Norwalk Public Schools adds central office staff over Mosby, Murray protests

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Norwalk Public Schools Chief Human Resources Officer Lee Palmer, right, listens to the discussion at Tuesday’s Board of Education meeting.

NORWALK, Conn. – Fears of an unfair hiring process were enunciated by Board of Education member Shirley Mosby Tuesday as she fought the latest move by Superintendent Manny Rivera.

The proposed filling of four new central office staff positions was eventually approved by a majority of board members, as Mosby and Rosa Murray voted against the move, a familiar scenario that has been played out over and over again over the last few months.

Mosby said the process of the hires was wrong, that essentially one person had decided who would get the jobs, that the credentials were weak in at least one case. Murray said money should be going to the schools instead.

The drama included Mosby putting Deputy Superintendent Tony Daddona on the hot seat, asking him to confirm or deny an explanation of process that had been put forward.

Approved for hiring were Robert Dylewski as director of labor relations, Barbara Nielsen and Joseph Rodriguez as human resources specialists and Chris Enriquez Little as recruitment and placement specialist. Dylewski has been serving as human resources officer.

Rivera got approval from the board in June to create the new positions as part of his reorganization plan. But Mosby protested that the normal hiring process had not been followed.

She asked if the process had been the same as was used recently for assistant principals. Chief Human Resources Officer Lee Palmer said it wasn’t because these positions are non-certified. The candidates, who will all work for Palmer, were interviewed by him on the telephone, then by him face to face. They then had a final interview with Palmer and Human Relations Officer Bruce Morris.

“According to Mr. Morris, the process was consistent with the practice for non-certified positions within the district,” Palmer said.

Morris (D-140) is also a four-term incumbent state representative.

“I am not sure if that is all that accurate because following the district, in a sense, when hiring positions there has always been some type of interview committee, we just went through that with the assistant principals. I am just trying to figure out why that process in Norwalk Public Schools was not followed here,” Mosby said.

Morris’ role is that of someone overseeing the process, she said.

“So in a sense, if you take him out of the equation, that means only one person screened these people, interviewed these people, then decided and sent a recommendation over to the superintendent,” Mosby said, “which, to be quite honest, that is not fair to people who have actually applied for these jobs, you know, on the job posting site, and probably have all this experience and only one person was the one who determined.”

“All of these individuals meet the minimum qualifications that are articulated in the job specifications and the job posting,” Palmer said.

“I am not going to sit here and point out people, but some of these people in the resumes do not meet the qualifications,” Mosby said. “… If we are going to be consistent as you keep saying you need to be all around, you can’t just pick and choose when you are using the hiring process.”

Rivera agreed that he had some concerns, but he had asked questions and been satisfied. Palmer leads a small department, Rivera said, adding that he would want control over the staff if he was in Palmer’s position.

Murray said that some of the roles being assigned to the new positions could have been taken up by existing staff. The money should have gone into the schools instead of the central office, she said.

She said she wanted that in the minutes. BoE Chairman Mike Lyons responded with his own comment for the minutes.

“I will note for the record that the board unanimously approved the budget that made these allocations to the central office positions instead of to the schools,” Lyons said. “People are, of course, entitled to change their minds, but this plan was in the strategic plan which the board approved, it’s in the board budget which the board approved. Dr. Rivera is simply carrying out that plan. Personally, I am again pleased to see him not simply putting plans out there and talking in general terms about how he is going to perform and improve operations, but he is actually making it happen with structural changes with new personnel as well as with policies and initiatives.”

“I do believe there are breakdowns and other areas where we need to have a discussion prior to coming to a vote,” Murray replied. “I think that will eliminate these types of discussions we are having now.”

She said she wasn’t talking about micromanaging Rivera.

“I just feel that’s not changing my mind,” Murray said. “… We need to have points in between, check in, look at what is happening, not second-guessing and not micro-managing the superintendent.”

Mosby said she wasn’t changing her mind. The process had not been followed, she said.

