Norwalk political notes: Himes, Milligan, POKO and noise

U.S. Rep. Jim Himes (D-Greenwich) speaks to reporters, Thursday in Stamford.

A photo provided Saturday by real estate broker Jason Milligan.

NORWALK, Conn. – Some Norwalk political action for you:

  • Himes: Mueller report shows ‘pretty ugly stuff’
  • ‘A little bit confident’ on Trump $1 trillion for infrastructure
  • City seeks to block Milligan’s witness
  • New Tyvek on Wall Street
  • Council to vote Tuesday on noise ordinance, discuss POKO

Video by Harold Cobin posted with story


Himes on Mueller

If Congress wanted to impeach President Donald Trump, information in the Mueller Report would make a strong case for obstruction of justice, U.S. Rep. Jim Himes (D-Greenwich) said Thursday.

It’s “pretty ugly stuff,” but Mueller recognizes that there’s a policy against indicting a president, Himes said.

Meeting with reporters in Stamford, the five-term congressman encouraged Americans to read the report to understand the tricks Russians used to manipulate public opinion and influence the 2016 Presidential Election. The report supports the conclusion by U.S. intelligence agencies that the Russians interfered in the election, contradicting a report by Congressional Republicans which said otherwise, he noted.

He’s not surprised that there’s no evidence that the Trump campaign conspired with Russians, because Russians don’t operate in such a way to leave evidence, he said.  The five-term Congressman expressed surprise at the “depth” of Trump’s efforts “to try to torpedo the special counsel investigation.”

“There is enough gangster-like behavior on the part of the President that Congress could legitimately choose to start the proceedings, to begin to consider articles of impeachment… I don’t think that’s going to happen so it’s sort of an academic point here.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has said she doesn’t want to pursue impeachment and the Senate would never vote to convict Trump, he said.  But Trump’s behavior indicates “the mind frame of a guilty person.”

Congress should delve deeper to see if Trump has obtained loans from Russians or has laundered money for Russians, because those acts would leave him open to Russian manipulation, Himes said.

Republicans say it’s time to move on.  Politico reports: “With no criminal charges against the president, many GOP lawmakers on Thursday gleefully watched Attorney General William Barr repeat their oft-repeated lines of ‘no collusion’ to a national audience.”

Himes called Barr’s comments Thursday “abysmal.”


Trump’s $1 trillion for infrastructure

Himes was asked if he is confident that Trump’s request for $1 trillion to address the nation’s infrastructure needs would be approved.

“I am a little bit confident,” Himes replied.

Trump’s 2020 budget request to Congress contains a renewed call for a $1 trillion infrastructure plan, Reason reports.

There’s broad Democratic support for the proposal and Connecticut legislators will be “the tip of the spear,” but vital support from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) is uncertain, Himes said.

Himes said he’s optimistic and “keeping his fingers crossed” because toll revenue alone won’t be enough to address Connecticut’s needs.



Motion seeks to block testimony in POKO/Milligan suit 

Lawyers for the City of Norwalk and its Redevelopment Agency filed a motion to block testimony in a lawsuit over land which was part of a Wall Street redevelopment project.

Real estate broker Jason Milligan, who along with Richard Olson of POKO Partners is being sued by the two public entities for a transaction which allegedly violated an agreement regarding the land’s development, announced last week that he has recruited Attorney Rachel Goldberg, former Stamford Redevelopment Agency counsel, to testify on behalf of the defendants in the lawsuit.

The plaintiffs on Monday filed a motion in an effort to block that testimony. The proposed testimony is prohibited by the Connecticut Practice Book, they argue.

Milligan’s disclosure to the court stated that Goldberg would testify about the validity of the Land Disclosure Agreement (LDA) governing the properties at issue.

“It is a long standing common law rule that no witness can testify as to a legal opinion,” the plaintiffs argue.  Plus, Goldberg’s testimony would be superfluous, as the Court knows the law.

The case is set to resume April 30, with Judge Charles Lee considering Milligan’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit.




Milligan seeks publicity for Tyvek ‘encore’ on Wall Street

After DPW workers tore down Milligan’s enclosure surrounding a City signal box last week, Milligan on Saturday sent NoN a photo of what appeared to be a new box.  “I don’t think they got the roots the other day,” Milligan wrote Saturday.

