Norwalk political notes: Running for election

Reggie Stokes and Norwalk Public Library Assistant Director Sherelle Harris, Wednesday in City Hall.
The election is Nov. 5.

NORWALK, Conn. – We are seven weeks away from the July nominating conventions for Norwalk’s political parties, and a slate of candidates is beginning to form. Here’s the latest:

  • Harris looks to rejoin Norwalk BoE
  • McQuaid reports 12 candidates have filed papers
  • Newbie District A Dems look to join Common Council
  • District B Dems endorse McQuaid


Harris ready to reenter fray

Former Norwalk Board of Education member Sherelle Harris was endorsed by District B Democrats on Monday as their BoE candidate.

“She is good at what she is doing, she is dedicated to the district and dedicated to kids’ education,” District B Chairman Bobby Burgess said. “She is the right fit for the right time.”

Harris, Norwalk Public Library Assistant Director, served on the Board of Education from 2013 to 2017 and was excluded by then-Chairman Mike Lyons from email communications, along with other minority members, according to court documents.

“I love Norwalk, I love the children,” Harris said Wednesday, declining to comment further on her effort to rejoin the Board.

She would, if elected, replace Erik Anderson, whose attendance has been spotty for the last year. Her election would end cries of an all-white Norwalk Board of Education.




Who’s filed papers?

Town Clerk Rick McQuaid on Tuesday provided NancyOnNorwalk with a list of people who have filed papers to run for elected office. They are:

Council in district – A

  • Kadeem Roberts (D)
  • David Heuvelman (D)


Council in district – B

  • Ernest Dumas (D)


Council in district – D

  • Tom Keegan (R)
  • Carl Dickens (R)


Council at large

  • Glenn Iannacone (R)


Third Taxing District

  • Charles Yost (R)
  • Deborah Goldstein (D)


Town Clerk

  • Rick McQuaid (R)



  • Harry Rilling (D)
  • Lisa Brinton (U)
  • Darnell Crosland (R)


Who was that, again? (Democrats)

So you noticed some new names on that list. Most notably, David Heuvelman and Kadeem Roberts are looking to replace incumbents Eloisa Melendez and Chris Yerinides, who are in the same party.

Yerinides and Melendez declined to comment.

Roberts has run before, forcing a primary two years ago and coming in third behind Melendez and Yerinides. He’s announced his candidacy early via Facebook, on Jan. 22 writing, “2 years ago I ran my first campaign and it was grassroots and a success in many citizens eyes, since then I have done so many great things in my city. Two years later it’s time to get back and give the city of Norwalk something that they have least expected!!!!!! Will he run again? What is he Running For ? ROBERTS2019 yesss.. coming soon.”

“’The journey is just as important as the destination.’ I told my city it’s a marathon, now I’m gearing up to run my Laps!” he wrote May 24.

He’s a lifelong Norwalker now in his 20s, who graduated from Virginia Union University in 2014. He attended law school and then spent time at Fairfield University, seeking a graduate degree in Public Administration; it’s unclear where that stands, as his Facebook page doesn’t say.

Heuvelman is a member of the BoE’s Ad Hoc Special Education Committee and is co-chair of both the Naramake Elementary School Governance Council and Norwalk SpEd Partners. He’s on the Zoning Board of Appeals as an alternate.
Professionally, Heuvelman is Director of Operations at Essay Video LLC, according to his LinkedIn page, which says he does production management and technical direction for the event industry and scenic design and construction for the theater.
“I am a detail oriented, very organized problem solver,” his LinkedIn page states. “Utilizing my knowledge of the many areas of scenic design, technical direction, project management, and site management I am able to plan and execute the production needs of large scale events where coordination of all vendor and client interests funnel through my team. I manage the site from the first day of the install until all equipment is picked up.”

Both are Democratic Town Committee members.

Dumas was appointed to the Council to replace Faye Bowman, who moved out of Norwalk.




Who was that, again? (Republicans)

On the Republican side, both Keegan and Dickson were outed recently as candidates by District D Republican Chairman John Romano.

Keegan is a former member of the Greenwich Police Department and president of the Norwalk Athletic Association, according to his Facebook page. He’s from Greenwich and in his mid-60s.

Dickens is president of Jack Wolf LLC, a media consulting firm.

“Carl is an accomplished Senior Executive with more than 45 years of success spanning TV & Radio, Media, and Branding,” the Jack Wolf website states. “Leveraging extensive experience managing growth and turnarounds, Carl is an invaluable asset for a company encountering a period of stagnant or declining revenue and is seeking operational transformations and process improvements to reduce costs and drive sales as well as profitability. His areas of expertise include new business development, marketing, consulting, talent development, market research, strategic planning, branding, strategic market positioning, and customer relationship management.”

Iannacone should sound familiar, as he is a former BoE member and former Council member.


More on B Dems

Also on the list of candidates are incumbent Council member Darlene Young, David Westmoreland for reelection to the Third Taxing District and Manny Langella, who will seek a Council at large seat.