BOE member Mike Barbis suggested having a presentation at the next board meeting on the processes involved in hiring by people who have been around long enough to know the history. That brought attention to Daddona.

Mosby asked him to shed some light on the process. Some people laughed as Dadonna got up to march to the lectern.

“In the past, to the best of my knowledge, every position involves one than more person interviewing,” Daddona said.

When he was Norwalk High School principal, he always had a couple of people involved in the process of hiring secretaries, he said. When central office secretaries are hired, when people are hired in the curriculum department, “There are always two or three people involved in the interview process,” he said.

Morris said Wednesday that Daddona’s comments were correct. But there are mitigating circumstances, he said.

“The plan, in terms of administrators, is very clear, but these positions are not administrators in a bargaining unit,” Morris said. “In terms of teachers and non-certified people that we have in the building, however in terms of a process, these are three newly created positions. For example, they are not tied to any unions.”

Palmer had proceeded under the premise that the positions were exempt, Morris said. That was technically correct but not in the spirit of the process, Morris said.

“The spirit of the plan is you would always have a committee, and most importantly, one minority involved on that committee,” Morris said. “… These are basically central office positions that are exempt. Hence, technically, nothing was done wrong. The spirit of the plan was not followed initially, but Mr. Palmer tried his best after the fact to try to at least come through with the spirit of the plan.”

Everyone but Mosby and Murray voted for Dylewski. Heidi Keyes, Jack Chiaramonte, Barbis and Lyons voted for Nielsen, Rodriguez and Enriquez Little; Mosby and Murray voted no. Sherelle Harris abstained. Migdalia Rivas was not at the meeting.


40 responses to “Norwalk Public Schools adds central office staff over Mosby, Murray protests”

  1. Jody Sattler

    Has Shirley Mosby voted yes for any motion since she has been on the board? My observation is that she would like to table every decision until she can micromanage this district to a full stand still. When professionals are hired to do a job and run a department, they need to have the ability to hire a staff. We need the central office staff positions filled so Dr.Rivera can focus on educating our students, not daily administrative duties. I’m happy to see he is getting some staff to help him continue his progress of a better education for Norwalk students.

  2. John Hamlin

    Ms Mosby votes for the budget and the plan allocating funding for these new central office positions, and then at this meeting complains that this money, which she already voted to allocate to a plan she voted to approve, should be spent on the schools, as opposed to the plan and expenditure for the central office. I hope she clarified that she was criticizing herself.

  3. Oldtimer

    Reading carefully, it seem that Ms Mosby’s complaint is mostly that the selection process was improper. She is objecting to how it was done. Based on what she sees as improper selection process, she thinks the money might better have been sent elsewhere, even though she approved the budget item when she expected the process would be better.

    1. Mark Chapman


      I think I m seeing a trend here. Once again people are confusing the black women on the board. Ms. Mosby stated that she objected to the process that, she said, may have resulted in inferior candidates being chosen. She was not quoted, nor did she say on the video, that she objected to where the money was being spent. Rosa Murray objected to spending the money that had been approved in the reorganization plan and the budget, and said she would prefer to spend it in the schools instead of in the office. Different people, different reasons for their vote.

  4. Don’t Panic

    Failing to follow the typically hiring process for HR hires is problematic. Their very first exposure to the hiring process that they will then have to administer is an exception and their example. It may lead to sloppy hiring processes going forward.
    It’s good to have a plan, and to follow a plan, but the plan is not the goal–results are. I had my reservations when I read Dr. Rivera’s work history–it did not read to me as a record of accomplishments, but a record of hopping from one location to another and leaving before all the changes had had a chance to play out. I hope the Board is mindful that change for change’s sake is not the goal here, because these are mighty expensive changes.
    No board member should be vilified for doing their due diligence, even if out-voted. Asking questions is healthy and should help the full board clarify their position and make sure that nothing is overlooked.

  5. Bruce Kimmel

    As chair of the Common Council’s finance committee, I would like to state that the Council — and I believe the Board of Estimate — discussed these positions with the BOE during last winter’s budget debate. We would have been surprised, and somewhat perplexed if not angry, if the funds were used differently.

