Norwalk town clerk’s family grows with adoption of infant

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Norwalk Town Clerk Rick McQuaid is sworn in by his wife Tuesday as his son, Bryan, watches while holding his baby sister, newly adopted to the family.

NORWALK, Conn. – Amidst the hullabaloo of her father’s inauguration Tuesday the newest member of Town Clerk Rick McQuaid’s family got her first exposure to civic affairs, though she is far too young to understand what was going on.

McQuaid and his wife, Alice, are in the process of adopting a 3-month-old baby, who they took custody of about two months ago. That makes six children for the town clerk, the oldest of which is 24, they said.

“Rick grew up in a family of six so it’s no big shock for him,” Alice McQuaid said. “Rick and I were both adopted so it’s a beautiful blessing for us to be able to adopt. I always wanted three kids so I have three, and I have three beautiful step-children.”

Four of the six children were at the inaugural. Bryan McQuaid, 22, held the baby, named Savannah, as his step-mother swore in his father. The two remaining siblings were working.

Morgan McQuaid, a fourth-grader, said she was surprised to get a little sister, who she said is more difficult to take care of than a doll.

“I feed her and hold her a lot,” Morgan said.

Morgan is “incredible” with the baby, “Better than all of us,” her father said.

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Bryan McQuaid holds his little sister, Savannah, Tuesday after his father, Town Clerk Rick McQuaid, left, was sworn into his second term in City Hall.

Jackson McQuaid, 7, boasted, “I usually hold her and get her to sleep. I just like pat her head a little,” to which his father laughed.

The “wonderful” baby sleeps nine hours a night, Alice McQuaid said.

“She was born in Waterbury, Conn., to someone we knew,” she said. “I’m not going to comment on her life.”

The adoption process is “almost ¾ finished,” she said.

There is someone else involved.

“With six kids, a nanny is pretty much an essential,” she said. “I don’t do it all alone.”

Any more on the way?

“We’re all done,” she said, laughing. “No more kids.”

Alice McQuaid shows off her three month old daughter Tuesday in the crowded City Hall community room.


8 responses to “Norwalk town clerk’s family grows with adoption of infant”

  1. Karen

    What a lucky little girl to have the parents she has. Savannah is loved by everyone and it shows in her nature already. May the McQuaid family have many years filled with the laughter inside the home they all share. God Bless!

  2. TG

    What a blessing for the family, and what a blessing for the baby! She has a wonderful family. 🙂

  3. Oldtimer

    Being adopted myself, I know the blessing it is. Both for the child and for her family. At her age, she will not likely be aware, but she will later find out and have lots of questions. The simplest answer, when she is very young, is that she was chosen. God bless her and her new forever family.

  4. Carol goodchild

    God bless savannah and the MacQuaide family.

  5. Joe Espo

    Finally, a nice story from NON about Republicans. They’re not all bad, are they, Nancy?

  6. Suzanne

    Babies and family – nothing better than this. What a blessing to see Savannah celebrated! Thank you, NON. A needed bit of cheer on these pages.

  7. Daisy

    Lucky baby, lucky parents.

  8. Erica Q.

    Dear Alice and Rick – Just heard – The best news to come out of 2013- God placed her with good- Your are really wealthy- both of you know what I truly mean. Went to N.E.Fertility many years ago-too much interference-God Bless always. Erica Q.

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