Norwalk Republicans elect Town Committee members

Acting Norwalk Republican Town Committee Chairman Fred Wilms, right, leads an RTC meeting in July.

NORWALK, Conn. — The Republican Town Committee has elected new members. Diana Paladino Christopher, RTC Corresponding Secretary, provided this list:

District A

  • Maureen Bonenfant
  • Richard J Bonenfant
  • Micah Cardamone
  • Liz Conti
  • Thomas Cullen
  • Thomas Diesel
  • Luis Estrella
  • Cheryl Kemeny
  • Alexandra Kemeny
  • Frank Mauro
  • Richard McQuaid
  • John Miller Jr.
  • Ellen Wink


District B

  • Harold Bonnet
  • John Flynn
  • Jonathan Riddle
  • Enrique Santiago


District C

  • James Anderson
  • Carol Andreoli
  • Read Auerbach
  • Fred Bondi
  • Larry Cafero
  • Diana Paladino Christopher
  • Jason Christopher
  • Michael Foley
  • Glenn Iannaccone
  • Artie Kassimis
  • Michael O’Reilly
  • Caryn Raimondi
  • Brian Smith
  • John Tobin
  • Andrew Todd
  • Scott Vetare
  • Charlie Yost

District D

  • Salvatore Calise
  • Cathy Cenatiempo
  • Anthony Coppola
  • Carl Dickens
  • Peter Halladay
  • Chris Handrinos
  • Greg Helms
  • Douglas Hempstead
  • Thomas Keegan
  • Mickey Koleszar
  • Jessica Kordas
  • Frank Martinelli
  • Bryan Meek
  • Matt Merluzzi
  • Shannon O’Toole-Giandurco
  • John Romano
  • Vinny Scicchitano
  • Mark Suda
  • Martin Tagliaferro
  • Elizabeth Tardif


District E

  • Andrew Anello
  • Peter Bondi
  • Andrew Conroy
  • Ray Cooke
  • Ernie Desrochers
  • John Desrochers
  • Jim Feigenbaum
  • Mike Harden
  • Stephen Horvath
  • Joe Kendy
  • Jeffrey Konspore
  • Tamsen Langalis
  • Irina Marquis
  • Kathryn Martino
  • Peter Nolin
  • Ron Paladino
  • Fred Wilms


New members take office in March. They then elect new officers.


3 responses to “Norwalk Republicans elect Town Committee members”

  1. Repujblican

    I certainly wish the Republicans luck. They will need it since there are so many more takers than makers in Norwalk.

  2. DrewT

    Congratulations to all the Elected Members of the RTC! These are incredibly dedicated people who truly work on representing our party and make sure the voices of the community are heard as well! The RED WAVE IS HERE!!

  3. Piberman

    As our City becomes more transient we depend increasingly on our local political parties and volunteers for our local governance. We’re fortunate in having our local newspaper where we can express our views and raise questions.

    Pleases pick up the pencils and write !

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