Norwalk Public Schools name special ed administrator, facilities chief

NORWALK, Conn. – Christine M. Fensore, Norwalk Public Schools’ special education administrator for Pre-K through grade 5 since August 2012, has been promoted to the school system’s director of special education.

Her appointment was announced at Tuesday night’s Board of Education meeting.

Also announced was the appointment of William A. Hodel as director of facilities for NPS. He replaces Mark Gorian, whose employment ended in October when he was accused of insubordination and willful misconduct, according to published reports.

According to her resume, Fensore, of Monroe, earned her BS in special education in 1995 at Southern Connecticut State University, and was awarded her master’s degree in special ed in 2005 from the same institution. In 2010, she earned her certification in educational leadership, also from SCSU.

Fensore spent three years as a special education teacher at Bradley Elementary in Derby before moving on to Fawn Hollow Elementary in Monroe from 1999 to 2004, teaching grades 3 and 4. That was followed by a move to Killingworth schools, where she taught special education at the K-2 level for 2 ½ years before taking over as pupil service instructional specialist for Preschool through grade 12 from 2007 to 2012.

Hodel, who lives in Stamford, has been involved in property and building management since 2000, including three years (2004-2007) in Norwalk as senior property manager for two Class A office park portfolios, according to his resume. Tenants included Xerox Global Headquarters, GE Commercial Finance Headquarters, Hewitt Headquarters and Diageo North America Headquarters.

Most recently, Hodel was vice president for property management for Swig Equities LLC in New York City, directing operations in a multi-building Class A portfolio totaling about 2 million square feet for more than 150 tenants.


3 responses to “Norwalk Public Schools name special ed administrator, facilities chief”

  1. piberman

    Reportedly education takes place in the classroom. At a reported $144k for a new literacy administrator that’s equal to 3 new teachers or 2 experienced ones. Pretty rich considering Norwalk’s median household income is just about $70k. Then again with teachers 5th highest paid in the state can administrators be far behind ?

  2. Lifelong Teacher

    BERMAN: Just.. Cannot. Stop. This article had nothing at all to do with teacher salaries or a new position! Give it a rest.

    Ms. Fensore has accepted a job that is thankless anywhere, but most especially here in Norwalk. She is dedicated to protecting those most vulnerable, showing respect to them and their families. We don’t see that very often in our city. She stepped in, when asked, to take over a department that has been in shambles for decades.

    We need competent SpEd supervisors, consistent policies throughout the district (that building administrators must follow), real in district programs for behavioral issues and children on the autism spectrum, and fair ways of allocating staff. What had been happening for so long is just wrong – and it goes right down the economic or color line.

    She will need backup from Rivera and the board. Let’s hope it is there.

  3. piberman

    To Lifelong Teacher:

    Sorry but the primary obligation of local government is providing services affordable to the community.
    With median family household incomes of jsut around $70,000 Norwalk needs affordable administrators. Is it really true that competent school administrators can only be hired at $140,000 ?
    Many work for less, sometimes much less, in other communities around the state with incomes similar to Norwalk. Does Norwalk really get “fair value” for the 5th highest paid teachers in the state ? Even Bruce Mellion doesn’t make that claim. Does it get “fair value” for its high paid school administrators ? Even the administrators union chief doesn’t make that claim. So why do you protest anyone who challenges pay scales of school employees well above the community’s affordability ?
    Especially when they most live outside Norwalk to avoid the punitive taxe needed to pay their excessive salaries ?

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