Norwalk mayoral candidates announce fundraising totals

NORWALK, Conn. – Norwalk’s mayoral candidates have both been thumping their chests – their campaign war chests, that is – this week ahead of the Thursday filing deadline.

Democratic candidate Harry Rilling reported Tuesday that his campaign had raised $36,380 in the August-September reporting period, giving him a total of more than $95,000 raised since he announced his campaign.

Wednesday, incumbent Republican Richard Moccia’s campaign reported raising $47,180 for a total of $70,000-plus for the campaign.

“We had a great couple of quarters, and we are right on budget with four additional fundraisers to take place before the election,” said Moccia campaign manager and RTC Chairman Art Scialabba in the Wednesday press release.

In Tuesday’s release, Rilling said, “I have been amazed at the generous response of so many personal friends, community activists and leaders in Norwalk during my fundraising efforts. These results prove that the people want new leadership for a better Norwalk.”



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  1. Piberman

    Not mentioned is … And the NFT’s demand for restoring a “missing” $26.5 million school funding. …

    (This comment has been edited to remove inaccurate information.)

    1. Mark Chapman

      @ piberman, et al

      Having not seen or heard of any such endorsement, we checked with Harry Rilling. According to the candidate he has not received any endorsement from the NFT.

      To update Saturday, Oct. 12, we got hold of NFT head Bruce Mellion who said the union “absolutely, categorically did not endorse anyone,” nor would the union endorse any candidates for any office.

  2. Oldtimer

    As a general rule, in local elections, fundraising success has been a good indicator of success at the polls. We’ll see, won’t we ?

  3. Piberman

    Old timer:
    Is that why Democrats have won only 2 of the last 6 local mayoral elections..Were they always outspent. Not helped by advantage in numbers of registered voters. Or by support of the City’s major unions. Does the Party organization help. Does a candidate’s experience help. Democrats have hoisted musicians, town clerk, city clerk to bear their standard. What makes Norwalk unique is that there are no standards for seeking public service. Anyone can aspire to being mayor without prior elected success.
    Even current and former city employees can and have run for mayor. It’s really open season for Democrats in Norwalk. No problem fielding 4 primary candidates. But Republicans are more conventional. They value previous electoral experience. Politics as a team sport. So we shall see. If it was only money that mattered the rich folks would be lining up to become mayor.

  4. Joe Espo

    Harry raised $95K since announcing, but he spent a whole lotta money for the primary, running against Vinny, Matt and Andy. So how much does he have left?
    And the NFT endorsement– a union populated by maybe 80% out-of-towners that’s run by a Bridgeporter by the name of Bruce Mellion???? Well, how much do Norwalk citizens want to line the pockets of carpetbaggers who don’t live in our community and who’s interests are to rip money from our mortgage payments, electricity and gas payments and food bills?
    Yes, you’re proud of the NFT endorsement, aren’t you Harry?

  5. Norwalk Lifer

    NFT is now evil, I love how moral relevant some people are.


    Norwalk Lifer

  6. Daisy

    The NFT AND NASA (administrator’s union) can’t think beyond their own personal wishes. They forget, whether they do or don’t live in Norwalk, that there are OTHER programs/agencies/services that have to be taken care of. At least, they do until their house is on fire and they want the firemen there PDQ.

  7. The Deal

    @Espo, Norwalk Fire Chief Denis McCarthy was born and raised in Peabody, Mass, came up through the ranks of the Westport Fire Dept, and lives in Fairfield. What are your thoughts on this carpetbagger who’s lining his pockets with Norwalk taxpayer money and building a resume for his next gig while being coddled by Moccia?

  8. Norwalk Lifer

    Keep disrespecting teachers, and their organizations, you send a fine message to your kids, do you think your abject ramblings about teachers and unions are not lost on them?

    You are the ones who lose, when your kids are acting out in school based on the polemic dribble they hear at home.

    Here’s to hoping that all kids attending Norwalk Schools learn to respect the position of teachers, even if there parents don’t.

    Norwalk Lifer

  9. Daisy

    Most members of the NFT don’t live or vote in Norwalk and can’t see beyond their paychecks. People who actually live and vote here have to think of lots of other things, regardless of who they work for. In the extremely unlikely event Harry actually gets elected, he’ll find out it ain’t that ez once you’re sitting in that chair trying to balance the fact that everybody wants what affects THEM and doesn’t care about anybody else.

  10. Daisy

    Interesting that a number of teachers I’m acquainted with – all of whom do not live in Norwalk – support lots of Republican issues – until it’s time to pound the table for the NFT and their own paychecks and benefits.

  11. Daisy

    And – forgot this – they also jump at the chance to bring their own kids to Norwalk schools for free. Maybe we should stop bankrolling THEM – you want to live elsewhere, fine, send your kids to school there. Guess you’re getting ENOUGH support in your educational endeavors if you think Norwalk is good enough for your own kids.

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