Norwalk begins superintendent search process with online opinion survey

A survey posted on the Norwalk Public Schools website seeks the public's opinion about a potential superintendent.
A survey posted on the Norwalk Public Schools website seeks the public’s opinion about a potential superintendent.

By Nancy Guenther Chapman

NORWALK, Conn. – A newly posted online survey begins the Norwalk Board of Education’s public outreach efforts as it seeks a new superintendent of schools, Chairman Mike Lyons said in a statement.

“The process of searching for a new Superintendent of Schools for the Norwalk Public Schools began with the hiring of the search firm, PROACT Search, LLC. In collaboration with the district, PROACT has developed a community survey, and this has gone live today on the Norwalk Public Schools website. Community members who wish to provide input into the superintendent search may log on to the District’s website and click the “Superintendent Search” button on the schools’ home page, which will take them to the survey link,” Lyons stated.

The direct link to the Norwalk Superintendent Search Survey is here.

“The Board and the Superintendent Search Committee are very interested in receiving community input on the desired characteristics of the next Norwalk Superintendent of Schools,” Lyons said, adding that this is only the beginning of the public outreach effort. “Our new Superintendent Search Committee, chaired by Norwalk Community College President David Levinson, will be meeting shortly to schedule the entire community outreach program, which will include multiple public sessions at various locations throughout Norwalk. We will make special efforts to reach out to the minority and non-English speaking communities in Norwalk, and to Norwalk students as well.”

Lyons urged residents to participate in developing a profile of the ideal superintendent candidate by taking the survey and attending the public sessions. “The broader the public participation we can generate in this process, the more successful our search will be”, he stated. The Search Committee, working with PROACT, will hold the various public sessions during February at dates and places to be determined by the Committee and announced by the end of this month.


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  1. SDC

    Why pick a Chicago, IL, firm to find a candidate for CT? Is it true that the fees do not include the cost to fly candidates here for interviews or the cost to house and feed them while they are here for interviews? Does anyone know the estimated actual cost for the search firm? Anyone investigated the record of “non-traditional” superintendents hired in CT or in the North East? Will this search firm actually look for someone with the qualifications as outlined by the feedback from the city? Last time the posting went out before the feedback was received and the candidate that was hired wasn’t a match with what the parents and students had suggested. Would be nice if the information we are paying to get was actually used this time.

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