Norwalk video: East Avenue flooded under the railroad bridge

Snapshot from a video submitted by a reader.

NORWALK, Conn. — A NancyOnNorwalk reader submitted a video of flooding under the East Avenue train bridge, saying it happened Dec. 15.

“Wondering if there is a formal city response to the flooding at the {East Norwalk} train station bridge work every time it rains hard? If it’s not painful enough the area has been under construction for weeks/months and is constantly a mess with a prison like yard now next to East Ave pizza filled with trucks and a very {un}aesthetic chain link fence, it also floods all the time. Last Thursday night there was 3’ of water and I called the police before someone was hurt,” he said.

Sgt. Joseph Dinho said Norwalk Police have received calls about water under the bridge Nov. 11, Dec. 15 and back in October 2019.

Norwalk Director of Communications Michelle Woods Matthews referred NoN to the Connecticut Department of Transportation, which is working on the bridge as part of the Walk Bridge program. Although the original goal was to replace the aged railroad bridge over the Norwalk River, ConnDOT expanded the project to include work on every Norwalk railroad bridge.

“As part of the Walk Bridge Program, the East Avenue Railroad Bridge will be replaced,” ConnDOT Communications Manager Josh Morgan said Friday.  “During the project, local flooding that residents have historically experienced will be eliminated, as drainage from the bridge and underneath East Avenue will be improved. The current work occurring in the area is part of the Advanced Utilities Project, which is a necessary first step for the eventual bridge replacement. We remind the public: if they encounter a flooded roadway, do not attempt to drive through it. Please turn around and find an alternate route.”

See the video here.

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3 responses to “Norwalk video: East Avenue flooded under the railroad bridge”

  1. Tom Farrington

    But surely the planned lowering of the road’s surface will have no ill effects…. If I recall correctly, we were promised by the state’s engineers that the chronic flooding under the bridge will be eliminated when the drop the road another foota hd a half.

    I am sceptical.

  2. Scott Vetare

    The issue is that there are felt filters in this storm drains. I’ve been called in twice in the past two months to poke holes in the felt to allow the water to drain.

  3. Johnny cardamone

    They replace the railroad bridge in Darien years ago. I don’t know if they solve the plumbing and flooding there.😩👍🏼👎🏽

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