Norwalk RTC leader explains ‘difficult decision’ regarding Karen Doyle Lyons

Norwalk Republican Registrar Karen Doyle Lyons.
Norwalk Republican Registrar Karen Doyle Lyons.

NORWALK, Conn. – Personal grudges, character assassination and vendettas have marked the last 13 years in the Norwalk Republican registrar’s office, according to a letter written by Norwalk Republican Town Committee Chairwoman Carol Andreoli.

Andreoli sent the letter to RTC District A members on May 17. She said Sunday that she wanted to share it with the public because she felt it had been mischaracterized by someone who called NancyOnNorwalk last week with an anonymous tip about RTC insider activity.

Andreoli was talking, in the letter, about Republican Registrar Karen Doyle Lyons, now serving her seventh term. The unnamed source said Andreoli and Doyle Lyons used to be best friends, which made the letter even more “shocking” to the informant.

Doyle Lyons lost the vote at Thursday’s RTC meeting, making John Federici the party’s endorsed candidate for registrar. She has promised to get the 423 signatures needed to force a primary on Aug. 12.

Andreoli’s letter, in its entirety:

Dear Fellow District A Members,

As Chairperson of District A, I feel it is my duty to explain why for the first time since becoming a member of the RTC over 35 years ago, I will not be supporting a District A member at the May 22nd convention.  Let me begin by saying that it was a difficult decision but one that I feel had to be made.

The Registrar of Voter’s Office is an important part of the election process and as such should be run with the utmost decorum and professionalism.  There is no room for personal grudges, character assassination, vendettas etc.  Such behavior compromises both the efficiency and productivity of the office.   Unfortunately, during the past 13 years this office has been subject to a great deal of this behavior.  Therefore, I believe the office has been compromised and would be run more efficiently if done so in a professional manner.

In addition, since the Republican Registrar is a member of the RTC, nominated and endorsed by the by the RTC, he or she should be an asset to the party by developing new initiatives to help increase the Republican base.  The Republican Registrar should also assist in the elections by providing our candidates with timely and accurate voter information.  The Republican Party has seen little action by the Registrar’s office to foster growth in our base, and we often struggle to provide our candidates with the best voter information to help them get their message to the potential voters.

It is for the reasons stated above that I can’t support Karen Lyons in her bid for another term as Registrar of Voters.  I sincerely regret having to make this decision but I feel, in all good conscience, I have no other choice.  The intent of this letter is not to attack or discredit Karen, on a personal level, but to explain why I believe the office is in need of new management.  While some of you may not agree with me I hope that you will understand and respect my decision just as I will respect yours.


Carol Andreoli

District A Chairman


13 responses to “Norwalk RTC leader explains ‘difficult decision’ regarding Karen Doyle Lyons”

  1. Norewalk Lifer

    No details, just statements, and this in itself isn’t character assassination? why not pen a letter that states, it’s time for new ideas and fresh starts, therefore I am endorsing……,

    This really isn’t a professional letter at all.

    Norwalk Lifer

  2. anon

    Agree with Norwalk Lifer. And if happening for 13 years, why now?

  3. Oldtimer

    OK, we get it. Pete doesn’t like Karen. Carol is following orders with a letter that uses a lot of words to say nothing.

  4. Suzanne

    I believe Mr. Sardano made it clear in another article that in the duties of Registrar it would be illegal to prefer one party over another and this position must be neutral to all parties involved (including Independents/Unaffiliated voters.) While the first part of the letter claims unprofessionalism with no substantiation the second accuses Ms. Lyons of not contributing to the Republican base, a task she is not allowed to do. Therefore, whatever the other party voters have experienced so have the Republicans. If she has not favored the Republicans, well, she is not allowed to. Again, I would ask Ms. Andreoli, what does this have to do with public policy and service to the constituency? Unsubstantiated accusations do nothing but sour the political process for all of use. With accusations of incompetence toward a particular candidate, we have no idea what Republicans truly stand for in Norwalk other than criticism, fighting, back biting, innuendo and too many to count negative interactions elucidating nothing.

  5. Norewalk Lifer

    @anon and oldtimer, what really confounds me is the closing statement, you may not agree, but I ask you respect my decision.

    A decision detailed in a letter which maligns another member of her party?

    Come on now, you can’t ask for decorum and dignity, when you yourself express none in a letter like this

    Norwalk Lifer

  6. One and Done.

    The Norwalk RTC are stupid. Airing out petty arguments for the world to see only damages the brand. When DTC members assault elderly citizens they rally around their accused or act like nothing happened.
    One and Done.

  7. RU4REAL

    This is the same person that was a do what your told fire commissioner under Moccia! Never stepped up and made a decision without being told what to do. I’m unaffiliated and registering Republican so I can vote for Ms. Lyons! I think the old Republican guard is full of it!

  8. RU4REAL

    Whoa!! Wait a minute!! Ms. Lyons just increased Republican party membership by me changing parties to vote for her!

  9. LWitherspoon

    Ms. Andreoli’s letter is little more than unsubstantiated allegations. I agree that there shouldn’t be personal grudges, character assassinations, and vendettas in the ROV office. When and how has Ms. Doyle Lyons engaged in same?

  10. It strains credulity (but clearly defines “cognitive dissonance”) for Mrs. Andreoli to claim that her letter “in no way . . suggest that anyone follow my lead” (as she declared last week on NoN) when the letter alleged that Karen Doyle Lyons had engaged in “personal grudges, character assassination, vendettas, etc.”

    Now, moving beyond what is envisioned by the “etc.” (horse-stealing and jay-walking come to mind), it is hard to imagine a loyal Republican District Chairperson not wanting people to follow her lead when she accuses a Republican office holder of such sins and offenses.

    It is equally galling to an honest parsing of words for the District A Chairperson to lay all the blame for her lack of “developing new initiatives to help increase the Republican base” at the feet of the Registrar of Voters. It can hardly be the blame of one office holder that the Dist. A Chairperson has failed to ever find and help a candidate from her district gain the District seat on the Board of Education, or mount a credible challenge for the 137th General Assembly District (which encompasses a large swath of Mrs. Andreoli’s District A).

    The allegation that the Registrar has failed to provide “timely and accurate voter information” is equally fanciful. Having been involved in many campaigns (as candidate, manager and worker), I have been shocked not by the alleged poor quality of voter information but by the inefficient use of that data by GOP bosses. The raw data which the Registrar of Voters office makes available can be sorted, updated and utilized with a modicum of ingenuity, a modest investment in software and some honest effort. Yet, as I’ve witnessed first-hand, the prior top leadership of the local GOP lacked any of the foregoing. The fault, dear Mrs. Andreoli and her party bosses, lies not in the Registrars, but in yourselves.

  11. Norwalk Voter

    @SteveColarossi Amen!

  12. @one and done –
    I agree. the RTC better clam up and stop airing their dirty laundry – take notes from the DTC on how to be nonresponsive to an issue.
    The physical beating of a senior citizen with a deadly weapon gained no response from those involved because they were probably mentored to do no such thing.
    Responding only makes it worse. Keep this in-house, like all things the DTC did wrong over the past year or two, and this will go away. The Norwalk DTC is a prime example.

  13. Hobbes the Calvinist

    The local GOP hasn’t figured out that the people who aren’t allowed to sit at the “cool kids” table in the GOP-junior-high-school lunch room still vote. Based on the results of the last few elections, you’d think they would have figured that out by now.

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