That’s all according to Burgess, who listed them as among Monday’s endorsements. District B Dems also endorsed Mayor Harry Rilling and McQuaid for reelection, and Dumas.

Langella has sought a Council seat previously, as an in-district candidate.


16 responses to “Norwalk political notes: Running for election”

  1. David Westmoreland

    Nancy, your article incorrectly states that Darlene Young and I are up for re-election to the Third Taxing District, I was re-elected to a five year term to the Second Taxing District in 2017. Darlene Young serves as Treasurer to the Second Taxing District and is up for re-election, as is Commissioner Martha Dumas – both for the Second Taxing District, not the Third.

  2. John Levin

    Save money. Improve turnout. Why aren’t Norwalk’s elections synced with state and federal elections?

  3. DrewT

    Michael Foley (R) is running for Common Council in District C!!!

  4. Stuart Wells

    State/Federal Elections are held in even numbered years and municipal election are held in odd numbered years per state law and long tradition.
    It would require a two-page ballot to accommodate all the candidates for both types of elections at the same time. How would voters have time to consider the candidates for important local races such as common council and board of education if they had to compete for “air time” with a presidential race? That is already a problem and the presidential election is a year away.

  5. Mike Lyons

    Every politician in Norwalk has been ‘excluded’ from some emails by every other politician in Norwalk. Why this obsession on NON’s part with my doing the same thing?

    John Levin, our elections aren’t synced with state / federal elections per the state constitution (and a few hundred years of history). Don’t count on that changing any time soon. 🙂

  6. John E Tobin

    Michael Foley’s name should be on the list as running for District C Common Council.

  7. Piberman

    In our One Party City why where whites make up just 53% of the population why aren’t Democrats seeking more Latino and Black candidates for public office ? Especially amongst Latinos, at 23% our largest minority group, seemingly destined to become a majority in the not too distant future. Similarly why not a greater effort by Democrats to urge more woman candidates for public office.

    Times are a changing !

  8. Paul Lanning

    Election Day needs to be deemed a national holiday.

  9. Piberman

    Should a college degree be a requirement for serving on the BOE ? Should BOE members be held to “higher standards” than our Councilmen and Mayors where there are no requirements at all for securing office other than getting elected.

    1. Bob Welsh


      Sherelle Harris has a B.A. and a masters.

  10. Rick McQuaid

    Mike Foley is a candidate for District C Council was one of the first to file

  11. Bob

    Melendez thinks she’s the next AOC.
    One if bad enough!

  12. James Cahn

    I look forward to all the Mayoral candidates providing their SPECIFIC, ARTICULABLE plan for lowering or even maintaining my tax bill for a defined period of time. Barring that, their SPECIFIC, ARTICULABLE plan for making the value of my property rise significantly enough that I won’t mind the associated tax bill?

    If they don’t have this plan, when will they commit to providing it (with supporting analysis) or saying that they have no intention of development of it?

  13. Piberman

    Mr. Cahn,
    Norwalk Mayoral candidates and Mayors have never pledged to cut property taxes. Or even maintain current levels. Even in Recessions. Danbury manages to provide City services at 30% less per capita than in Norwalk. And Westport is keeping its tax rates unchanged for the 5th year.

    So there’s lots of potential savings here. But Norwalk politics have other interests.

    As far as housing values they’re declining statewide. No surprise given a decade long stagnant economy.
    And major documented Exodus. See Bloomberg’s recent story on the CT Exodus. Higher taxes and lower property taxes are our future. It’s the “CT story”.

  14. Debora Goldstein

    At present, the Democratic party may NOT nominate a candidate to the Third Taxing District Commission seat, for which I am running. Sec. 9-167a of the Connecticut General Statutes does not permit more than two members of the TTD to be from the same party. Those two positions are currently held by Pam Parkington and Johnnie Mae Weldon.

    My candidate paperwork was filed in conjunction with a grassroots petition as an unaffiliated candidate, which is how I am currently registered on the voter file.

    Should the makeup of the TTD change, and the Democratic party wish to cross-endorse my candidacy in July at their convention, I would welcome it. It is my understanding, however, that I could not re-register as a Democrat, or appear on the Democratic party line unless there is a change in the party registrations of the sitting Commissioners that are NOT up for re-election this year.

    In the meantime, I look forward to a respectable challenge to my incumbency from my opponent (should he be endorsed by his party), and to speaking with the voters of the Third Taxing District in East Norwalk about my continued advocacy on their behalf to keep rates low, service reliable and to engage with City productively on the impacts from projects like the Walk Bridge and the East Avenue Lowering/Widening.

  15. Bryan Meek

    I plan to file my paperwork for my re-election bid for District D BOE this Friday after the graduation ceremonies this week. I plan to spend less than $1000 of my own money as I did last time around, so I will not be required to have a treasurer nor all the insane amount of paperwork that goes with it. This is my move to help the environment with less paper literature and also saves Rick from buying another filing cabinet. For those who have already pledged to finance my campaign, instead please make donations to your local PTOs.

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