Norwalk schools administrator topped city earners in 2012

Norwalk Interim Schools Superintendent Tony Daddona discusses the proposed 2012-2013 Norwalk Public Schools budget last week at a Board of Education Finance Committee meeting.

By Nancy Guenther Chapman

NORWALK, Conn. – Norwalk’s chief school administrator heads the list of Norwalk’s top 2012 salary earners, even though he has been interim superintendent for less than the entire year.

Tony Daddona made $198,490.95, according to a list released Monday evening by City Comptroller Frederic Gilden. Daddona, who took over from former Superintendent Susan Marks in August, made $181,925.21 in 2011, according to a list provided last February by Finance Director Thomas Hamilton. Marks made $200,000.06 in 2011. She was paid $160,769.23 in 2012, which included a severance package.

Norwalk Police Officer Russell Ouellette, who topped the list last year with $207,335.55 in wages, came in second this year with $190,732.55. There are six police officers among 2012’s top 10 earners, but it is important to note that their wages include many overtime hours earned on extra-duty assignments that are reimbursed to the city by private companies.

Mayor Richard Moccia made $113,963 in 2012, and $107,745.56 in 2011.

The list of Norwalk’s top 100 earners is attached below.




3 responses to “Norwalk schools administrator topped city earners in 2012”

  1. Tim T

    Why are we paying cops 65 plus an hour, plus a city car and city gas to watch a hole. Don’t let anyone fool you each and every penny of that comes from us the taxpayer as when the bid is figured the PD overtime is figured into the price. I see no other town that supplies a city car for cop’s overtime. Also most towns are now using traffic agents and flagmen. Its time to STOP the PD overtime…ITS A TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY.

  2. peter berman

    Several months ago the Arbitration Panel in a favorable ruling to the BOE cited that Norwalk public school teachers are the 5th highest paid in the state way beyond the City’s capacity. That award and BOE members involved in the negotiations were sharply criticized by teachers union president Bruce Mellion. Presumably our public school administrators are also among the highest paid in the state. When their contract comes up for renewal lets encourage our BOE to also see arbitration to bring their salaries more in line with the City’s ability to pay. All Norwalk citizens need to support BOE efforts and BOE members committed towards public school employee salaries affordable to the City, not ones that satisfy their unions. The recent public support of the administrator’s union chief for mayoral candidate Milkave once again illustrates public school union “activisim” in the City’s political affairs in promoting candidates favorable to their demands for ever higher salaries well beyond the affordable abilities of the City.

  3. Robert J

    In response to Tim T.

    Cops working construction sites are not paid $65.00/hour. Yes, companies that hire cops to work @ construction sites are paying $65/hr. for the cop, but the police officer isn’t getting all of that money. The officer only gets about half of that amount, and the rest goes directly to the City.

    So you see, whenever you see a cop “watching a hole” the city is actually earning money.

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