  6. One and Done.

    Lost in the noise of the Maury Povich show was that we just spent another $3 million a year on 15 positions, 10 of which are only 10 month positions, that don’t actually teach students.
    It had better improve things. Judge for yourself, but looking at these resumes loaded with degrees from second rate state colleges one can only hope there are intangibles not showing.
    Looking at the salaries, education, and work history clearly has me convinced I picked the wrong line of work. I know people with stronger pedigrees working on Wall St 80 hours a week who don’t make this kind of coin.

  7. piberman

    Is the “real story” here that the BOE hired new staff or that two of Norwalk’s newest “media stars” objected ? Maybe its time to focus on BOE decisions not those who oppose.

  8. MarjorieM

    The “real story” is that we need to hire the best candidates through a process of posting, advertising as an equal opportunity employer, interviewing candidates (plural) with a committee, and recommending for hiring. That is what is real and fair as an equal opportuniy employer!

  9. Suzanne

    It is hard to believe that Superintendent Rivera would choose sub-standard employees to work in Norwalk Schools. This is what people are expressing or doubting based on qualifications/resumes not meeting, according to Ms. Mosby, the posted guidelines. Why would Mr. Rivera choose anyone less than excellent to work with him or another department head? It doesn’t make any sense and second guessing the interview process during which time Mr. Rivera addressed the candidates in addition to the head of HR, instead of going to endless committee questions and interviews, is the right thing to do. (The fictitious committee is not going to be working with the appointees nor are they going to be able to ascertain the best “fit” for a given department.)

  10. Tim D

    @ One and done – before knocking the so called second rate colleges and qualifications ask yourself: would you want to work with/for any of these people that sit on this board? indirectly or not. Including Bruce Morris.

    Think about this: Someone may have chosen a second rate college because that’s all they could afford.

  11. MarjorieM

    ‘Some people laughed as Dadonna got up to march to the lectern.” Could someone please explain (1) why there were people laughing and (2)why it was necessary to report this on a news blog? This line seemed out of place, and quite frankly startled me since there was no explanation for the reader.

    1. @MarjorieM
      I believe they laughed because he was being put on the spot. I do not believe that anyone was laughing at Ms. Mosby. If you watch the video you see that she smiled, too.

  12. One and Done.

    I went to the same second rate colleges and there is nothing wrong with them. But they are not top tier. However, they are drawing top tier salaries for a 10 month job. Education majors are among the easiest degrees too. This is a fake market and by paying these high salaries we are stealing in other areas from our community. God help us if it doesn’t work out. Then what? Just raise taxes to pay for the next feel good, unproven idea? Throwing more money at the situation isn’t going to improve it. You think we’d have learned our lesson by now, but it looks like were staring down the same old rabbit hole here.

  13. MarjorieM

    Thank you, Nancy.

    Suzanne, you obviously have complete faith in this superintendent. I hope you have read about Manny Rivera’s past history of hiring friends for high paying jobs and then leaving the district after two or three years. The district is then stuck with the people and their high paying jobs. Check out the complaints from Rochester, NY.

  14. M. Murray’s

    Majority vote. Simple as that

  15. Suzanne

    MarjorieM, I did read the complete history of Mr. Rivera before he was appointed. I, too, was concerned about his record. However, for these employees specifically, there is nothing to indicate he knew them before the interview process. There is no buddy system going on here as far as I can tell.
    I still think this is a non-issue – interviews are to assess whether the employee is outstanding in his/her respective field and whether they would create part of a good team to complete assigned work. The amount of time already spent on this anas d Ms. Mosby’s objections are not well-founded. She did not even know the “correct process” to which she ascribed Mr. Rivera and the head of HR at fault.
    Great press for her but beside the point, I think. For the amount of time worrying and spent writing on Nancy on Norwalk, these approved employees could be hired and finished orientation.

