Norwalk Republicans open HQ on Wall Street

Norwalk Mayor Richard Moccia and Attorney Victor Cavallo pose for a photo outside the new Republican Party election campaign headquarters at 20 Wall St.
Norwalk Mayor Richard Moccia and Attorney Victor Cavallo pose for a photo outside the new Republican Party election campaign headquarters at 20 Wall St.

NORWALK, Conn. – Norwalk Republicans opened a base of operations Thursday as Mayor Richard Moccia called for them to be positive in their quest to dominate the November election.

“I told them that I want to run a positive campaign, that we should all be on the same issue,” Moccia said, describing a speech he had given to christen to Wall Street headquarters. “Getting people out to vote, talk about what we have done in positive (terms). That’s going to continue to be my mantra. I want to stay positive and I want the rest of the party and the rest of the ticket to stay positive.”

The headquarters at 20 Wall St. was chosen because, “It was available and it was good rent,” Republican Town Committee Chairman Art Scialabba said.

“We’re all set up,” he said. “We’ve got phone lines installed. We’re ready to rock and roll.”

The Democratic Town Committee has not announced a new headquarters, but Common Councilwoman Anna Duleep, a candidate for sheriff this year, has her headquarters just a short ways away on Wall Street, on the corner of Commerce Street. She has a display of news articles in the window in an attempt to shame Moccia, footsteps away from the new RTC HQ.

Scialabba said a party headquarters isn’t used the way it was in the old days, when you needed to gather volunteers to stuff envelopes. These days you get that done by a mail house, he said.

Hours for the new headquarters will be sporadic, depending on the volunteers staffing it, Scialabba said.

“The volunteers have a central location where they can gather, get the game plan for the day and execute,” he said. “Like any campaign, it’s all about contact, how many people you can make contact with.”

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Norwalk Republicans socialize in their new headquarters for the first time Thursday.


4 responses to “Norwalk Republicans open HQ on Wall Street”

  1. Oldtimer

    “Positive campaign” Sounds good, and Moccia needs his people to stay positive (no personal attacks) because he knows, once it gets personal, he cannot possibly win. None of us are perfect, but some are a lot more imperfect than others and he knows there are people eager to join that battle the minute it becomes anything less than “positive”.

  2. Muscles Mcgillicuddy

    Wow, Seems as if some guy named John Frank wrote pretty much the same thing over at The Hour. Can you elaborate? I’m looking for answers. I keep reading about skeletons in the closet. A la J. Edgar Hoover? Or Ted Kennedy? Casper Weinberger? Joseph Ganim? Charles Rangel? Not a Moccia voter but not certain I’m a Rilling voter either. Help….

  3. Tim T

    I would take Moccia over Rilling any day and that’s saying something.

  4. Oldtimer

    Yes, I could elaborate, but, for now, both sides are bound by an agreement to avoid personal attack.

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