Norwalk Republicans are on the move

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Representing Norwalk’s 10,000 registered Republicans, there is new energy at the Norwalk Republican Town Committee (RTC). New leadership, updated By-Laws, new outreach plus new members are creating new momentum!

In the past three months we:

  • Co-sponsored a rally outside City Hall with CT 169 Strong to keep Norwalk control over Norwalk land use decisions (a success – the State bills threatening this were defeated!)
  • Issued a statement of support for Juneteenth, the new federal holiday commemorating the end of slavery.
  • Reached out to the newly forming Norwalk Independent Party to find ways to work together.
  • Invited the Log Cabin (LGBTQ+) Republican organization to speak to us.

We are currently assembling a dynamic slate of candidates for the Municipal elections this November.

As we head into the November election season, we continue to strongly support policies that we believe will make Norwalk a better place:

Keep our property taxes low. Property taxes are linked to real estate values and not personal incomes – we must pay them even if we lose our jobs, retire or live on fixed incomes. To ensure low property taxes, city government needs to be efficient & transparent; spending needs to be strictly controlled and our prestigious Triple AAA bond ratings need to be preserved. The onetime COVID federal funds we are receiving should be used for one time fiscal purposes – otherwise we will create a fiscal cliff when the funds go away.

Keep us safe. We do not want to worry about our homes being broken into, our cars stolen or encountering violence on the streets. Fortunately, the Norwalk Police Department (NPD) is there to keep us safe. For almost 25 years, NPD has received the national gold standard in public safety – accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA). While no police force is perfect, NPD’s commitment to community outreach and continuous improvement is unmatched. That is why we reject importing solutions to problems that exist elsewhere in America, but which have little to do with Norwalk. Instead of being defunded, the NPD needs to be fully funded.

Enhance our small town feeling.  As a collection of neighborhoods, Norwalk has that small town feel – we are unique and emphatically not a metropolis. If you think Norwalk is being overdeveloped, we agree. We would like to see greater selectivity around new construction projects. To protect our small town feel, our zoning code need updating consistent with that. Overcrowded, unsafe residential occupancies need increased zoning enforcement. We need to expand our parklands, create attractive cityscapes, restore Wall Street as a vibrant town center, promote outdoor restaurant dining and enhance outdoor walkability.

Expand educational choices for our kids. We would like parents to choose the Norwalk public schools for their kids. One proven way is to offer more choices. Our magnet and charter schools such as Columbus, Side-by-Side, Center for Global Studies and PTech are very popular. So is allowing kids to attend Norwalk schools out-of-district. We support the neighborhood school in South Norwalk. We support offering different curriculums and instructional methods. The more options – the better.

If you are interested in learning more, our next RTC meeting is 7:30 p.m. Aug. 16 at the Norwalk Inn. Just drop in. You can also contact Drew Todd, our corresponding secretary at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!

Fred Wilms

Acting Republican Town Committee Chairman

Former District 142 State Representative



10 responses to “Norwalk Republicans are on the move”

  1. David Muccigrosso

    Look, until you guys can disavow Trump, there’s little you can do to woo us independents.

    Also, it would be in your own interest to support reforms like Ranked Choice or Approval Voting. You can spend all day calling out Rilling as the leader of a corrupt machine, and plenty of us can agree with you, but if your only follow-up to that is, “OnE pArTy RuLe SuCkS!!1” and “DeMs NeEd tO gEt OfF tHe PlAnTaTiOn!11”, well you’re going to STAY the party out of power for a long time yet. Multiparty reform is your only hope; embrace it.

  2. Cheryl Kemeny

    Well said, Fred! The “new” Norwalk Republican Town Committee is energized and fully committed to making our town the best it can be. We’d love to have you join us at our August 16th, 7:30 meeting at the Norwalk Inn and welcome your input and opinions. Democracy works from the ground up and we should all have an equal say in what happens in our town. You are all welcome and you can make a difference!

    Cheryl Kemeny
    District A Committee

  3. B

    Fred and/or Cheryl, where does the party stand on candidate integrity?

    For example, if a candidate loses and alleges fraud despite having no evidence of same, is that a candidate who should ever be considered for any political office ever again?

    What if the candidate incites an insurrection in hopes of overturning the results of an election that she lost? What should happen then?

    Asking for a friend.

  4. John O’Neill

    @B I totally think you’re right on…
    I firmly believe Kathryn Garcia has every right to question the disastrous way NYC primary was just handled. Thanks for bringing it up.

  5. David T McCarthy

    Should they also disavow Warren Harding while they are at it? I momentarily thought David Muccigrosso was reasonable, but I guess I am wrong.

    Norwalk Republicans are a diverse group of intelligent people who want what is right for their city. They get rid of those who fail (previous registrar et al) at meeting standards of behavior, unlike the Norwalk Democrats, who seem to promote the worst and are lead by someone who took 77k in donations tied to one developer who is from Staten Island as I recall.

    They have as much to do with Trump as they do with Warren Harding. I dream of the day when people are judged by thee content of their character and not some weak nonsense like this.

  6. Shelley

    The question shouldn’t be candidate integrity – as voters will vote as they please – think Joe Ganim or Marion Bradley. (If they were in fact re-elected.) The real question SHOULD be voter integrity. Every voter has the right to know if their vote counted. It’s the only voice many have. The other question should be Is how to reign in the media when extremists are indicted for planning an attack yet someone who made a speech that day is charged with insurrection.

  7. Mike Lyons

    Good point, David. Why are Republicans required to “prove” how good they are by denouncing Trump, but Democrats are not required, say, to denounce Stacy Abrams for losing an election and alleging it was stolen “despite having no evidence of same” (as Hillary Clinton did, too, BTW, with no mandatory ‘denunciation requirement’ applied to her, either). How about a mandatory denunciation requirement for any Democrat wishing to engage in a discussion on NON, in which they must denounce any Democrat who ever was a close friend and public praiser of a former leader and membership recruiter of the KKK (as President Biden is)? Or, as usual, are such requirements only applied to Republicans, in the dreary, never-ending parade of double-standard hypocrisy we’ve come to expect from the left?

  8. steve

    Larry Cafero was right when he advised the Republican party to deal with its dark side. Likewise trying to equate Stacey Abrams and her complaints in 2018 to the standard bearer of the Republican party- Donald Trump- is whataboutism at its most childish. We’ve heard the Chiaramonte’s and Lyons’ of the past as well as the Meeks and Todd’s of the present and the party continues to descend into extremism. From everything I’ve ever seen in the past Fred Wilms is a good guy but trying to excuse and ignore a national political party that instigated an insurrection followed by a “team” vote to not accept the duly elected President—well—is fascism. I know whatabout and whatabou and what about…but.sorry they aren’t the standard bearers…Too bad we can’t get all the Trumpublicans to move to South Carolina and have a center-right, conservative Republican party in Norwalk. Remember when Republicans who didn’t support GWB were called RINOs…

  9. Bryan Meek

    @Steve. We get it. Without double standards, you would have none at all.

  10. Niz

    “ Don’t have expectations of politicians. They’re not in it for you. They have to be forced to do everything and have it be in their interests. Don’t sit back and hope others fight for you, fight for yourself and keep pushing them”
    By Ryan Grim
    This does not include Fred Wilms or Gail Lavielle

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