  16. piberman

    Interesting how the Hour reported on the 18 new positions in the NPSS while NON focused attention on dissenting BOE members. Do dissenting BOE members now have a forum in NON when they appear to be the same individuals ? Will NON now routinely publish BOE roll call votes ? Are dissents now more important than majority decisions ?

    1. Mark Chapman


      The four new positions were reported on. Those were the ones that engendered discussion. Many of the other 14 or so positions were not new, they were new hires for existing positions, passed as part of the consent agenda without discussion. I suggest perhaps you should stick with The Hour if the “shining a light on Norwalk’s government” and the “letting taxpayers know how their elected and appointed officials are behaving” in the name of those taxpayers bothers you. After all, that is our mission statement and what sets us apart from the traditional newspapers. We believe people have a right to see who is doing what and how they are doing it, so they can use that information to inform their voting habits. Our growing readership seems to think that is important. But, like people say, if you don’t like the program, change the channel.

  17. Chuck

    Check your numbers and the Why behind your story @Mark. The majority of the 18 positions are new, 8 or 9 administrative site directors at the grammar schools? New The 4 Human resource positions are a not new but a re-org.

    Mosby wasn’t endorsed by the Union for nothing, she only had issue with the 4 non-union positions but not the 8 or 9 positions that added to the NASA membership.

    The human resource department in the Norwalk school system has been a mess for over a decade, now someone competent, with 4 of his own people in charge.

    The unions already had Murray and Rivas voting their way. Mosby wasn’t endorsed by the Union for nothing.

    They are pretending this is about kids and taxpayers, this is all about adults.

    1. Mark Chapman


      Your are correct, and we apologize for getting that one wrong. But the controversy was over the four non-certified hires. We will check further, but it seems the other positions you rightly refer to are certified, and would have gone through the normal interview process. Ms. Mosby’s stated objections were to the process not being followed for the non-certified hires. Rosa Murray objected to the money being spent on the pre-approved positions.

  18. YankeeC

    Marj, what is your beef with Rivera?

  19. MarjorieM

    Yankee C, that is off topic. I learned my lesson not to start an off topic discussion. Others get annoyed. I state what I believe for each topic. That’s all.

  20. Bill

    Wait till you see what Ms. Mosby’s brother makes as a janitor…it is disgusting how little we care about children’s education and so much about bloated salaries for people who actually need an education.

  21. Conflict of Interest

    In most places, it is considered a conflict of interest for a board to be involved in any decision making or even in any discussions that might affect a board member or relatives of a board member, and the board member should recuse herself by leaving the room during the discussion. How is it that Ms Mosbey is allowed to participate in (actually, initiate and lead) discussions/debates about the custodians, when her brother’s livelihood is clearly affected by any board decisions? Outside board meetings, she has the same right that any citizen has to express her opinions, but within board of education discussions, she doesn’t.

  22. Chuck

    Mosby complained about the process @Mark yes. She is a selective process complainer doesn’t it seem? Or she should have excused herself from the process when the custodian contract was discussed in executive sessions.

    Murray complained about the money being spent on the pre-approved positions,@Mark yes. But only the 4 non-union re-org pre-approved Human Resource positions, not the $1,000,000+/- of new NASA members.

    A competent, staffed Human Resource department that evaluates staff and doesn’t let files go missing?

    The unions didn’t endorse Mosby and friends for nothing.

  23. Norewalk Lifer

    @MarjorieM, Thank you, that was enlighting, and Mr. Rivera added 6 positions that total 4.5 million?

    The article also points to the fatigue and frustration that the parents exhibited during this period.

    240k for catering services for central office, while Rivera was superintendent?

    No, we don’t need another “GiGI Got Rocks” City hall bureaucrat in this town.

    I want to see the Norwalk School System rating “RISE” before we invest any more money in this central office comedy,

    Ms. Mosby’s dissent is right and just, and others can cluck and crow about the “racism, racism, racism, I’ll pull out his hair by the white roots, the girl who cried black” little comedic past time that the “adults” in this town seem to LOVE to engage, three weeks before the school year starts.

