Norwalk political notes: Igneri, Kydes, and Nuvance

The YMCA building on West Avenue. No, it’s not being demolished. (John Levin)

NORWALK, Conn. — Some Norwalk political notes for you:

  • Igneri named 6TD commissioner
  • Kydes’ Mayoral campaign continues
  • YMCA announcement falls short

Igneri returns to Sixth Taxing District role

Sixth Taxing District Commissioners Tammy Langalis and Andy Meyerson have appointed John Igneri to serve as their fellow Commissioner, filling the vacancy left by the sudden death of Mike Barbis.

Igneri had served as a Commissioner since 2009 but chose not to run for reelection this fall. Meyerson, an Independent, won the seat.

Langalis, a Republican, commented that the new Commissioner had to be a registered Democrat because Barbis was registered Democrat. There are two years left in the term.

“Thank you for being willing to do that,” Langalis said to Igneri. “And, as chair, I look forward to working with both of you in our very, you know, non-political Sixth Taxing District style, where we try to get things done for our residents.”

Igneri is Norwalk Redevelopment Agency Chairman and a former Common Council member.



Kydes for Mayor

Common Council member John Kydes (D-District C) handily won re-election this fall with 1,814 votes.

He did that while simultaneously keeping an eye on being Mayor in two years. His campaign finance documents show one donation in the third quarter of 2021. Mark Koch of Stamford donated $500.

The campaign had a balance on hand of $15,474.31 at the end of June.



Vonashek misspeaks

In an oops moment, Norwalk Chief of Economic and Community Development Jessica Vonashek recently announced that Norwalk Hospital had pulled a demolition permit for the YMCA building on West Avenue.

She’s had to walk that back.

Vonashek, at the Nov. 4 Common Council Planning Committee meeting, said, “the hospital did pull demo permits for the YMCA building” and the two homes on the property. “That’s one that we’ve all been sort of waiting to move. And I think that that happened probably about four or five weeks ago.”

Norwalk Chief Building Official Bill Ireland subsequently told NancyOnNorwalk that no demolition permit had been pulled.

Vonashek explained that she’d misunderstood something Ireland said.

“They actually just inquired about pulling the demo permit … they never actually move forward,” she said.

But there’s hope.

“The latest I’d heard was that the hospital was interested in potentially selling the site, but they’re not on the market yet. They’re thinking about it,” she said.

Nuvance Health did not respond to an email asking about the situation.

Previous hospital owner Western Connecticut Health Network had pitched a mixed-use development plan for the site, a combination of medical offices and apartments for senior citizens.


4 responses to “Norwalk political notes: Igneri, Kydes, and Nuvance”

  1. Joyce quinlan

    Why not another Norwalk Ymca or a public swimming pool & basketball courts for the Norwalk children . Make it a public community building again . Health clinic , learning center etc Let’s help the youth of Norwalk & families . Dsy care center . It’s so sad .

  2. U rsula Caterbone

    The old WMCA building has two pools and locker rooms with steam rooms and whirlpool baths in addition to the large workout area. It seems a waste not to take advantage of those amenities.

  3. Tysen Canevari

    Maybe one of Harry’s developers can build another high rise apartment building overlooking the fenced in empty lot we called Loehmans plaza for years.

  4. Mack

    Why not use this former YMCA building as a needed annex for the over crowded BOE Central Office, which we have been told is bursting at the waistline with staff.

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