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Because we want to keep the discussion on an intelligent and mature level, and we do not want this site’s comments section to devolve into a swamp of racially motivated insults and finger-pointing, we will, for the foreseeable future, subject all  comments to approval before being put online. Rejected comments will simply not appear. We apologize to the majority of our readers who restrain themselves. We will try to stay on top of the comments, but there might be a lag in the morning.

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  1. Joe Espo

    Don’t know how the two of you deign to qualify yourselves as self-appointed judges of free speech. And it seems you’ve appointed yourselves as prosecutors, as well. Many of the posters whose recent comments you’ve censored– you’ve branded as racists. And the bulk of the censored comments have been posted on the David Watts-related threads. Am I wrong to suspect that David Watts has inoculated himself from ordinary community criticism because he’s contributed a few big bucks to Chapman Hyperlocal Media Inc? As I said previously, kill the enthusiasm and you’ll wither on the vine of boredom….just like yourct.com.

    1. Mark Chapman

      @ Joe Espo

      You are the guy who goes into the bar, complains about the noise, complains about the music, lights up a cigarette and refuses to put it out because, you know, you have a right and this is America. Then you scream bloody murder when you get thrown out.
      You are as wrong here as you usually are, but that is not surprising. You are a troll. You live to make others miserable. FYI, David Watts has not donated a plugged nickel. He paid for a couple ads like a lot of people, but never has he given any money to this site. To suggest we would give him special treatment even if he did is to insult not only us but all journalists. Fact is, David Watts and his supporters don’t particularly like us because we allow him to be the target of so much abuse that he thinks we should block. We do have contributors who are regularly abused by commenters. But you wouldn’t get that, any more than you get that free speech is a government thing, that your own raging bias colors your opinions of everything you read.
      From the comment policy:
      *Trolls will be banned.
      *Racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, homophobic or otherwise offensive comments will be deleted. Continued violators will be banned.
      As editors, we make judgments of content every day, just as editors do every day in every outlet across America. And that includes having to shut down racist comments, lying comments, vulgar comments and, yes, trolls.


  2. lightning

    Way to go Mark

  3. D(ysfunctional)TC

    Welcome to Amerika.

    1. Mark Chapman


      Free market and all that. FYI, The Hour halted comments on its Watts story after 8 posts; stopped all comments and took down the 8. Too vile, I guess. There are places to go online for that kind of free speech.

  4. Bill

    This comment was held for internal discussion. It was decided that, even though the comment continues an assertion that has been refuted by a trusted eyewitness, we will print it because it does not violate policy and does add to the conversation.

    @Mark Chapman, African American leaders on the common council have routinely said that SoNoCC is an organization that only supports Latinos (verifiably false), and they demand an organization that supports the African American community or at least equal “support” for African Americans by SoNoCC, yet no editorializing about those statements nor attempts to call them racist are made, yet an observation about an actual bus made up entirely of ethnic minorities and a follow up question as to why not a single white elderly/indigent person could not have been picked up by the bus is shut down and called racist. It is unfortunate that legitimate questions that deserve to be researched and debated are shut down in a manner that appears to condone racial comments from African Americans towards Latinos, yet comments raising concerns about the possible racialization of politics in Norwalk by an African American candidate are labeled racist.

  5. srb

    as I’ve written on the other site. It’s sad to see the level of prejudice that lies under the surface. I doubt anyone sees themselves as bigots, they constantly justify it. Moreover, while education seems to make a difference, it doesn’t inoculate someone. Some of the bigots on this site are quite erudite.
    If Watts is a terrible guy who’s just out for himself than make that the issue. Why do so many feel compelled to make skin color the issue. Over and over you here the same kind of language regarding the President. I’ve never met a person who thought there life would be easier if only they were born black yet this seems to be the undercurrent.

  6. Bill

    It is amazing that I actually like, support, and voted for our president, but when I reference the racial composition of one candidate’s bus, I’m labeled a racist/bigot. It is a shame that simply wanting to discuss the racialization of politics in Norwalk causes such outrage and vitriol. No one deserves to be called a racist for encouraging debate.

  7. Bill

    I appreciate being given the opportunity for my perspective to be heard. I promise to better word any questions or comments that could be misconstrued as racist. I am not a racist, I love all people, and I also love Mr. Watts as my Christian brother. We may disagree on who is best to run our government in this district, but we ultimately want the same thing; better government. I hope Mr. Watts and Mr. Perone can come together to ensure all ages, genders, races, and regions of Norwalk are given access to vote and rides to the polls.

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