    I’d rather focus on how my money, is helping kids in this town, instead of listening to the braying of belligerent bellicose bullhorns that seem to enjoy ripping at the underbelly of someone who is trying to keep our education system whole and intact, BEYOND, the tenure of Rivera.

    I am more and more very skeptical of the constant affirmations that “a lot of good” has been done under Rivera and Lyons.

    Norwalk Lifer

  24. MarjorieM

    Norwalk Lifer, I agree. Are the Chiarmontes and the Lyons types distracting us from the real issues? If everyone is talking about “the girl who cried Black” then no one notices all the money being spent. Let’s have a serious discussion about the money and the appointments being made…..and how they are being made. NoN? How about “the other story?”

  25. Yankee Clipper

    Are you kidding me? Mosby doesn’t know a credit from a debit! You think she is going to keep spending under control? She just wants to get her friends jobs … that’s why she is complaining about the process.

  26. Ziggy Stardust


    YES!!!!! THAT’S. IT! You saw right through it all MarjorieM! Boy, oh boy are we all stupid for not having MarjorieM’s insight. Lyon’s and Chiaramonte threw us all a red herring with “the girl who cried black” to detract us from seeing the money they spent for positions that were discussed and approved months ago at budget, common council and BET MEETINGS! It’s really a good thing for them Shirley Mosby called them all Racists so they could reply with “the girl who cried Black” to distract us! Yes siree MarjorieM, your just way too smart to let them get by you. With analytic insight like yours, have you considered changing your MarjorieM name to ‘Super Slueth’?

    This goes for you too Norwalk Lifer! Another Brainiac ( BTW, the correct way to spell your name Norewalk Lifer, is Norwalk Lifer.)


    This comment was edited to remove a superfluous and gratuitous racial reference.

  27. MarjorieM

    @ Ziggy, Another name caller! The fact is this superintendent is trying to clone Rochester. His spending patterns, the additions to central office and his programs sure sound identical. The fact is there are published articles to support these statements. Why are the news media folks not reporting these facts as headlines? Next we will see Norwalk renamed Rochester, Part II. Sorry, Norwalk is not Rochester, but we have fruity people who think it should be.
    Stay educated on the facts, Ziggy. Read the articles and stop name calling. I could offer to take your IQ and compare it to mine, but I wouldn’t want to embarrass you.

  28. Suzanne

    Marjorie M, While I appreciate your focus on educating children, I have to believe at the same time that those who hired Mr. Rivera were well aware of his background.
    It is good to be a “watch dog” and keep the administration on their toes but I do believe it is unlikely Mr. Rivera will be able to repeat his Rochester experience here (what is known of it.) (It’s that expression, “You fool me once, shame on you. You fool me twice,shame on me.”)
    Unfortunately, Ms’s Mosby and Murray are not great watchdogs in this case. They have already jeopardized their credibility on a number of different levels. While their cautions may be legitimate, their presentation of their concerns was limited and incompetent(they did not know the process by which these people were hired and, yet, objected to it.)
    The thing is, in this brief period since Dr. Rivera took the helm when massive changes are expected and instant results seen in childrens’ education progress, I believe some progress and improvement has been made anyway (you are welcome to correct me on this.) Change of this nature, however, takes time.
    While these administrative jobs, approved for hire by Council and BOE, may be necessary to the overall function of the school district, is this organization, responsible for teaching children, actually effectively assisting the teaching of children and doing it well?
    Given the state of what little I know about what Mr. Rivera found here, it is going to take time. I don’t doubt his sincerity, his capability, his knowledge and the support he needs to make change happen OVER TIME.
    Rather than panic at every word with which you disagree, it might be wise to step back and gain a bit of perspective. This big education machine needs support and a constant reminder it is going in the right direction – for the kids.

