Norwalk Republicans pitch Haitian immigrant as South Norwalk statehouse representative

Harold Bonnet Norwalk RTC 061614 014
Norwalk Republican state representative candidate Harold Bonnet (left) and Republican Town Committee Chairman Pete Torrano.

NORWALK, Conn. – Norwalk Republicans on Monday endorsed a “hard-working” fashion designer with strong feelings of patriotism for his adopted country to represent the 140th Legislative District, a Democratic stronghold.

Republican District B Chairman Harold Bonnet, an immigrant from Haiti, will run against either incumbent state Rep. Bruce Morris (D-140) or former Common Council member and Latino community leader Warren Peña, who are competing in a primary. Bonnet cited “nationalism, capitalism and our flag” as his reasons to take on the challenge, before slamming Democrats in general.

“Being Republican means the interest of America,” Bonnet said. “Our state and our people comes first. From the top of the Democrat Party they act like pirates, and from the bottom, not a word from their mouths can be trusted. Honestly, our goal as Republicans, the point to respect our word is our integrity.”

Republican Town Committee Chairman Pete Torrano called Bonnet “one of the hardest working people in our party, without question.”

“If I could harness Harold’s energy and spread it out among the other people in the party, we’d have a wonderful party because this is one hardworking son of a gun, I’ve got to tell you,” Torrano said.

Bonnet replaces former 140th candidate Roger Gisanga, who cited personal reasons when he dropped out about two week after being nominated.

“I know what the personal reasons are. They are very good reasons to step down. Nothing negative but all positive for him,” Torrano said of Gisanga.

Bonnet said he came here from Haiti seven years ago to join his wife, an American citizen from Haiti. His children were here before he was, he said. He worked in a bank in Haiti and had his own business for a time. He is a fashion designer, he said.

Norwalk Republicans Flax Hill 003-2014-06-14
Harold Bonnet organized Saturday’s cleanup of Flax Hill Park, Republican Town Committee Chairman Pete Torrano said.

“I am seeking the position of 140th representative in the spirit of revival: to evaluate the great value of our society, the law for ourselves as U.S. citizens, which has been devaluated by Democrats for political power,” Bonnet said. “I have talked to people and they have said that our system, the capitalist economy, is in crisis, Why? The problem is incompetence and I can say, yes, flattery. The capitalist economic system was made to fly over any swift conspiration intern and any kind of colonialization extern such as autocracy of national culture, globalization.”

Bonnet said that if he is elected he will “protect our dependence of enterprise. Our seaport, international commerce … I will encourage every state representative to seek and search a solution for two big menaces, our education system devaluated and the autocracy of our national culture.”

Torrano said that when Bonnet was running for Second Taxing District treasurer last year, he literally knocked on every door in the district.

“I have never seen anybody as active as Harold,” Torrano said. “We have 100 members of the Republican Party. If I had 10 like Harold we’d just be golden. He is out there for everything, shows up for everything, he works his tail off.”

“He certainly has done a lot of hard work,” said Diana Palladino, RTC secretary.

Bonnet said that when he is out knocking on doors he hears a lot about jobs and education.

“A lot of kids can’t find internships. A lot of jobs require experience,” he said.

Single parents have it tough as they work and have to find a way to pay for their children to go away to school, he said. People who come here in August or September cannot find a school for their children to go to, he said, citing the Norwalk Public Schools District 99 problem of no home school in South Norwalk.

Plus, “Our money, they do not use our tax for Norwalk,” he said, referring to city money going to Hartford and not coming back.

“Always problem,” he said. “In South Norwalk we have big problems.”


15 responses to “Norwalk Republicans pitch Haitian immigrant as South Norwalk statehouse representative”

  1. Norewalk Lifer

    Democrats act like pirates?

