. A judge disposed of the case by granting him admittance to an Alcohol Education Program.

Norwalk’s police chief at the time, Thomas Kulhawik, suspended Delgado for five days following a department investigation of that incident.

Delgado’s first arrest came in 1996, when he was charged with third-degree sexual assault and unlawful restraint after a female driver accused him of molesting her during a traffic stop.

Two years later, a jury acquitted him of the charges. The accusation resulted in Delgado serving a 500-day suspension from the force, after which he was reinstated.

Two other Norwalk officers have criminal cases pending following their arrests this year.

In February, Sgt. Shannon Sherry was arrested by warrant following a State Police investigation of a 2023 collision between Sherry’s personal car and a pick-up truck on Interstate 84 that resulted in the truck driver’s death.

Sherry was charged with misconduct with a motor vehicle, a felony, and failure to drive in the proper lane. Sherry is on administrative leave from the department and is next scheduled to appear in court June 25.

In March, Police Officer David Vetare was arrested by State Police following an alleged road rage incident on the Merritt Parkway.

A complainant told investigating Troopers that her vehicle was struck by an object thrown from a vehicle later found to be registered to Vetare.

She also alleged the vehicle’s operator had followed her and attempted to run her off the road.

According to a summary of the incident prepared by State Police, Vetare admitted to being involved. As a result, he was charged with second-degree reckless endangerment, second-degree breach of peace, reckless driving, and illegal operation of a motor vehicle with intent to harass or intimidate.

Vetare is on administrative leave from the department. He is next scheduled to appear in court July 11.


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  1. David Muccigrosso

    This is ridiculous. Once or twice… you can make excuses, and I may refuse to buy them, but hey, they’re excuses.

    Four times simply has no excuse. This guy is clearly violent and on the verge of snapping. I feel for whatever personal crisis he’s going through, but he needs to be a man and deal with that up front, not endanger his fellow citizens by continuing to serve.

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