Jason Milligan provided this photo to show what he says is damage caused by the City.

Milligan is in a dispute with City over 50 square feet of real estate next to 69 Wall Street, which he owns.  City officials contend that a traffic signal box located there since the 1980s is permitted by a 1950s easement.  Milligan disagrees.  After a volley of lawyer letters, on April 10 Milligan erected an enclosure around the box, locked it, and wrapped it in Tyvek, a nod to the stalled Wall Street Place development nearby.

When four DPW workers arrived to remove the enclosure, on the grounds that public safety required unimpeded access to the box, a confrontation ensued in which Milligan angrily called them stupid and accused them of theft.  He called police, as did DPW workers.

The confrontation ended with Milligan buying everyone smoothies, DPW Superintendent of Operations Chris Torre said, but only one or two City employees drank them.

Despite having himself called police, Milligan later accused the City of heavy-handed police state tactics.  “I am surprised at the incredible overreaction … It is making me consider an encore,” Milligan wrote on April 12.

A Tyvek-covered panel on Wall Street.

The encore is a panel next to the box that doesn’t appear to prevent the City from reaching the electronics inside, which control a nearby traffic light and a pedestrian signal.

The City declined Monday to comment on the new patch of Tyvek on Wall Street.

Milligan is on vacation this week.  During that time he has actively sought publicity for the new panel, but objected to being “hassled” with questions about his objection to the box. He’s also promised more news. He again declined to comment regarding whether Candace V. Fay, his attorney in the dispute, is a family relation.  An online search reveals that Fay has also been known as Candace V. Milligan.



Council to meet next week, after all

Common Council members said Wednesday that they thought next week’s meeting would be cancelled, but it’s on.

The city’s legislative body may vote Tuesday on the noise ordinance developed by the Council’s Ordinance Committee with the help of an outside consultant.

The meeting agenda also calls for an executive discussion on the aforementioned LDA, which likely concerns a proposal to resume development of the stalled Wall Street Place phase I – known to many simply as “POKO” – discussed in an executive session last month.

It’s believed that this proposal would involve demolishing the Garden Cinemas. Mum’s the word from the City.


Sue Haynie April 19, 2019 at 6:13 am

So Himes still thinks there’s collusion even after Mueller’s dogged 2+ years of investigation, $35M of taxpayer funding and Mueller’s own assessment that there was no collusion by any Americans. This needless collusion investigation caused harm to America and Americans. Not good enough for our man Himes, let’s keep it up and do more harm…. for the sake of politics.

Considering how needlessly antagonistic Connecticut’s Congressional delegation is to all and everything Trump administration related, I’d be surprised if Connecticut get its potholes fixed from Federal infrastructure funding.

Al Bore April 19, 2019 at 7:12 am

Himes needs to do his job and spend his time trying to solve the budget crises in CT instead of worrying about collusion. Look at the big mess in CT before you look at Washington. There is nothing you should be proud of here in CT boys!

steve April 19, 2019 at 7:14 am

Sue Haynie thanks to Ct’s Paul Mannafort the investigation didn’t cost a penny- his illegal conduct bankrolled the whole thing. It’s bogus to cite that the investigation cost the taxpayers anything. The investigation was to determine Russian involvement (hostile foreign government) in the 2016 election,it found it to be purposeful, rampant and intended to harm the Clinton campaign and help the Trump. That’s an attack on our country. It also found a boat load of contacts btw Russians and Trump associates, moreover the Trump campaign constantly lied about it. It also found a President who would be in handcuffs if he did the same thing to interfere with an investigation but wasn’t President (much less his lies on the interrogatories which would’ve hauled anyone else in court). Stop being an apologist, read the facts.. I suggest you read the attached article by current Republican and ex-WSJ, National Review, Weekly Standard and other conservative publications journalist, David Brooks.

Mitch Adis April 19, 2019 at 7:35 am

People can see what they want with anything you give them. It’s called unconscious bias. Similar to the 2016 election results, Democrats cannot accept a reality that does not align with their bias. Everyone needs to accept the results of the investigation and move on.

Jason Milligan April 19, 2019 at 9:13 am

Mitch would unconscious bias explain why I see Tyvek all over Wall st??