  29. Norewalk Lifer

    Dear Suzanne:

    While I agree in principal with what you say, I also see that there is no discussion of timelines for improvement.
    What does it take to analyze the roadmaps proposed by BOE, and determine if there is a probability of success or the trade offs weigh heavily in the negative?
    Of course, there are many positive attributes to Mr. Rivera’s resume, but let’s face it, after Sal Corda, and the last superintendent, the bar was quite low.
    To me, given the diversity, and the lack of support this BOE appears to have for teachers, thru polemics (i.e., the public fighting with the unions), weigh negatively in their favor.
    Citing the budgetary struggles of Norwalk’s Education system at every impasse, does not support the kind of announcement this board just made, unless there is a missing bit of information, it would seem cavalier to me to create and/or fill positions until the clear deliverables of those positions are known, with timing, and metrics.
    Without that, you have a window shopping board enamored of a super who has credentials that are good, but not necessarily supportive of a blind allegiance to requests.
    Check and balance is always good, I agree when it’s objective, it’s the most productive.
    But even with the acrimony of personal slights, constant calls for self correction on the part of individuals, I’ll take what little check and balance we see on this board.
    Never forget, under Mr. Corda’s stewardship, there was a fractious and contentious board also, many of those good people just moved on, after a while, you get numb to the sensationalism,

    Norwalk Lifer

  30. Chuck

    Union members or spouses of union members @MarjorieM and @NorewalkLifer, change is hard and uncomfortable. Understood.

    As is having a competent, effective Human Resource department uncomfortable.

    As is having a competent, effective Superintendent and Board chair uncomfortable.

    And making things uncomfortable is how Unions try to get things back to the the way the Unions like them, under their control.

    If Human Resource hires were Union shoeins, there would be no complaints about the process.

    The Unions didn’t endorse Mosby and friends for nothing.

  31. Norewalk Lifer

    I am not the spouse nor a member of a union

  32. Ziggy Stardust

    Not name calling, just telling it like it is. BTW, what is “fruity people”? Are these people who have an affection for kiwi’s and kumquat’s or might you just be calling them names? If it is the latter, then being a lover of fruit, I am offended! What are you going to attack next? My veggie’s? Don’t even go there Marj!! And if you are anti-fruit, why do you keep posting such lemons???
    Aside from that, you tell me to “Stay educated on the facts”. Hmmm, OK, let’s look at the facts. For your better comprehension, I’ll even capitalize key words for you. I know I need not due this due to your ‘high IQ’, but it might help people like Norwalk Lifer.(Note: I spelled your name correctly. Norwalk is spelled N-O-R-W-A-L-K, not Norewalk. It’s hard to take your comments seriously when you can even spell your screen name correctly. Also, please be advised that ‘farm’ is NOT spelled e-I-e-I-o). So, back to the facts:

    The superintendent proposed the reorganization at Central Office and new positions many, many months ago. They were ultimately APPROVED BY THE BOARD after many PUBLIC HEARINGS & REPORTED IN THE PRESS.
    The BET ALSO APPROVED the proposal.
    All this was, of course, was REPORTED IN THE PRESS.
    So after all these approvals & press, when the superintendent actually follows through with the APPROVED PLAN TO HIRE, that’s the moment MOSBY & COMPANY FINALLY DECIDE TO SPEAK UP AT THE LAST POSSIBLE MOMENT. Oh that’s right, Mosby said Dr. Rivera and the board was hiding it from them (Mosby, Rivas & Murray). They sure did a great job hiding it from them in the minutes, video taped meetings, council meetings, BET meetings, the blogs and the press! How did they pull that off? Ingenious!!!! They hid it right out in the open where they’d never look!!! Remember, Mosby & Co. must be conspiracy theorists because they’d never look in the obvious places. She didn’t see what has been in front of them all along, so the Board must be racist!
    MarjorieM & Norwalk Lifer have posted that the “Girl who cried black” comment was merely a diversion, a red herring, to hide the hiring of these new positions. Their thinking is while we are all talking about the comment, Lyons, Chiaramonte and the rest of the board could covertly make these hires. WOW!!! I have to give praise to Lyons & Chiaramonte for coming up with such a devious and complex plan. Hmmm, they are just so smart, but I still can’t figure out how they were able to get Mosby to make PUBLIC RACIST ACCUSATIONS at them, so that ONLY THEN WERE THEY ABLE TO REPLY with the ‘girl who cried black’ comment. Thus, create the diversion! Lyons & Chiaramonte are geniuses! Except they made one major mistake. They should of actually committed all those racist accusations Mosby said they did, so that no one would question why she made such ALLEGATIONS WITHOUT ANY PROOF to begin with. But Shirley Mosby did MAKE RACIST ACCUSATIONS WITHOUT ANY PROOF. Thus, Chiaramonte’s comment is TRUE. They would of gotten away with it, if it weren’t for those meddling kids, MarjorieM & Norwalk lifer! I’m sure Scooby Doo is proud of you both for solving this caper.
    (Note to MarjorieM: You’re IQ is not measured by your shoe size, but then again, maybe yours is.)

