Norwalk videos: Anti-mask protest

NORWALK, Conn. – Anti-maskers came to Norwalk City Hall on Thursday and a NancyOnNorwalk reader got video.

“Masks don’t work,” and “If you’re scared, stay home,” the protesters said.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that people wear cloth face coverings in public. “Cloth face coverings are most likely to reduce the spread of COVID-19 when they are widely used by people in public settings,” CDC states.

The protesters reportedly marched around City Hall for about an hour.

This story was updated at 1:20 a.m. to include the reference to the CDC.



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  1. Non Partisan

    I don’t know if masks work or don’t work. Intuitively they probably do- especially in indoor areas with poor ventilation

    I’ve had covid- and don’t think I’ll get it again for a few months- so I’m 99% shire I’m not going to get some one sick. Wearing a mask for me on a personal level is not needed- not for me- not for you.

    But I always wear my mask in stores, etc at of respect for other people who live in fear after watching too much tv news.

  2. FACT: Masks do work

    It is an incontrovertible fact that countries which quickly adopted masks, distancing, and testing/tracing, now have the lowest case counts.

    For your safety, and the safety of your fellow citizens, please wear a mask. And for goodness sakes, stop spreading falsehoods that could kill me or my loved ones.


  3. No mask = F you

    Their chant had it wrong. They should have said “If you don’t want to wear a mask, STAY HOME.” I believe in facts. Data shows that masks DO work. Anyone who argues against that and refuses to wear a mask is saying F You to the rest of us.

  4. Bridget

    Every one of those people should lose their jobs, if they have them. First, they are not smart-the scientific evidence is incontrovertible-masks work to reduce the spread of the virus. Second, no one should agree to work with them, clearly they are a risk to everyone’s health.

  5. Piet Marks

    Speechless, got my mask on.

  6. Sid Welker

    Hi Nancy,

    Is it possible to inform your readers who the organizer of this “rally” was?

    Also getting down to the brass taxes Masks DO WORK! Science and data show they do. The no mask states are reaping those benefits of sky rocketing numbers as we speak. When the tri-state area invoked the mandatory mask rule our numbers plummeted. This isn’t a Republican vs Democrat election year thing. Its not a man made virus sent upon us by our own government or any other BS conspiracy theory so please stop falling into the rabbit hole of the dark internet. Just shut up and help your fellow neighbor out. For those who are elderly, with cancer or weaker immune systems and for my grandchildren and other children in the world. Please do your part or YOU STAY HOME!!!!

  7. ballerina

    What are you people thinking. Once you loose a loved one you may wake up.

    You are probably A symptomatic and are part of the problem.

  8. Jalna Jaeger

    Of course masks work, but those anti-maskers can just ask their Dr.s when they have surgery NOT TO WEAR A MASK. THEY should be staying home.

  9. Janice

    If masks don’t work, then why do medical people wear them. No mask, no vent!

  10. Drew Ablank

    Everyone wants to be an expert on Covid-19 and tell us they know better and they end up looking like these people.
    A bunch of fools.

  11. Anne Ambuhl

    I have no words……

  12. John Levin

    I believe these people are anti-vaxxers. “Student Freedom Now!”, “Give Our Students Choices!” and “Let Kids Be Kids!” are the same chants we should expect to hear if and when our state legislature removes the blanket religious exemption from vaccination requirements for school children. And the people in the video match the demographic of anti-vaxxers I observed when I traveled to Hartford last February to testify in favor of House Bill 5044.

    These people are very committed to their beliefs, but unfortunately those beliefs are based on neither science nor reason.

  13. Mitch Adis

    If it is so obvious masks work, why did all the experts tell us not to bother in the early days, weeks and months of this pandemic?

    For the record, I believe masks can’t hurt. I wear one when in public.

    What this should tell us is – be careful of expert opinions. If there is one thing all experts agree on its other experts don’t know what they are talking about.

  14. Michael

    Do you know what makes out country the best in the world?
    We get to make choices as set forth by our constitution. Do not require people to do things they do not want to do, it’s that simple. Furthermore anybody that thinks people should be fired or shamed for not wearing a mask is grossly ignorant. It’s all about choice, I choose not to wear a mask. No governor’s executive order overrides the constitution.

  15. Stephen

    Yes, it is about choice- but at the same time, it’s not about us, it’s about others who are immunocompromised due to other medical conditions. It’s about the safety of others first, then ourself. It’s about being proactive. We do have freedom of choice, but let’s choose wisely. Let us not be foolish, but mindful of others. Let’s be cooperative. Let’s work together to help stop this pandemic quicker.

  16. Science

    Michael the constitution doesn’t give you the right to potentially kill others because of your ignorance.

  17. Peter Franz

    Deal Michael,

    By your logic, I should be “Free” to tie a rope from the back bumper of my car, to you, and drag you around town until you change your mind about masks. I mean, that’s my Freedom, right?