Or is it really there?

Collusion? April 19, 2019 at 9:23 am

CT Dems, you want to focus on something…the collusion was the DNC and Mrs. Clinton stealing the nomination from Bernie. That is what is corrupt!!!

You reap what you sow. Think about that before you manipulate the 2020 election.

Steve April 19, 2019 at 10:22 am

Sorry, you can try to deflect this as simply more of the same but its not. A candidate for office made contacts with a hostile foreign government for the purpose of winning an election. He and his cohorts lied about their contacts and then lied to investigators. They lied to the press, they lied in speeches, they tried to deflect. They have tried and clearly to some degree have succeeded at dumbing down ethics and morality. There are loads of Republicans from Barbara Bush to John McCain For those who want to twist this as if a Republican Robert Mueller, and a Republican James Comey and a Republican Andrew McCabe and a host of others were simply dupes of Democrats, you have no moral courage. For those who run for office, of who have held office who espouse this nihilism you have lost any and all moral authority. What makes America great is the rule of law—-you’ve just eviscerated it

Diane Lauricella April 19, 2019 at 10:23 am

@steve Thank you for clearing up the negative spin.

Before anyone on this thread thinks there’s “nothing to see” in the Mueller report…”time to move on”…
They should read the damn thing!

What it painfully shows EVIDENCE of is troubling, corrupted processes by President and his minions.

Every American should be shocked and angered by the numerous efforts made by this President to obstruct justice, before and after the election.

On the issue of collusion, anyone who can read can see that the Trump campaign team gave a “wink” to Russia throughout but avoided putting anything in writing…hmmm.

Congress, do your duty!

Piberman April 19, 2019 at 11:06 am

One sees a Democratic Party pattern. In Congress instead of advancing national policy issues they spend time threatening impeachment. In CT they twiddle for an entire decade as our economy stagnates. And twiddle in Norwalk as our Grand List stagnates for an entire decade – 2008 to 2018. Once a Party of vibrant new ideas and energy Democrats are floundering. Sadly CT’s Congressional delegation remains devoid of accomplishments. And CT, widely considered the nation’s most mismanaged State in the nation is firmly controlled by Democrats.

Democarts were once a vigorous well respected Party in Norwalk, CT and nationally with fresh energy and new ideas. Now they seem floundering on all levels. We have the high taxes and misuse of public funds to show for our efforts. New Democrat leadership needed at all levels.

Paul Lanning April 19, 2019 at 12:31 pm

More than 100 million voters turned out in 2016. Clinton won the popular vote by a 3% margin. Trump won the election by approx. 0.077% of the popular vote (77,000 votes across 3 states). Fair and square, that’s how our system works.

Also under the system, the emoluments clause of the Constitution rendered Trump impeachable from day 1. His supporters simply ignore his remarkably long list of despicable crimes.

Trump is an incompetent President and a wholly dishonest criminal. But he House must address its constituents’ needs rather than waste time on impeachment proceedings that would prove fruitless.

Bridget P April 19, 2019 at 1:31 pm

Trump is our country’s best defense against a vicious socialist/marxist/open borders tide taking hold. May freedom reign and Trump be re-elected in 2020! It’s confounding how CT leftist politicians are consumed by nonsensical matters while the state is going to hell. It is also inconceivable how legislatures in Hartford are scheming to squeeze more tax dollars from its struggling working class citizens to fund free health care for illegal alien children. This will all but seal CT’s future as a basket case sanctuary state by opening the flood gates even further to the the third world high needs seekers.

Patrick Cooper April 19, 2019 at 1:49 pm

Cannons to the left of me, cannons to the right of me – partisans all around me – everywhere. So, so obvious that the POV of each commenter is slanted by their professed allegiance to a donkey or an elephant. Pathetically biased is easily manipulated. Red & Blue, Crips & Bloods – both gangs – both criminal. Neither party travels the high road.

These issues are useful distractions for both parties. I’ll bet everyone that is any kind of active in politics has received an “urgent” fund raising letter or email saying the republic as we know it will cease to exist if you don’t send your $20 to XYZ candidate right now. You are being played.

