Norwalk RTC spruces up Flax Hill Park

Andrea Light (left), and (right from rear) Martin Tagliaferro, Enrique Santiago, Peter Halladay and Sarah Mann paint a railing Saturday at Flax Hill Park. (Contributed photo.)
From left: Shirley Davis, Lakshmi Singh and Olga Arteaga. (Contributed photo)

NORWALK, Conn. – About a dozen members of the Norwalk Republican Party descended Saturday morning on Flax Hill Park, armed with paint, brushes, rollers and trash bags, to spruce up the place.  The GOP members painted over the graffiti that proliferated across a retaining wall near the basketball courts and added a fresh coat to the sturdy wood railings that line the pathways.  They picked up litter and trimmed back the overgrown greenery.

The volunteers were organized by District B Republican Chairman Harold Bonnet and Republican Town Committee Chairman Peter Torrano.  Their efforts were in addition to a considerable amount of park improvements being made by the Department of Public Works.

Ed Sisson shows off the size of a poison ivy trunk that he helped remove from Flax Hill Park.
Ed Sisson shows the size of a poison ivy trunk he helped remove from Flax Hill Park.
From left: Harold Bonnet, Emily Wilson, Bill Dunne and Edwin Sisson at the retaining wall. The graffiti was no longer visible when they left. (Contributed photo)


6 responses to “Norwalk RTC spruces up Flax Hill Park”

  1. Paul

    Correction: dpw has nothing to do with flax hill. It is parks and rec. why is there so much confusion on what city departments do?…

  2. Don’t Panic

    Is there a union issue with volunteers doing Parks and Recs employees’ jobs? Seems that that was an issue when common Council members offered to paint the bike lanes that the public wanted on Beach Rd

  3. Al Raymond

    Why does it have to be political. Can`t we just say a group of volunteers got together & cleaned up Flax Hill Park that’s it. I am happy that these people did this & I want to say Thank You job well done.

  4. LWitherspoon

    @Don’t Panic
    I would hope that municipal employee unions and their current/former servants on the Common Council would not make an issue out of volunteers organizing to help beautify Norwalk. But one must be prepared for all sorts of crazy things in Norwalk politics.

  5. Suzanne

    Yay! I bet it felt good to do this. Civic pride and volunteerism are the best qualities in a constituency, no matter what party one belongs to. I say celebrate this! Be happy! A few good people went out of their way to make a park better for everyone, political parties need not apply.

  6. sofaman

    Great work! Thank you.

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