    Not starting out well Mr. Bonnet, I applaud your interest in joining the fray, but I would caution; better language should be used.
    I’ve heard the Democrats in Norwalk referred to as “thugs” by the Norwalk Republicans, I’ll be kind in my assessment of that language, it’s substandard.
    Nationalism? that is a bit disturbing, we are not Haiti Mr. Bonnet, we are America, Nationalism can mean many things.
    I applaud your efforts to try to make this town a better place, just remember, we are not the enemy.

    Norwalk Lifer

  2. Bruce Kimmel

    As an elected Democrat who works hard to improve Norwalk, and as someone who believes in bipartisanship, I find many of the above comments repugnant.
    I believe a formal apology should be made by the candidate to all the trustful and hard working Democrats in Norwalk; and, despite what the candidate may think, there are many.
    I also believe that the Republican Town Committee should publicly disassociate itself from these comments.

  3. Bruce Kimmel

    For the record: I have publicly criticized the Norwalk Democrats for their tendency to fight instead of compromise, and have distanced myself from the local organization because of that fighting. But I have never questioned the personal integrity and essential decency of the vast majority of Democrats in Norwalk.

  4. piberman

    A major step forward for Norwalk. Haitian immigrants to the US have distinguished themselves taking advanatage of new opportunities. As Norwalk undergoes unprecedented demographic change lets encourage others to step forward and contribute to Norwalk’s governance.

  5. One and Done.

    Bruce should be more offended by the destruction of his brand.
    Poor Bruce. In his lifetime it has morphed from “Ask not what your country can do for you” to “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen”.
    Ideals of self determination, hard work, and sacrifice have been tossed for envy, entitlement, and enmity.
    It would be refreshing if Democrats would return to their halcyon days of Camelot. Instead they remain silent, perhaps in denial in face of the willful destruction of our country and principals that is going on around us at a seemingly accelerated pace now.
    There is a maxim in economics that if something is unsustainable, eventually it will stop.
    We are spending a trillion dollars a year that we don’t have. And billions more at the state level. Thomas Jefferson who was father of the Democrat party would be rolling in his grave. He believed that no generation should contract debts that it could not repay in its lifetime. We are so far past that now it isn’t funny and that is the “piracy” that the candidate here is speaking of. It has to stop.

  6. LWitherspoon

    Councilman Kimmel is right. I would add that I fail to understand quite a few of the comments made by Mr. Bonnet. What is a “swift conspiration intern” and a “dependence of enterprise”? I applaud Mr. Bonnet’s willingness to serve but if he can’t communicate clearly in English, perhaps he should look to serve Norwalk in a different way.

  7. Tim D

    @Mr Kimmel – There were worse things said about the dems after the infamous Amanda Brown beat down. By both parties.

  8. p.o.taxpayer

    Bonnet is 100% right about every thing he said about democrats, but he left one thing out they are whiners and kimmel is the #1 example. and he goes on and on.

  9. Chevy Vega

    Morris is for US.

  10. Norewalk Lifer

    I see name branding is the soup du jour today, I have stated my opinion based on this article, if the Republican party needs an attack dog in Norwalk, then I suggest they unleash others in the Republican party.

    And here I was applauding McCarthy for his playful humanistic humor a few weeks ago, a little courtesy goes a long here,

    I wish Mr. Bonnet well, but to be clear, that kind of language, offends a lot of people.

    Norwalk Lifer

  11. sofaman

    A different version of Unintelligible Political Gibberish, yet unintelligible political gibberish all the same.

  12. EastNorwalkChick

    “The capitalist economic system was made to fly over any swift conspiration intern and any kind of colonialization extern such as autocracy of national culture, globalization.”
    Nancy, are you sure you quoted this correctly? Because I have no clue what this man is trying to say….
    “Unintelligible Political Gibberish” for sure.

    1. @East Norwalk Chick
      Yes, I am sure. He had written a script for himself. I took a photo of the paper. I read it as I listened to my recording.

  13. Don’t Panic

    Mr. Bonnet,
    Should you win this election, you should remember that you are representing everyone in your district, not just those in your party.

  14. @Don’t Panic,
    That could be the same sentiment for any Democrat as well – but you won’t hear that being advised to them…

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