  33. Suzanne

    While the union(s) are influential in the process and that is part of what seems to go on here in CT as a whole, I would suggest that, for the sake of a better educational system in Norwalk, and God knows we need it especially at the middle school and high school level(which always seems to be missing from these conversations – why is that?), let the process go where it may but keep the pronouncements of this or that perceived slight to a minimum.
    Make it a personnel problem and treat it privately – that is where Ms’s Mosby and Murray do not seem to consider their positions and their purpose there on the board – for SCHOOL CHILDREN and not for a civil rights movement, real or not. (I do not devalue these and feel they are appropriate. Just don’t sacrifice children’s brains for the objective.)
    These positions were evaluated and approved long before there was this approval for the new hires. I would imagine and I am sure there was some justification for them other than “window shopping.” If an enamored BOE allows the administration to become the large head of a giant snake with direct education benefits ignored, I would agree with you Norwalk Lifer.
    But that is not what appears to be happening.
    Waiting for “metrics” and outcomes when, by what you say, Mr. Corda left a gutted administrative department would seem to imply that these new hires were necessary. I can’t imagine any of these hard working individuals slogging through the realities of this Board have any rainbows in their heads about that.
    So, it’s the chicken or the egg. Do we wait until we see results or do we get the results through better administrative practice? The BOE has chosen the latter. That people object to this, so be it.
    I would suggest that no one really knows the outcome with Mr. Rivera and friends, they have barely begun to unravel a broken system, and I don’t know what accountability there is for that.
    I would also suggest that changing how children learn and the time that takes, takes time. Whatever the outcomes, I hope there is consideration for that and every ounce of effort by the Board and the Administration goes in that direction.

  34. One and Done.

    As long as society continues to pay above market wages for labor that fair competition will support, someone is going to lose out. We have rigged the system for these public sector unions and it has decimated the fabric of this country. We have created the conditions in the market place that have caused the shortage of engineers that have seen the good companies move overseas and take the jobs with them. States like CT will circle the drain faster because we are ahead of the curve on paying exorbitant salaries to education majors from second rate state colleges. Some won’t like hearing this truth. But the truth is, the system is unsustainable and no real measures have been taken by this new administration to put a halt to any of it. I could swallow paying these salaries if there were at least some plan to show how eventually we are going to save some money and the cost curve will start to bend down. That it isn’t even mentioned in any of the conversations tells me that it is still part of the same old land grab to steal value out of our home valuations to line their pockets.

  35. Norewalk Lifer

    Dear Suzanne:

    I am in agreement somewhat, but we can’t continue to allow those in positions of influence to use the past as their hitching post; fair enough they have not been in a position of influence long enough, but since 2010, we have had two superintendents, and I would argue results should be appearing in the near future, in the form of higher school ratings.

    We are not seeing this, so let’s lay out a plan to check the progress in the school systems in Norwalk that is fair and equitable to all, and let them do their jobs, if we do not see results, then it should be allowable to challenge the means and methods they put in place, without rancor, without stonewalling, without extraneous causes, without any view but an objective one.

    Businesses do this, sure there are politics, but let the bottom line get effected, (and the stakeholders notwithstanding) and the politics change.

    Norwalk Lifer

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