Norwalk Politics: City gearing up for contested assessments; plans for South Norwalk garden; Republican pow-wow

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NORWALK, Conn. – A potential lawsuit settlement, a number of appointments and an invitation-only Republican gathering are among the recent developments in Norwalk politics.

Mayor Harry Rilling has made five appointments to the Board of Assessment Appeals, membership of which is being bumped up in anticipation of work to be done after the recent property revaluation, according to City Clerk Donna King. Those will be voted on at Tuesday’s council meeting. The appointments are Mary Ellen Barrelle, Donald Overton, Steve Scatamacchia and Kenneth Whitman to be regular members, and Vincent Boccanfuso as an alternate.

Also to be voted on is the appointment of Fire Commissioner Fran Collier-Clemmons to the Fair Rent Commission. Collier-Clemmons has been serving on the Fair Rent Commission as an alternate whose term expired in July. She is being appointed as a regular member.

Lisa Wilson Grant, chairwoman of the Roton Point History Committee, is being appointed to the Historical Commission. Also to be voted on are reappointments: Attorney William Fitzgeralds to the Board of Ethics, Joseph Beggan to the Facilities Construction Commission, Jose Juan Cebrian to the Harbor Management Commission and Lewis Clark to the Water Pollution Control Authority.

Also on the council agenda is an executive session to discuss a settlement in the case of AG Property Group, et al vs the city of Norwalk, et al.

The case was filed in May 2008. The city issued building permits to Andrea Galluzo in 2006 and then rescinded them after construction had begun, according to Findlaw.com. This concerned property on Winfield Street.

NancyOnNorwalk wondered if the potential settlement is part of Rilling’s civility campaign. He said no.

“This is something the law department is working on,” Rilling said in an email. “No reconsideration of any previous discussions.”

Also on the council’s agenda is the purchase of a $75,473 2014 Freightliner step van for the Recreation and Parks department. This is described  in the Recreation, Parks and Cultural Affairs Committee minutes as a rolling wood workshop.

Rec and Parks is looking for authorization to apply for a $91,500 grant to improve the Ina Clark Community Garden in South Norwalk, located on San Vincenzo Place. The city’s matching funds of $43,947 would come from the Farmland Preservation Fee account, the agenda states. The project would include lighting, fencing, a pavilion, tables, benches signage and American Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant paved pathways.

Also, Republicans met Saturday morning as a reintroduction under a changing of the guard, to “get off on the right foot,” Republican Town Committee Chairman Pete Torrano said. In attendance at the invitation-only meeting were council members, state central members and state Rep. Gail Lavielle (R-143), he said.

“Nothing was set in stone,” he said, “just good, solid ideas and discussion. Some (ideas) will be adopted, some will not be adopted.”


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  1. Anonymous

    Let the back door politicking begin.

  2. Been there done that

    Let me see if I have this right, the same guy who said he did nothing as a police captain is now running the republican town committee? The Norwalk Democrats must be thanking their lucky stars.

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