Norwalk youth sports still going strong

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After a trying year for people from all walks of life, there is a glimmer of hope that some normalcy will return this spring and summer.  Our kids all deserve a chance to get off of their computers, out of their houses and out into the sun with their friends in a fun and safe environment.  This spring is gearing up to be a fantastic season for outdoor youth sports.

Like many of us, cabin fever has hit me hard this year.  As spring approaches, I can’t help but envision a sunny day in May, setting up a lawn chair, chatting-up my fellow Norwalkers and watching a youth baseball or softball game at one of our local fields.  I, like most parents during the past year, have seen my kids deprived of many of the simple childhood activities I enjoyed in my youth and feel the strong desire for a return to a life closer to the one my family was living prior to 2020.  Our kids desperately need to get back to their routines.

Two Norwalk non-profit organizations have decided to respond to the collective desire of Norwalk parents for a safe social outlet in which to come together.  Norwalk Cal Ripken Baseball and Norwalk Girls Softball are joining forces this spring to form a new sports league; Norwalk Cal Ripken Baseball and Softball.  Younger boys and girls aged 4-6 will play in a joint, coed development league.  Having young male and female athletes play in one league will be a great way for Norwalk families to come together (safely) after a period of so much distance.  Older girls, ages 7-14, have the option to play Cal Ripken Softball or Baseball while boys 4-12 can play Cal Ripken Baseball.  Parents can register at norwalkcalripken.com.

I am urging all parents to consider signing up your kids for youth sports this year.  If they’ve never played a sport, just pick one.  Numerous studies show kids who participate in athletics achieve higher school test scores, have higher attention spans, weigh less, attend college at a higher rate, live healthier lifestyles in adulthood and become more successful as adults (source).  Don’t let your kid become a permanent COVID couch potato.


Justin Lehn

Vice President of Softball

Norwalk Cal Ripken Baseball & Softball


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JustaTaxpayer March 1, 2021 at 7:13 am

Who needs a Yankee game. I’ll take a chair and watch a nice spring t-ball game. Can we simply have ALL the tennis court nets up? Just follow the science

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