Norwalk Scouts will make Oak Hills trail more user friendly

Bradley Carrano, right, receives applause at the November Oak Hills Park Authority meeting after announcing that he wants to make the park’s nature trails into his Eagle Scout project.

NORWALK, Conn. – About 20 Norwalk Boy Scouts are expected to renovate the Oak Hills Park nature trail in May.

They are being led by Brien McMahon High school sophomore Bradley Carrano, who approached the Oak Hills Park Authority in November with an idea for an Eagle Scout project.

“I recently walked the trail and noticed it could use a lot of improvements. So I have written up a proposal,” said Bradley, of Troop 2 in Rowayton.

Bradley was back in January to tell OHPA members that he had gone down into the woods behind the restaurant, adjacent to the second hole, to look at the trail. Authority members asked him to come up with a business-like proposal and get it approved by Park Executive Director Shelley Guyer and Superintendent Jim Schelling.

The resultant plan was unanimously approved by the authority at its last meeting. Bradley and his crew will begin work on May 5, OHPA member Ernie Desrochers said Saturday. The work is expected to be done on two consecutive Saturdays.

Bradley’s dad, Anthony Carrano, told members at their last meeting that they had used an app to make a satellite image of the trail as they walked it.

“The biggest challenge is the way the trail runs. If you follow it, you end up at Twin Ledge (Road),” he said. “We went that way and you come across this house that’s over there and it’s all confusing. At one time, the trail used to go to the right to take you back up to the parking lot. It’s really rough. The goal is to do all that clearing and remove the rocks, and to put the proper markings.”

Fullscreen capture 3302014 121656 AMAdults will handle the chain saws, he said.

The markers for the trail that are there now are “really, really sad,” he said, as “somebody went around with green spray paint.”

The Scouts will spray paint with official templates to make a standard marker system, he said. The trail will end at the parking lot.

Bradley has uploaded the image at right to alltrails.com. He describes the trail as being .45 mile long.


7 responses to “Norwalk Scouts will make Oak Hills trail more user friendly”

  1. Benthere Donethat

    Cool !

  2. EastNorwalkChick

    We can sure use him or any other Scout at Taylor Farm, the trails in the woods could sure use some work too!

  3. justMe

    It sounds great but will it be handicapped accessible too? So many things are not & have to be done over when the state gets involved.

  4. ARC

    RE: EastNorwalkChick I have forward your post to some scouts with Troop 19 that are looking for an Eagle project.

  5. EveT

    @JustMe, if you know of any laws or regulations requiring that a hiking trail in a city park must be handicapped accessible, please submit this information to Oak Hills Park Authority.

  6. EastNorwalkChick

    Thank you ARC, we, the park users have been trying to maintain the trails ourselves because Parks & Recs doesn’t have the personnel to do it, or that’s what we are told. They only seem to be concerned with the areas that can be seen from Beach Road. The trails are a mess after Hurricane Sandy with many trees and large branches covering them. We finally did get P&R this past fall to cut two trees down that uprooted and were leaning over the trail, resting precariously on another tree. Every time the wind blew, you see it swaying and hear it creaking, it could have fallen on someone. Any help we can get would be appreciated, just contact NON and she can give you my e-mail and we will coordinate it with P&R.

  7. Jack R

    The trails at Taylor are just trails through the woods cut by users, not the parks n rec department. Parks n rec can’t go around maintaining all trails blazed by park users. If they were trails officially built for that purpose, like at cranberry, then they should maintain it. that’s not the case atbtaylor.

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