Norwalk Republican: I signed loyalty oath

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Common Councilman Fred Bondi (R-At Large) said, “They just wanted me to put it in writing that I would support the ticket and the mayor.”

NORWALK, Conn. – A Norwalk Republican was forced to sign a loyalty oath before being endorsed as a candidate for constable at the Republican Convention in July, he said.

“Art Scialabba said ‘you have to write out on a piece of paper that you have loyalty to Mayor (Richard) Moccia and the Republican ticket,’” said Common Councilman Fred Bondi (R-At Large), a former Democrat, who is not running for re-election to the council.

Scialabba, the Republican Town Committee chairman, did not return a request for comment.

Bondi said he was the only one forced to affirm his loyalty, and he was offended.

“It was weird but they made me do it before they would give me the nomination,” he said. “I’ve been in city politics for 28 years and that’s the first time either party asked me to write a loyalty letter. I don’t understand it because I have been very faithful for the mayor.”

His son ran for town clerk two years ago as an independent but Bondi said he didn’t support him, and never went out and campaigned for him, he said. Democrats Michael Geake and Bruce Kimmel won Republican endorsements without signing a loyalty oath, he said. Both Geake and Kimmel left the Democratic caucus and joined the Republicans after being elected as Democrats.

Kimmel commented derisively in an opinion piece on this site about the Democratic Town Committee asking its mayoral hopefuls to sign what was characterized as a loyalty oath  last spring. Several commentors ridiculed the Democrats for the oath, and three of the four mayoral candidates, including eventual nominee Harry Rilling, refused to sign it.

Bondi said sometimes he voted along party lines against his own wishes.

“My philosophy is I want to vote for what the people want,” he said. “You can’t do that all the time even though you want to do it that way.”


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  1. Norwalk Lifer

    Opportunistic revelation, timely isn’t it?

    They are stink in my opinion

    Norwalk Lifer

  2. Mike Rotch

    How about loyalty to the taxpayer! WTF!

  3. Vigilant

    Is this all that different from the off-line conditions the Mayor apparently places on some people who want to be appointed or reappointed to boards and commissions? Maybe part of Scialabba’s plan. And we wonder why people don’t bother to vote. Democracy in action, business as usual.

  4. M Allen

    A loyalty oath? Is that enforceable? By anyone but Satan?
    Joke of an issue. Joke of a story. And yeah, it was a joke back when the Democratic mayoral candidates were called out for it as well.

  5. Mike Mushak

    How ironic, that the GOP made such a stink about it when Dems did it (“shocking!” as Dave McCarthy loves to say) but now they are doing it themselves. File this under “two-faced hypocrites”. Shocking!

  6. Oldtimer

    Water street flooding has been an issue for many years. There have been other studies and some work was done a few years ago, but nothing ever helped much. A study delivered a year ago and Alvord claims he hasn’t seen it is literally unbelievable. Decent maintenance on the existing storm drain system, with or without gates, would probably help. Any anti backflow gates I have ever seen require a lot of maintenance to keep them working. Unless Tighe has found something new, I don’t expect a one time cleaning with tide gates would solve anything for long.

  7. Mary

    Hey oldtimer, guess you are getting old. Wrong thread. lol But interesting points and perspective, as always.

    “Bondi said sometimes he voted along party lines against his own wishes.” Well there we have it, in black and white. No sense in gathering information on issues, digging through data and speaking to constituents, than, making rational choices after debating, based on facts. Just do what Art says. Geesh. Do these folks, really, believe Art is some kind of genius power broker, behind the curtain, busily throwing levers and switches? News flash, he isn’t. He just knows how to manipulate, poorly at that and without any class, one might add. Anyway, thank you, Fred, for your long and for the most part distinguished public service. And your continued involvement and service. Perhaps, with time, we all see our errors, if our,(real), friends don’t point them out. So why did pops not support son anyway? Perhaps its family business not politics and not something to share in public however, as an earlier commenter stated, inquiring minds want to know. We still love you and always will Fred, even grumpy Fred. LOl.

  8. LWitherspoon

    What political value does the loyalty of a constable have? What does a constable do and are they compensated? There must be more to this story. What was the text of the oath? Did the oath refer to principles, or was it more of a cross-endorsement? I.E. you can run on our ticket but you need to agree not to endorse our opponents?
    Loyalty oaths, if that’s what this was, are not appropriate as they may obligate the officeholder to act in a political party’s interests rather than the taxpayers’ interests.

  9. Same as the DEMOCRATS who also have a loyalty oath

  10. M Allen

    @LW – I’ll say first that I have no idea what could have been in the text of any of these “loyalty oaths” but I’ll go out on a low-lying limb here and say there isn’t anything contractually obligating anyone to hold to such an oath. It’s pretty much nothing more than “I promise, really I do, that I will… (fill in the blank)”. I could make the case that there is already an unspoken agreement between candidates and their respective parties which is just as binding as any oath. By accepting the support of the party, a candidate is agreeing to generally represent party principles. Otherwise why be part of that party to begin with? But the concept of an oath is utter hogwash. I’m not sure what I look down more on: those requiring an oath as a measure of gaining some perceived sense of loyalty or those willing to sign one in the first place.