    Your “Freedom” ends when your behavior becomes a public health threat. That very concept has been at the root of countless laws way before COVID. There’s a reason you’re not “Free” to drive 100mph down i-95 while drunk.

    That you can’t be bothered to stop and think about anybody but yourself is not my concern. The bigger threat is the stupid you’re spreading around with your completely uninformed theory about where any American’s rights begin and end.

    What’s currently making America THE WORST protector of its citizens in the developed world, is the bizarrely anti-social “thinking” that you’re trying to spread.

  18. Steve Mann

    It’s the chicken soup theory- It can’t hurt.

    A medical professional told me that while masks don’t necessarily prevent contracting the virus, they do know that it hinders transmission from those who are positive.

  19. Paul

    To any and all non-mask-wearers, whatever your excuse, why were you taught as a child it is considered “polite” to cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze? No reason? To reduce noise? To please the deity of your choice? Maybe, just maybe because it lessens the spread of your “germs” to others??? Why have surgeons and nurses been using masks since, oh I dunno, forever? Naahh, not because masks reduce germ transmission…because they make them look like Lone Ranger(Trump forgets the mask goes over your mouth, not your eyes). Stop believing politicians and listen to epidemiologists whose careers are about studying disease transmission.

  20. Tia

    So, if masks do work, how come the virus spread in Asia, where masks are part of the culture? Why for the longest time we were told they don’t work (by the way that was your WHO and CDC)? Have you noticed that lots of people wear, handle them wrong, spreading more germs in the process? Have we stopped and questioned what fabrics are those masks made from and what chemicals they have been treated with? Lots more questions we can ask, but choose not to because we are just trained to take everything in without a thought or a doubt… maybe it’s time we woke up and asked questions.

  21. Sid Welker

    NUMBERS DON’T LIE!!!!! Take a look at the east coast states compared to the states that believe you’re a snowflake if you wear a mask. Those states look like we did prior to the studies showing that masks lessen the transmission of Covid. Its also refreshing to see that besides 1 or 2 commenters on this thread we are all pretty much in agreement. Political parties and POKO aside, our future and everyone we loves future is in everyone’s hands. Thank you all for doing your part to protect everyone’s future.

  22. CT-Patriot

    Notice the news never covers the actual amount of deaths by Covid-19? Why is that?

    It’s to keep you “sheeple” in line and in fear.

    More testing= more results. Some of the tests are false positives as some in the medical community have discovered.

    The virus is mutating and weakening, affecting mostly young.

    If it makes you feel superior to wear a “face diaper” then go right ahead.

    I like oxygen a high percentage as these “face diapers” have proven to reduce oxygen and increase carbon dioxide to your lungs and brain.

  23. Jaimie


    Literally none of what you mentioned in your comment is true.

    I’m sorry you don’t feel you can do the bare minimum to protect those in your community. A real patriot would.

    This “me and mine, you can’t tell me what to do” attitude that people equate with freedom these days is not only dangerous, it’s antithetical to everything America was founded on.

  24. CT-Patriot

    @Jamie, actually it’s factual on many levels.

    Plus studies in both Iceland and Ireland prove that young children may contract Covid, but do not pass it on to adults.

    I’m not “anti-mask” you may think, I am anti mandate to force use. I am a freedom loving patriot.

    Whatever happened to “my body my choice”? Guess it doesn’t fit the narrative.

    As I like to say..you do you. As long as it does not affect my choice.

  25. Bryan Meek

    If you look you can find the total numbers of deaths on John Hopkins site. So far, 135,000 in the US, about double a normal flue season, roughly 10% of the number of total deaths from all causes….and globally 574,000, or about the number of people that die in a 4 day period…about 2% of all global deaths.

    The interesting thing will be to see what the actual data will show when the year closes out. Will the numbers of diabetes and heart related deaths go down? Stay the same? Go up?

    Masks make sense from a standpoint of keeping germs to one’s self, but if you think this government really cares about public health I have a bridge to sell you.

    If we cared about public health locally, the portolets at the beach wouldn’t be overflowing with feces.

    If we cared about public health at the state level, we would not have allowed infected patients to go back to their assisted living facilities, which caused 2/3rds of our death count.

    If we cared about public health at the national level, sugar would not be the world’s number one crop and it certainly would not be a subsidized industry.

    The reality is public health concerns begin and end with a means for controlling people and enriching well connected politicians who live off the medical and food lobbies.

    If we cared about public health,

  26. CT-Patriot

    Please, show me proof masks work for virus prevention….I’ll wait.

    Because irrefutable proof has shown they don’t work. Period, full stop.

    If that’s the case you say it prevents the virus from you, then why does the government outlaw smoking? What about alcohol?

    Simple truth is, if you ARE infected, you shouldn’t be out to begin with. That’s YOUR responsibility, not mine.

    If your not, wearing a mask WILL NOT prevent the virus from someone who is.

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