Norwalk’s Powerless Down to 13 Percent

Efforts are made to return power to Yost Street Sunday evening in Norwalk.

Updated, 7:45 p.m.

NORWALK, Conn. – With nearly 4,000 Norwalk homes still without power, CL&P has a goal: restoring power to 98 percent of Norwalk’s residents by Monday night.

While the official goal for restoration is 11:30 p.m. Tuesday, the internal goal is to get most people back online earlier, a release on the city’s website says.

In addition:

  • There are 55 line crews, 25 tree crews and 23 electricians in the city Sunday, concentrating on the Comstock Hill, Kings Highway/Silvermine, Woodward Ave, Rowayton Avenue and Wilson Avenue areas. The priority is getting downed utility poles reset.
  • Yankee Gas has completed re-energizing the Manresa Island section of the City.
  • Power has been restored to all polling places. Two schools — Silvermine Elementary and Rowayton Elementary — remain without power.
  • All streets have been cleared and are passable but there remain low hanging wires. Trucks, busses, etc. should beware of this. The city is sending crews around to identify those locations.
  • A state of emergency remains in effect.
  • The city asks residents not to mix garbage with storm debris at curbs.
  • Schools will be closed Monday due to the storm. Schools are closed Tuesday for the election.

CL&P reports that power is off to 3,997 customers or 13 percent of its Norwalk total. This compares with 8,228, (27 percent) last night, 13,293 (44 percent) Friday evening and 15,169 (51 percent) Wednesday night.

Update: at 7:45 p.m. Sunday, CL&P reports 2749 Norwalk customers without power, or 9 percent of the total.



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  1. John Frank sr

    When it is your house with no power, and a cold spell predicted, they are way too slow restoring electricity, but they are making progress. Some of the lineman have been working brutal hours on not enough sleep and they are doing the best they can. Let’s hope the trees that should have been trimmed or cut down are gone now and the next storm will not take out the lights.

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