  11. R(obot) TC

    Loyalty, to the mayor and the republican party.This is hypocritical and a debacle of epic proportions.

    I thought the boogeyman flier that RTC released was awful. However, making someone sign a loyalty oath to the mayor is painful.

    That was just cruel and sadistic!

    How about signing a loyalty to defend religious freedom and equality for all men and women.

    Thank You, Fred Bondi for bringing this matter the light.

  12. Hey ROBOT,
    Direct the SAME COMMENT to the DEMOCRATs as well –


  14. M Allen

    Nancy: Could you provide any insight as to why Mr. Bondi put this information out to you and the public? I imagine you would have asked in order to dig out more details, but seeing it was not answered in the story makes me wonder about his underlying motivations.
    Also, does this revelation hereby breach his oath? And what are the ramifications of said breach? If he wins election, will we be able to coount on his duties in the town Constabulary knowing that oaths are something meant to be broken? I’m now very troubled.

    (Editor’s note: Over the course of each day we receive tips, anonymous and not, about things that are happening. Some are of little consequence, many lead to nothing substantial or verifiable, and some are worth following up. This holds true for media everywhere, every day. Editors make decisions on what to follow. In our case, with a mission to cover government and, in the process, expose waste, malfeasance, and bad behavior, hypocrisy is something we follow, along with lies and distortions. We reported heavily on the Democratic loyalty oaths mayoral candidates were asked to sign, and many Democrats were not happy about that reporting. The Dems took a lot of fire from the right, especially from our commentors, over the oath. So when we heard that Mr. Bondi was asked to sign one before he would be nominated by the Republicans, our hypocrisy alarm went off. We asked him, and he told us about it. He was not happy, especially about being singled out. As for any violation, I don’t imagine complaining publicly about the oath itself is showing disloyalty to the mayor and the Republicans. Even if it did, these politically-motivated oaths are garbage — they were garbage when the Democrats pushed them, and they are garbage when Republicans push them. The only political oaths that count are to the country and to the people you are elected to serve. To push a political oath on someone is to put partisanship above honesty, and that does not fly here.)

  15. Suzanne

    “My philosophy is I want to vote for what the people want,” he said. “You can’t do that all the time even though you want to do it that way.” Even if the oaths are considered “garbage”, they, in fact, seem to sway the votes of some officials. Therefore, this type of seemingly superficial document is important to eliminate from the governance process: as M Allen points out, principles are allied already by virtue of a chosen party participation. Beyond that, it is public service. Somehow, though, I feel like the childish antics of leadership, all of these “pinky promises”, is just so much detritus on the governance playground. Everyone needs to grow up, quick the squirreling around and get back to the constituency, their concerns, the people they serve. I mean, honestly!!!!

  16. LWitherspoon

    @M Allen
    I agree the oaths are likely unenforceable, but if the oath is signed by a person who cares about keeping his word then it does potentially set up a conflict between the signee keeping his word and doing what’s best for the taxpayer.
    I think it’s interesting that there’s a lot of indignation about the oath, but nobody can explain what a constable does or how he would do it in a manner that shows loyalty to the Mayor and the Republican party.

  17. Don’t Panic

    They serve legal papers and participate in legal evictions. They are allowed to charge a fee for their services.

  18. Desperate Story

    Wow, this is a one really desperate post. A guy who’s not even running. How about something on State of Connecticut Governors race in 2014. At least that will be relevant at some point. It’s been interesting to watch the rhetoric ramp on NON as the election draws nearer. And it’s clearly anti-one side. Keep it going at this rate you’ll have the same 2 or 3 commentators talking to themselves. Mushak will be able to out write “Poor Fellow My Country”.

    (Editor’s note: Mr. Bondi is running for constable. That is why they made him sign an oath.)

  19. The Deal

    No wonder Norwalk is the laughing stock of the region.

  20. Tim T

    The reason Bondi was asked to sign the oath and not the others is simple. He’s a flip flopper. First he’s a dem then a Republican much like the flip flopper’s that claim to be democrats… See no one like a flip flopper. Also let us not forget Rilling claims he was a dem before he was police consultant, but then left the democrat party, only to become a dem when the carpetbagger decided to run for mayor.

  21. M Allen

    @ Nancy – thank you for clarifying that it was a tip is that led you to this bit of information. That little detail was missing from the story and coupled with the title could lead a reader to believe that Mr. Bondi was the one to bring this to your attention.

  22. McKeen Shanogg

    This all goes back to Ronald the Actor Reagan. First he was a union president and then he flip-flopped to become a big Republican union buster. He is the one that started this loyalty business — no Republican should criticize any other Republican.

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