Norwalk to get $7 million from state for variety of projects

Norwalk is expected to get roughly $7 million from Connecticut’s state coffers when the state Bond Commission meets this Friday June 7, according to a news release from State Representative Tracy Marra (R-141, Norwalk/Darien).

  • More than $3.4 million will be allocated to the Norwalk Housing Authority for replacement of 54 obsolete affordable housing units.
  • $3 million to the Norwalk Redevelopment Agency for South Norwalk streetscape improvements.
  • $300,000 to Norwalk-based Music Theater of Connecticut.
  • More than $268,000 to Norwalk’s Side By Side Charter School for electrical and air conditioning upgrades, staff room renovations, and replacement of exterior doors and flooring.

Marra said “This is wonderful news for Norwalk and these funds will be used to benefit the whole community with new, affordable housing options, safer roadways, sidewalks and pedestrian infrastructure, access to the arts, and most importantly, upgrades to Side-by-Side Charter School to provide the best possible learning environment for our children.   I want to thank the governor and members of the Bond Commission for recognizing the need for these investments and supporting Norwalk’s residents and students.”

The Bond Commission is composed of the governor, three state constitutional officers, four state legislators and two state agency heads.  On Friday, they’ll be breaking out funds for hundreds of projects throughout the state.


2 responses to “Norwalk to get $7 million from state for variety of projects”

  1. Bryan Meek

    “Hartford to get $800 million from Norwalk taxpayers, gives a few crumbs back to Norwalk.

    There, fixed the headline for you.

    Can we stop with this nonsense already? Hartford county has. 9 highways crisscrossing it.

    We have 2 with 2 connectors and generate over half of the state’s income between Greenwich and Bridgeport. And are one freak accident (Fairfield Ave Bridge) away from total shutdown.

    Any followup on the $5 million that was given to RDA for PoKo that disappeared? What exactly are street scape improvements? More painted crosswalks? $3 million worth?

  2. Drew Todd

    We’re going to have cuts in our school but $300K for a Music Theater?! And how much for Streetscape? Whatever that is?! And no word of course on the $5 Million for the Tyvek Tower. And we thought the Feds were bad at wasting money. Next it will be millions for the bridge to nowhere! We sure have a lot more pressing priorities in this city don’t we?!

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