Norwalk up-start running with the big dogs

NORWALK, Conn. – Here were are, combining Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.

You are visiting a website that isn’t backed by corporate money nor limited by corporate structure. It’s a small independent store, not a big box store-like chain.

I’d say it’s Ma and Pa, but it’s more like son and Ma. (My son is Pa to a cat, but that’s it.)

We know what Small Business Saturday is about: diverting attention from the big corporate stores and major retailers to the small local operations, because how does the little guy fight the fat cats, with their deep pockets and high profile advertising?

Here I am, trying to do the same thing on the news side. I can’t compete with the quantity of the local print offering or wide-spread marketing of my former employer, but I can provide a different outlook, one that doesn’t quiver at the feet of power.

Having grown up in the ’70s I’m a little hesitant to say I’m a brick house, but I’m certainly not made of sticks, either. The big, bad wolf can huff and puff, but I’m not going to blow over. If I go quiet for a few days it’s because I’m taking a break, not because I’m afraid to put up something that might offend someone.

As an example of not following corporate rules, I’ll take well-written topical letters to the editor and I won’t say they’re too long. If it’s 1,200 words I’m not going to cut it off just because of some study that says Internet readers will balk at reading beyond 300 words. If readers want just a taste, fine; if they want the whole enchilada, with red sauce and guac to boot, they can find it here. And if it’s something that might inspire huffing and puffing, I don’t see that as a reason to hold it back.

(Send letters to [email protected])

I talk like I’m alone in this but the truth is there are people who are talking about contributing their work to this underdog website.

So, I’m back to work today. I’ll have more substance tomorrow.


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