Congress and the Senate have both become so polarized that solutions to our nation’s issues (and they are plentiful) are pushed to the periphery. Or the current strategy – to the courts (they don’t have to campaign). There is no meritocracy of idea’s, there is only “ours” and “theirs” – and each is regularly discarded without regard by the other depending on who holds the gavel.

It is no different right here in Norwalk. There are only 1 set of ideas’ that are presently acceptable. Single party rule – with secrecy, indifference, and contempt for the non-campaign donation voters the rule. Yes, while your opining about the disaster that is DC – take a closer look at your own municipal & state governments. People in glass houses.

The latest Jordan Peele movie, “US”, was a brilliant cinematic treatise on the philosophical question of what and who we fear. Spoiler alert – it is “US”. Pray that our children are not so easily manipulated.

Steve April 19, 2019 at 2:26 pm

President lies to investigators regarding ties to hostile foreign power…no big deal just ignore it. Accept that and it’s hard to accept you’re an American if America isn’t about the rule of
Law and the premise no one above or below than we are nothing

Paul Lanning April 19, 2019 at 2:41 pm

Hey Patrick Cooper….whoah! There’s nothing “partisan” about making note of documented criminal conduct and dishonesty!

Kathleen April 19, 2019 at 9:09 pm

Patrick Cooper, the POVs do not represent elephants vs donkeys but rather folks with integrity who think it’s horribly wrong for a sitting president to MOCK a reporter with a disability. Wrong to be unable to tell the truth about anything. Wrong to put children in cages. Wrong to make life difficult for women and members of the LGBTQ community, many who are serving in the armed forces. These aren’t distractions. These are the actual behaviors of a man who has no empathy or even an ounce of humanity.

Jorge A Torres April 19, 2019 at 9:47 pm

Are you telling me all the Russian meddling was done under Obama (CIA,FBI..) nose and he did nothing

Tysen Canevari April 20, 2019 at 7:03 am

Instead of worrying about Trump all day why doesnt Himes do something useful? How bout helping us with the cost of healthcare. Do something useful. Thats right Jim, you have fully paid insurance on us!

Townie April 20, 2019 at 8:25 am

Russian election meddling started under Obama’s watch. If you remember (or want to) the only action the average American is aware he took against their meddling was to tell them to “stop it”. Hopefully the one thing that many of us can agree on is that Washington, DC has become a swamp. Regardless of your party affiliation, a place where cronyism, hypocrisy, special interests and self preservation is the rule of day. Whatever the branch of government they have created a two tier system…..one very nice one for themselves & their associates and a less favorable, friendly and benevolent one for us. Really folks, ask yourself what the house or senate has done for us lately that has made the little guys life better? Aside from tearing our country apart, pitting you against me, constantly feeding the fire of hatred, what have they done of any significants? No longer do we have a system that will work with each other to meet somewhere in the middle of an issue. No more negotiating from both sides to reach deals, that would provide a little bit for both sides. It’s either “ our way or the highway”. If you don ‘t fully agree with them, you will be labeled.

Pamela Parkington April 20, 2019 at 10:48 am

Jorge-Obama wanted to inform the public about Russian interference but Mitch McConnell nixed that.

Otto-per the Mueller report and integece authorities, yes, the Russians were actively interfering in the election throughout 2016.

JP. Joe April 20, 2019 at 11:49 am

Hey folks, let’s all calm down and deal with civility and respect for our personal opinions and move on. Let’s all remember the law of our country and what we stand for.
We have become the laughing stock of the world.
I’m embarrassed for what other countries think about us.

Steve April 20, 2019 at 3:48 pm

Mitch not here to cheerlead for the Clintons. I think 55 Republicans voted for his impeachment in the Senate and a majority of Republicans did likewise when he lied about his affair in the White House. He wasn’t removed but lost his law license. Hearings after hearing were held regarding HIlary- and if she deserves to be indicted so be it. Jorge as for Obama- he should’ve done more but that’s like blaming the girl for being gang raped because she was in the wrong area and wearing the wrong clothes—it might’ve been foolish but it’s the guys who ganged raped her who are criminals, just as the guy who worked with the Russians and then sought to hide it is a criminal….Whatever the Clinton’s did and are or Obama should’ve done is as relevant as the next time you get caught going 100mph on I95 and you complain that others were speeding too. Have some self-respect

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